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Classmates Directory


Listing lists classmates last email address, if no address is shown it is private at the request of the classmate.

 The state or country of last residence is shown.

Names  highlighted yellow have not been found  or contact has not been made.

Yearbook Photos (1968) are added where available.  Click on the hyperlink  to display the photo.

ECHO Photos (1965) may appear to show their age.  They are being added where available. Some Classmates of the Class of 1968 may have graduated from another school or left prior to graduation.

Classmates highlighted in RED attended either one or both of the reunion events at the BYC and Marriott.

emails highlighted in green have changed per Rick Eaton as of 5/29/2010





Abrams, Alan   (NY)                                                                    Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Ackerman (Skomurski), Barbara  private                                                                              Yearbook Photo     ECHO     

Adams, William   (MA)   private                                                                                                Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Albano, Daniel                                                                                                                                                                      ECHO

Alexander, Bob     DECEASED                                                                                                                                         ECHO 

Alter-Aoki (Alter), Carol   (CA)   private                                                                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Alukonis, Joseph     DECEASED                                                                                                Yearbook Photo    ECHO   

Anderson (Boland), Gail   (MA)  Class Treasurer   Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Anderson, Rick   (MA)                                                                    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Applebaum, Alan   (FL)                                                 Yearbook Photo    ECHO


Avratin, Michael                                                                                                                                                                    ECHO


Bailey, Paul   (MD)                                                                                  Yearbook Photo                          

Bagnell, Mark                                                                                                                                                                      ECHO

Baker, Ralph   (MA)                                                                 Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Banash, Ellen   (MA)                                                                       Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Barnes, Michael   (IRE)                                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Bass, Dennis   (FL)                                                                                                                         Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Bennett, Yudi       (CA)                                                                                                        ECHO

Benson  (Young), Beverly   (MA)                                            Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Berman, Andy    (FL)                                                           Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Bilodeau, James     DECEASED                                                                                                 Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Blissett (Pierro), Patti   (CA)                                             BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO 

Blume, George                                                                                                                                                                     ECHO

Bock, Barbara   (MA)                                                                   Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Bogardus, Mark                                                                                    Yearbook Photo     ECHO  

Boyleston (Phinney), Naoma   (MA)   No Email                                                    BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Braid, Charles   (NH)                                                                                                                     Yearbook Photo

Brawner (Frazier), Peggy   (MD)                                         Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Bridgham (Gibb), Cynthia  (ME)                                Yearbook Photo

Brigham, Chuck   (NH)                                                   Yearbook Photo  ECHO

Britva, Peggy     DECEASED    2009         (MA)                                                                      Yearbook Photo  ECHO

Brown, Pam   (VT)                                                                                                                                                             ECHO   

Bruley, Roger   (MA)                                                                      Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Buck  (Engstrom), Sandy   (MA)                                                 Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Buckland, Bob   (MA)    private                                                                                                   Yearbook Photo   ECHO 

Burke, Donald   (CA)                                                                    Class President                    Yearbook Photo   ECHO         

Burns, Thomas                                                                                                                                                                    ECHO  

Burns (Dewing), Leslie                                                                                                                  Yearbook Photo   ECHO



Capozzi, Bob   (MA)                                                              Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Carden, John   (MA)                                                  BIO    Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Carden, Nancy   (MA )                                                      BIO     Yearbook Photo

Carmody  (Dunn), Donna   (MA)    private                                                                              Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Caruso, Frank   (MA)                                                               Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Casey, Lawrence     DECEASED                                                                                                  Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Chamberlain (Mendoza), Liz     (FL)             BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO   

Chana (Shub), Beverly      No email   (IN)                                                                               Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Clayman, Jim   (ME)                                                                                                         ECHO

Clippinger, Edward   (KS)                                                                                                              Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Cocotas, Ron   (MA)                                                                      Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Coffey, Dennis   (ME)                                                            Yearbook Photo

Cogger, Doug   (MA)                                                               Yearbook Photo

Cohen (Myers), Lesley   (MA)                                            BIO    Yearbook Photo   ECHO   

Colangelo, Vaughn   (NH)                                    No Yearbook Photo   ECHO            

Conley, Noel (FL)                                                                                                             ECHO            

Coughlin, Wendy                                                                                                                                                                 ECHO

Curley (Gambale), Carol   (MA)                            BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO


D'Andrade (Janakus), Joyce    (MA)    private                                                                     Yearbook Photo    ECHO   

