Classmates Bios from 1978 (10 years); 1988 (20 years), 2008 (40 years) and now, 2018 (50 years)

Our 10 year reunion  was held at the Gerry Club in Marblehead, and compiled in the booklet “Who’s Who in 1968 and Where They Are in 1978” with bios and addresses.  Our 20th reunion was held  at the Hawthorne Hotel, Salem. All attendees of the 40th Reunion  at The Peabody Marriott received a booklet “1968/2008 Sea Gull ” with bios for 2008. Our 50th reunion was held at the Sheraton Four Points Wakefield, and the bios from our “Come Together” book are printed below.  Enjoy!

Please email Nancy Carden with updated information. We want to make sure you are included ****

Bill Adams

(1978) Adams, Bill: Graduated from Holy Cross in 1972. Was drafted by the Buffalo Bills and has been with them since. During the off-season coaches track and is a substitute teacher in Swampscott – all levels. Presently working toward masters in Physical Education at B.U. and Salem state. Wife’s name: Debbie; Children 2- Billy and Kerry Ann, 6 months; Occupation: Professional football player- Offensive Guard.

(1988) ADAMS, BILL — After trying unsuccessfully to kill myself playing football in Buffalo, I have been teaching and coaching. The past eight years have been at Lynnfield High School. I am also involved in a couple Of small businesses 1) Robin Hood Travel Agency (Lynn, MA) and 2) Lincoln Limousine (Lynn, MA). I have three children; Bill (13), Ann (10) and Ryan Patrick (4) and only God knows what else is in store.

(2008) Adams, Bill:  none received


12 Willowby Way

Lynnfield, MA 01940

781-640-8522 (c)

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Jane Dempsey-Adams

 Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Bill Adams Jr, 42

Kerri Ann Adams, 39

Ryan Adams, 34

Hannah Adams, 24

David Adams, 21

 Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Teacher, Coach and Athletic Director

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Father of five

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Work and working out with a little cooking and a little golf!

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Sports teams—coaches and teammates


 Carol Alter-Aoki

(1978) Carol Alter: none found

(1988) Carol Alter: none found

(2008) Carol Alter-Aoki: Attended Northeastern University BA Liberal Arts. Director for Community Center for several years. 1983 Moved to California, ran family promotional products business and raised 2 children, daughter Marissa now 27, son Jeremy 23.  Volunteered for several community non-profit organizations for youth and disabled, active with the Boy Scouts 3 yrs ago my 2nd husband and I opened a small family gifts shop. The Perfect gift We work full time & unfortunately can not get away to attend the reunion. I hope everyone has a fabulous time.

(2018) CAROL ALTER-AOKI: none received


Rick Anderson                              

(1978) Anderson, Ricky: Graduated University of Mass. With a B.A. in Psychology. Married Gail after college in 1973. Went to work with Prudential and has recently been named a manager. Wife’s name: Gail; Children: 1 boy, age 4 mos.; Occupation: Manager-Prudential insurance.

(1988) ANDERSON, RICKY — Married Gail Boland and now we have two sons and currently residing in Swampscott.

(2008) Gail (Boland) Anderson and Rick Anderson

Rick is an independent Financial Consultant who has his office in Salem. Gail recently retired from 34 years of teaching in Swampscott. They spend their time between Swampscott and Intervale, NH. They are still skiing just not quite so many runs, golf tends to play them, and Gail’s best tennis partner is our favorite English teacher Dottie Winer. They have 2 sons Erik and 30 and Ian 27. One is a Geoscientist and the other is a Massachusetts Certified Arborist. We hope the 40th reunion finds all of our classmates happy and healthy.


42 Redington Street

Swampscott, MA 01907

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Gail Boland Anderson

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Two great sons, two great daughters-in-law and a terrific grandson

 Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Independent financial advisor since 1989

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Started Lacrosse at SHS. Coached Salem State Lacrosse.

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Still have fun after all these years. Skiing, golf, tennis a little travel, time with friends and family. We drove to AK last year and we were still speaking!

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

School was always a great place to have fun, play sports! Friends for life! Great teachers!


Christina Antoniello (Sweeney)

(1978) Antoniello, Christina (Sweeney): After graduating, I worked for Sears Roebuck Credit Center until I married in August, 1970. After that, I have been a mother and a housewife. We now have one child who is 6 years old. We have just recently moved into our own home in Swampscott and are busy remodeling it right now. I have found that marriage and motherhood have agreed with me very easily. Husbands name: William.

