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  • Hi everyone, I’m actually a junior at SHS right now but I’m very interested in the history of Swampscott. Before it’s demolition, “The old high school” as we’d call it or SHS class of 68′ would call it “school” was a common place for me and my friends to sneak in and explore. Seeing the projects still left behind from its final day of use and even some old pictures really hit me with an affinity for the building and the history of the town. If you wouldn’t mind I’d love to hear some of your favorite stories in the building or in places in Swampscott that no longer exist. Thank you so much and if you see this when I post it, happy holidays!

  • I look forward to the SHS 60th Reunion of Class of 1968 !! 2078 yes, we all will be 77 – 78 of age. However, If most of us made it to the 50th, then let’s get better with our health and keep the strength that the class of 1968 always had and Have.

    Better health to all, look forward to 60th Reunion! Love to All and Happy Holidays 2019 and Happy New Year 2020 !
    Karen J Ball Griffin

  • I was one that was very late. However, I had a wonderful Saturday evening. Meeting so many people, I think I need a memory test. Lol We all DiD know know each other in school. Now, well what does, someone else think. I truly did not recognize most of every one, especially two special friends I had all through school, K thru 12. I am so very glad they came up to me. The there was a gentleman who was very sweet to me at the desert table and I got very
    shy. We still all came together. I just could not go through the memorial.
    I hope we all stay in touch. I am trying to with my friends. To every one, Happy New Safe New Year and I love every one!

    • So nice to hear your sentiments, Karen. You certainly were not alone in not recognizing many – oh, the usefulness of name tags!! It was wonderful seeing you and so many at the reunion, and I hope 2019 brings you good health and happiness! Until the next reunion…

  • Hi folks. I left Shaw Jr. High in 9th grade, when we moved. Just looking at this website, I recognize a number of names, which bring a nostalgic smile to my old face. Amyway, thought I’d reach out and say “hi”.
    Tim Holmes

    • Hi Tim, since I did not move to Swampscott until 10th grade, we were never actually classmates, but so very happy you have found the website and can catch up on news. I hope the email addresses encourage you to reach out to classmates directly and reconnect after many years. Happy, healthy 2019!

  • Kudos to Nancy for the amazing job with all the photos from the 50th Reunion. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the great pictures of an amazing weekend!

  • I notice that up to this point, all of the comments were made before the events of Aug. 27 – 29. I applaud the results of 12 months of planning, communicating, and decorating that our 50th reunion team did to make this spectacular three day event. You thought of everything. Grazie and congratulations.

  • Hi all – It’s been so many years. I look forward to reconnecting with friends old and new. Thank you to the committee for spending all the time and effort to pull this together. Can’t believe it’s our 50th!

  • I loved our 40th reunion. It proved to me that we left our Bobbie socks and penny loafers back in 1968. Now that life has taught us much bigger lessons, we have a lot in common to talk about. We have had injuries and illnesses. We have lost loved ones, some have lost children. We have found new paths that have brought us to new places. I enthusiastically look forward to engaging with you again.

    • Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to this project, Rick! Your efforts have allowed us to get to this place where we will be able to enjoy each other’s company at our 50th! So looking forward to it!

  • So glad that you’ll be there Michael. We hope to have many of our classmates at the reunion!
    Look forward to seeing you.

  • Never expected to come back to Swampscott even though it was a great life there. Been gone 45 years and read the memorials and so many that I knew have died, A real shocker. Thanks committee for putting it together. See you there, all the rest.

    • i have already started to pack my carry-on. I am so excited! This will be a wonderful time for everyone.

  • Thank you committee for all the work you have done. I hope everyone joins together class of 1968 to have a fun time together.

    • Thanks, Sandy! We are so excited about the upcoming reunion and the positive feedback we have been receiving. Thanks for your comments, and know you are with us in spirit!!


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