David  (Gottfried), Alan   (CA)                                                 BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Davis, Margie   (Costa Rica)                                    BIO     Yearbook Photo

Delaney, Brian   (MA)  NO Email                                                                                             Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Dellaporta (Desjardins), Denise                                                                                               Yearbook Photo                               

Dejoy, Raymond                                                                                                                                                                 ECHO

Devine, Scott   (FL)

DiPrisco, Fran   (ME)    private                                                                                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO          

Disnard, Paul                                                                                                                                                                        ECHO          

Dorion, Katherine                                                                                                                                                              ECHO 

Drobnis, Burton   (CA)                                                                      Yearbook Photo    ECHO            

Drucas, Christy                                                                                                                                                                    ECHO

Dyer (Costello), Terrie Lee   (FL)                                   Yearbook Photo    ECHO


Eacott  (Kowetz), Ronni   (CT)                                                    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Eaton, Rick   (MA)                                                      BIO    Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Eigner, Barton   (MA)                                                                                                                     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Eppler, Andy   (MA)                                                            Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Ericson, George   (MA)                                              BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Etzel (Epstein), Diane   (CA)                                                    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Ewart  (Taranto), Dolly   (RI)                                                                                                No Yearbook Photo    ECHO


Farrer, Larry   (MA)                                                       BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Farwell, Betsy   (ME)               Class Secretary       BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Feffer, Jane     DECEASED                                                                                                           Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Feldstein, Jeff    (VA)   private                                                                                                     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Fierstein, Jane   (MA)                                                                 Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Figueiredo (Hanson), Kathy   (MA)                                         Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Finger, Mark   (CA)                                                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Finlay, Jim   (MA)                                                                  BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Fisher (Martin), Sally  DECEASED  08/04/2010        (NC)                                  BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Fishman, James   (CA)                                BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO           

Foss, Jack                                                                                                                                                                                ECHO

Foye, Judy     DECEASED                                                                                                            Yearbook Photo     ECHO

French, Brad   (VT)                                                              Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Friedmann, (Hofeller), Laura   (CA)                       Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Frisch (Cohen), Ina   (MA)    private                                                                        Another Yearbook Photo   ECHO


Gallo, Arlene  (FL)                                                                 Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Gallo, Betty Ann   (MA)                                                           Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Gannon, Jim   (SC)                                                     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Garber (Burstein), Susan   (OR)                                   BIO     Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Gaunt (Homan), Kathie   (MA)                                   BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

George, Willie   (FL)   private                                                                                                    Yearbook Photo    ECHO              

Gershaw, Robert                                                                                                                                                               ECHO

Gibbs, Stephen   (MA)                                                                                                                 Yearbook Photo    

Gill  (Boyce), Maureen   (ME)                                BIO    Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Gillman, Enid   (MA)                                                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Glattstein, Sam   (MA)                                                                           Yearbook Photo    ECHO  

Gold, Ronna                                                                                                                                     Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Goldberg (Kalikow), Susan   (MA)   private                                                                          Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Golden  (Hoffman),  Jan   (FL)                                          BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Goldyn, MD (Gold), Lawrence   (CA)                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO                      

Goodman (Ashman), Louise                                       BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Goodman, MD, Susan   (NY)                                            BIO    Yearbook Photo

Gordon, Richard   (MA)                                                                                                                Yearbook Photo    ECHO  

Gregory, Derek (MA)                                                     BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Griffin, Bob   (MA)                                                          Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Griffin (Ball), Karen   (FL)                                                    BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Grob, Steven   (CT)                                                                  Yearbook Photo


Hallett, Stephen   (NJ)                                                                                                ECHO

Halperin MD, Richard   (CT)                                                Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Harrold  (Lefenfeld), Helene   (MA)   private                                                                       Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Hartford  (Gerber), Betsey   (MA)                               BIO   Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Hatch (Byrne), Denise      (FL)   private                                                                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Hatch-Belhumeur (Hatch), Cindy   (MA)          Yearbook Photo    ECHO            

(withheld)  (Epstein), Bonnie     private                              (FL)                                          Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Heggie, Scott   (MA)                                                                                                                       Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Herman, Steven   (NY)                                         BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Himmelstein, VMD, Sherry     private                                  (MA)                                         Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Hofeller, Chuck   (MA)                                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Hoffman (Goldberg), Ina   (MA)                                                 Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Hoffman, Michael   (MA)      no email                                                                                      Yearbook Photo                             

