On Sunday, July 29, 2018, our reunion weekend ended with a beautiful memorial service  led by Doug Cogger in the gazebo at Linscott Park.  The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun was sparkling on the ocean, as approximately 30 classmates gathered to honor lost friends.  It was a time to remember, with poignant stories, tears and laughter that brought us all closer.  It was a fitting ending to a great weekend, and a fitting beginning to renewed friendships.

A life that touches others goes on forever . . .

Bob Alexander

Joe Alukonis

Jim Bilodeau

Mark Bogardus 

Peggy Britva 

Tom Burns 

Larry Casey

Brian Delaney

Christy Drucas 

Jane Feffer

Sally Martin Fisher

Judy Foye

Arlene Gallo 

Richard Gordon 

Betsey Gerber  Hartford 

Geoff Lyons

Joe McCall 

Evelyn McDowell 

Gerry McGettrick 

Andy Mosco

Dee Salerno Murphy 

David Myers 

Bob Nellson 

Bob Parlow 

Dean Phillips

Carl Remick 

Kathy Riley 

Jo Ann (Joie) Schwartz

Bernie Sokolov 

Doug Weiss 

Connie Wieting 

Elaine Williams

Chris Zahr


          As long as we live, they too shall live…

                   For they are now a part of us and we remember them.





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