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 Welcome Back Classmates of the Swampscott High Class of  1968

Our Mission

We have set up this site as a vehicle for Classmates of the Swampscott High School Class of 1968 to stay updated on the  40th reunion of the class held on Friday, November 7th and Saturday, November 8th, 2008.  There is some talk in the air about planning a 45th year get together as of November 2010. . This site is also a place to exchange information, share photos or stories, or find friends and classmates we have lost touch with in our journeys down different highways over the past 4 decades.  We have included some recent and historic class pictures on the Photos Page, what's new on the site on the News Page, links to your classmates businesses on the Links Page, Historic Pictures of Swampscott on the Swampscott Page, and memories from your classmates on the Memories Page. Feel free to submit any recent or historic photos or memories by email to the webmaster.  We are looking for more digital pictures from the reunion events to publish which were taken by those classmates with cameras. Check out the "Reunion" page for updated photos from the weekend events.  More photos appear on "More photos" page.

A new page " In Memory of those Classmates"  no longer with us will give us a chance for reflection on our forever friendships.    Rob Parlow passed away on May 18, 2009.  Gerry McGettrick passed away on December 14, 2009.  Sally Martin Fisher passed away on August 4, 2010


With a little effort searching through the archives we came up with BIOS published in 1978 "The Who's Who of 1968 And Where TO Find Them in 1978 Directory" . We have added the BIOS done for the 20th reunion in 1988 and those of the 40th reunion in 2008 all on one page called BIOS.  Click on BIOS for interesting reading.


Photos from the photo disk taken by Sally (Martin) Fisher can be viewed as a slideshow by clicking on due to the lack of space on THE REUNION PAGE.  The full set of photos taken by Sue (Burstein) Garber and Anne Tisdell will also be uploaded as albums to this site.


The committee would like to thank the sponsors who purchased a platinum, gold, silver or bronze sponsorship to help defray costs of the Class reunion. We would like to acknowledge our current sponsors:

Richard Weil, MD (Platinum)

Martha Rossman and Richard Halperin, MD (Gold) in memory of their cousin Jane E. Feffer

Betsy Farwell (Gold)

Sally-Dee (Craig) Stanton  (Gold) in memory of her mother Jeanne Craig and her son Bobby Peck

Ina (Goldberg) Hoffman (Gold)

Alan Abrams (Gold) in memory of his parents: Julius and Eva Abrams


The committee would also like to acknowledge  those classmates who donated to the "Class of 68 Memorial Fund"


Ralph Baker, Yudis Bennett, Naomi (Phinney) Boyleston, Maureen (Boyce) Gill, Derek Gregory, Richard Halperin & Martha Rossman "In Memory of our Dear Cousin: Jane (Feffer) Simoncelli August 25, 1950 - February 2, 2007 , Bonnie (Epstein) Hechtkopf, Alice (Carroll) Howard, Evelyn McDowell, Ellen Musinsky, Beth (Champion) Phelan, Alan Rosenfeld,  Richard Weil, Ronny Cocotas, and David Myers.

Contact Information

A little over a year ago a group of classmates got together to plan the 40th reunion of the class of 1968. Some of the group were instrumental in planning the 20th reunion held at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem in 1988. The group worked hard over the past year with monthly meetings to plan what came to fruition as a great weekend event.

The current reunion committee members are Alice (Carroll) Howard, Sandy (Bickford) Whittier, Carol (Gambale) Curley, Kathie (Homan) Gaunt, Sally-Dee (Craig) Stanton, Betsy Farwell and Gail (Boland) Anderson.

On March 2, 2007, prior to the planning stages of the 40th reunion, another classmate, Rick Eaton, embarked on an arduous task of trying to locate all classmates of the class of 1968. Rick's "SHS 68 Project Reconnect" brought both himself and other classmates closer to each other by promoting more levels of communication and by sharing the good news that "we have all grown up".  After over a year of hard work only a dozen classmates remain unaccounted for.

In conjunction with Betsey (Gerber) Hartford a forum on Yahoo. COM was set up as another "free" vehicle for the exchange of information. The Yahoo "GROUP" SHS_68_Project_Reconnect can be accessed on Yahoo. COM by anyone desiring to join the group. You will need to sign up with a user name and password in order to access to this blog.

The commercial site "classmates. COM" has also been a vehicle for information on classmates of the SHS Class of 1968 as well as other classes at Swampscott High.

A booklet of classmates BIOS was compiled by Kathie (Homan) Gaunt and copies are available by contacting any of the committee.  These bios will also be included on the "classmates directory" page.  If you have not done a BIO we would love to hear what you have been up to in the past 40 + years. Send a copy to the and I would be glad to publish it.

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Classmate Support: Sponsorship at the 40th Reunion



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