Hogan  (Greist), Pam   (MA)   private                                                                                       Yearbook Photo                             

Holmes, Timothy                                                                                                                                                               ECHO

Howard (Carroll), Alice   (MA)             BIO    Yearbook Photo   ECHO


Irving (Marble), Debbie   (MA)                                                                                       BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO   


Jacobs, Don    (MA)    private                                                                                          BIO    Yearbook Photo   ECHO            


Kaloust, Gregg   (ME)                                                             Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Kearsley  (Frye), Debbie   (MA)                                                   Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Keenan, Mary Beth   (MA)                                                                                      ECHO

Kelfer MD, Howard   (TX)                                  BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO             

Kellum, Peter                                                                                                                                                                       ECHO

Kirwin, Bill   (MA)   private                                                                                                          Yearbook Photo    ECHO             

Klanfer, John                                                                                                                                                                       ECHO

Kline, Howard   (CA)   private                                                                                        BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Krikstone (Hoseason), Susan   (CT)                                                                                        Yearbook Photo    ECHO  



Lamson, Charlene                                                                                                                                                            ECHO

Landry  (Mason), Karen   (MA)                                                                                                Yearbook Photo   ECHO   

Lawrence, Ricky   (MA)                                                                                                               Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Lerner, Alan   (TX)                                                                      Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Levins, Liz   (WI)                                                                                                                 ECHO

Lillian, Steven    (FL)                                                                                                  ECHO

Linden, David   (MI)                                                                  Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Listfield  (Fogel), Robin   (MA)                                                 Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Longin (Sugarman), Lois   (MA)             BIO    Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Lord, Greg   (MA)                                                                     BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Ludlam, John   (PA)                                                                   Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Lydon, Tim   (OR)                                                               No Yearbook Picture    ECHO

Lyons, Geoffrey                                                                                                                                                                   ECHO            


Macarelli, Joe   (NH)                                                                          Yearbook Photo

Manker, Scott   (FL)   private                                                                                                      Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Mansolilli, Steven   (ME)   private                                                                                            Yearbook Photo

Mayo, Fran   (MA)                                                                    Yearbook Photo

McCall, Joe   (MA)   private                                                                                                         Yearbook Photo    ECHO

McDowell, Evelyn   (MA)                           BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

McGettrick, Gerry   (MA)    DECEASED 12/14/2010 Class Vice President                 Yearbook Photo    ECHO

McManus, Doreen                                                                                                                                                             ECHO

McManus (Tamborini), Linda   private                                                                                   Yearbook Photo   ECHO  

Merritt, Jim   (MA )                                                                                                                         Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Milamed, Debra (MA)   MA                                 BIO    Yearbook Photo   ECHO             

Moore, Brian                                                                                                                                                                        ECHO

Morgan (Sherman), Ilene    ( NV)                                    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Morrison (O'Sullivan), Julie   (MA)                                                                                          Yearbook Photo

Morse, David   (MA)

Morse, Jim   (MA)                                                                                                                            Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Mosco, Andrew     DECEASED                                                                                                     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Murphy (Salerno), Diane   (AZ)                                         Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Murray (Ossoff), Wendy   (MA)                                                Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Mushman  (Mishkin), Howard   (CA)                                                                                       Yearbook Photo

Musinsky, Ellen   (NH)                                                      BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Myers, David         (MA)                     DECEASED  11/6/08                                                   Yearbook Photo    ECHO


Nellson, Robert      DECEASED                                                                                                   Yearbook Photo

Norett, Audree     NO email   (MA)                                                                                             Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Norton, Gary   (MA)                                                                                                                                                            ECHO           

Norton, Nancy                                                                                                                                                                       ECHO


O'Brien, Mike   (MA)                                                              Yearbook Photo    ECHO           

O'Neill, Pauline                                                                                                                                                                     ECHO

Ostrovitz, Nina (D.C.)                                                               Yearbook Photo    ECHO       

Otis, Alan                                                                                                                                                                                 ECHO

Owens, Charlie  (SC)                                                              Yearbook Photo


Parletta, Stephanie                                                                                                                                                            ECHO

Parlow, Rob      (MA)  DECEASED 05/18/2009                                                                 Yearbook Photo    ECHO             

Pearson, Clifford                                                                                                                                                                 ECHO

Perschel (Moretsky), Anne   (MA)               Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Peterson (Perrault), Marilyn   (MA)              BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Phelan (Champion), Beth   (MA)                              BIO     Yearbook Photo

