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Reunion Recap


The 40th Reunion Weekend, Friday (11/7/08) & Saturday (11/08/08)


The week before the reunion was filled with many emotional events from the National Election of a new President, the continued roller coaster ride of the stock markets, the ailing health of the US economy to the passing of our dear classmate David Myers. The weekend was a good time to party and classmates of the Swampscott High Class of 1968 came from such distant states as California, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and all of the New England States to forget about the immediate problems in the world and re-live a few memorable moments from the past and catch up on 40 years.

Although the weather was a little on the damp side it did not dampen the spirits of the class.

Friday night was a great icebreaker cocktail party at the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead where Classmates could mingle and get to see everyone in a relaxed atmosphere. We were joined by two teachers, Dottie Winer and Joe Balsama and for sure the stories flowed without any concern about retribution in the form of grades.  The deck was open to those who ventured out and although it was a little misty and foggy over the deserted Marblehead harbor the weather was on the mild side. Needless to say some classmates were easily recognizable and others needed a little more memory skills to recognize.  Name tags with yearbook pictures helped for those whose eyesight was still operating properly. As pictures come in from our camera wielding classmates they will be posted. (first without names to keep some guessing and slowly the names will be added). You can compare the name tags on the "classmates directory" page. (yearbook photo).


Saturday night was a more formal affair at the Marriott Hotel in Centennial Park, Peabody and everyone in the class looked "Marvelous".  Steve Stiles did a great job as MC by acknowledging the hard work done by our reunion committee, praised the efforts of Rick Eaton's Project Reconnect, gave the SHS web site high marks and had the class laughing with his story of the "bomb scare" which emptied the school onto Greenwood Avenue  (that he had nothing to do with?) on a day he skipped school.

The class gave a warm standing ovation  for Rick Eaton & his wife Rosemary after he outlined the 20 months of  seeking out members of the class with his "SHS 68 Project Reconnect".

The talents of Anne Tisdell were next with a solo she sang to the class that she sang for her 88 year old dad's 62nd reunion of his WWII infantry division.

The evening continued with a full dance floor and classmates going from table to table to reminisce and share experiences over the past 40 years. One of the most beautiful sights of the evening was the presence of a very attractive classmate who took time out from her recent battle with cancer to enjoy the camaraderie of her classmates.

The class that was defined at graduation as "a class of 214  separate cliques"  finally came together as a class of one.



Reunion Photos


Photos from the Boston Yacht Club on Friday Evening   (click on thumbnail to enlarge)


Photos courtesy of Anne Tisdell, Jan (Hoffman) Golden, Kathie (Homan) Gaunt, and Sally (Martin) Fisher





Photos from the Evening at the Evening at The Marriott in Peabody.






Photos Courtesy of Anne Tisdell.   If you would like a disk of the BYC and Marriott photos taken by Anne, please email

your mailing address to and she would be glad to send you a copy.




Photos Courtesy of Sue (Burstein) Garber




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