Philips, Dean     DECEASED                                                                                                        Yearbook Photo

Poitras, Lee                                                                                                                                        Yearbook Photo

Polisson, MD, Dick   (MA)                                             Yearbook Photo    ECHO


Quarantello  (Douglas), Charrie   (MA)                                   Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Quinn, David   (MA)                                                                                                                      Yearbook Photo   ECHO


Raymond, Gail                                                                                                                                Yearbook Photo

Rebholz, Bob   (MA)                                                                   Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Remick, Carl     DECEASED                                                                                     Another Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Remick, Judy   (NY)

Riley, Kathleen     DECEASED                                                                                                    Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Riser, Chris   (ME)                                                                         Yearbook Photo 

Rogosa, David   (CA)                                                                             Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Romagnoli  (Sarno), Phyllis   (NH)                                                                                          Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Rosenfield, Alan   (MA)                                                                        Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Rossman (Valle), Janet   (MA)                                                    Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Rossman, Martha   (MA)                                               Yearbook Photo   ECHO             

Rotundi, Philip                                                                                                                                                                    ECHO

Rubin, Marcy   (MA)                                                                                                 ECHO

Rudnick  (Levenbach), Paula   (CA)                  BIO    Yearbook Photo     ECHO            

Ruggiero, Linda                                                                                                                                                                   ECHO

Ruscio, Jim   (MA)                                                               Yearbook Photo    ECHO


Sachs, Bob   (MA)                                                                            Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Salustri, Augie     tel:(918) 251-4006   no email   (OK)                                                     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Sandler, Steven   (GA)                                               BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Sax, Ben   (KS)                                                                                           Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Schultz, Mark   (VT)                                                                       Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Schwartz   (Young), Cheryl   (MA)                                        Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Schwartz, Jo Ann     DECEASED                                                                                              Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Schwartz  (Lebow), Penny     NO email   (MA)                                                                    Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Seidler, Laura   (MA)                                                             Yearbook Photo   ECHO               

Shanahan, Gail                                                                                                                                                                  ECHO

Shub  (Goralnick), Noreen   (AZ)                                BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO              

Shutzer, Ken (MA)

Simmons, Joyce   (MA)                                                                                                               Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Sloane, Ed   (MA)                                                                       Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Smith, Linda   (MA)                                                                                                                      Yearbook Photo

Spencer, Beth   (MA)                                                                                                                     Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Spinney  (Benevento), Jenny   (RI)                                                                                         Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Stamell, Gene                                                                                    Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Stanton  (Craig), Sally-Dee    (MA)                    BIO    Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Steiman  (Young), Carrie   (NY)   Tel (845) 454-3213    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Sterin, Barbara   (GA)                                                               Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Stevens, Barry                                                                                                                                   Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Stiles, Steven   (MA)                                                                              Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Strauss, Marshall   (MA)                                                Yearbook Photo     ECHO


Tardiff   (Antoniello), Christina   (FL)                                            Yearbook Photo    ECHO       

Thompson, Terrance                                                                                                                                                          ECHO   

Tisdell, Anne   (MA)                                                       BIO     Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Toohey, Mike   (NH)                                                                                                                       Yearbook Photo     ECHO

Turner  (Lynch), Kathy   (MA)                                                                                                    Yearbook Photo     ECHO


Urie, Karen                                                                                                                                                                              ECHO


Vaters (Rappoli), Susan   (MA)                                                           Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Vernarva, Mike   (MA)                                                                                                                     Yearbook Photo

Videtta, Dan   (MA)                                                                         Yearbook Photo    ECHO


Warren, George   (CT)                                                                                                                    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Weil, MD, Richard   (GA)                                             BIO    Yearbook Photo    ECHO          

Weinberg, Nancy                                                                                                                                                                  ECHO

Welans, David                                                                                                                                                                       ECHO          

Werner, Scott                                                                                                                                                                         ECHO

Whalen (Rosengard), Pamela   (MA)                               BIO     Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Whitten, Roger   (MA)                                                                                                                    Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Whitten, Steven   (RI)                                                                          Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Whittier (Bickford), Sandy   (MA)                                BIO     Yearbook Photo   ECHO

Williams, Ben   (NH)                                                 Yearbook Photo    ECHO

Williams, Elaine     DECEASED                                                                                                   Yearbook Photo    ECHO


Yorra (Falthzik), Amy   (MA)                                          BIO        Yearbook Photo    ECHO
















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