(1988) ANTONELLO, CHRIS (SWEENEY) — I was married in August of 1970. Had a daughter in Feb of ’72 I have been working fulltime since 1985 and am now working as a Head Teller at Family Mutual Savings Bank, Topsfield. Married Bill Sweeney, from Swampscott, Class of 1967. He is presently a long distance tractor truck, driver. We live upstairs from my Dad as he was ill, so we moved into the apartment upstairs, so he would not be alone. Our daughter is now 16 years old, she attends Danvers High, and hopes to be a lawyer. My first love will always be music. The only time I really get to sing is at home. Hope to do something with my singing in the future.

(2008) Antoniello, Christina: none received  (see Christina Tardiff)


290 Calef Hwy, Unit C-27

Epping, NH 03042

603-303-5009 (c)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Paul A. Tardiff

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Danielle M. Sweeney, 46, living in Washington State, 2 children

Tyler S. Bergmann, 24, Works at Fidelity in Texas, engaged

Alayna M. Bergmann, 18, attending Texas Tech nursing

Work history and Current situation (retired?):


Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

My grandchildren

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Crocheting, knitting, community activities

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I was never popular in high school. My best memory was my close friend, Sandy Engstrom.

 Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Love your children and grandchildren. Never stay in a physically violent relationship.


 Alan Applebaum                              

(1978) Applebaum, Alan: none found

(1988) APPLEBAUM, ALAN — I’ve been living in Tampa, Florida for the last 10 years (and 15 of the last 16). I’ve been married for 7 years and my wife Tina and I have a 1 year old daughter Caitlin Johnson Applebaum. My wife is co-owner of a health care clinic and I ‘m a mental health counselor. I work as supervisor of the outpatient department of a community mental health center. I was also doing some private counseling before the baby was born and will probably be returning to that soon. We visit my parents, who still live in Swampscott, about once a year, we try to make it around Thanksgiving.

(2008) Applebaum, Alan: none received


12227 Noreast Lake Drive

Tampa, FL 33612

(813) 930-2667 (h)

(813) 484-2540 (c)

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Tina Johnson (wife)—deceased

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Caitlin Applebaum, 30, kindergarten teacher

Emma Zions, 28, 4th year pharmacy student (former gymnast and coach)

Alexander Applebaum, 28 (twin of Emma), preschool teacher

Work history and current situation (retired?):

Mental health counselor for 35 years. The first 13+ years in community mental health as a counselor and later a clinical supervisor. Spent 20+ years as part of a psychiatric practice doing evaluations, consultation and counseling. Stopped 6 years ago to be wife’s full-time caregiver.

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

I enjoyed my career, especially my time in community mental health and mentoring new counselors. I can’t really think of any special achievements. Having children, the premature birth of our twins and caring for my wife who had early onset Alzheimer’s have probably been the most significant aspects of my life.

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Long-time obsessed but mediocre golfer.

Loves the beach when not too hot (like the FL summer). Started traveling the USA by car. Also a great dog!

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered:

Many years in the band were both good (the people) and bad (hated the Thanksgiving football game as it was always wet and cold). Favorite spot in the school was the ocean side on the 2nd floor where I could stare out the windows at the water.

Personal philosophy or Words of wisdom you would like to share:

Heard these words from a wise man named Larry….”You don’t need to have a reason to be happy”.


Louise Ashman (Goodman)

(1978) Louise Ashman: none found

(1988) Louise Ashamn: none found


In thinking over the last 40 years, I have spent my time being around family and old friends, creating new friendships, marrying, having a son, working hard at a profession I’ve enjoyed, traveling, living other places, and having many interesting, fun and fulfilling experiences. I have developed roots and community wherever I have lived.

After graduation from SHS, I spent my junior year of college at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel and then stayed there for a second year. This was a time of many travel related adventures including traveling to Turkey, Greece, Hungary and hitchhiking through Europe for several months. When I returned to live in the Boston area, I got a masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. At this point I decided to jump back into graduate school and I got another masters degree in Social Work, a profession I am still working in. I got married later than I had would have predicted, and we are blessed with a terrific 12 year old son, and two dogs.

At this point in the story, my family left New England, when my husband’s job took us to Simbury, Connecticut (outside of Hartford) for a year and a half. Then very unexpectedly we relocated with the same company to a suburb of Seattle, Washington where we have lived for the last seven years. I discovered I am an East Coast girl at heart and found it hard to really leave New England behind. We have recently relocated back to the Boston area to be near aging family members and old friends, and to be back among the season changes and sunshine (as compared to Seattle). And yes, this former SHS graduate is glad to be back home!                    


17 Longfellow Road

Lexington, MA 02420

339-234-3171 (c) & can text 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Michael Z. Goodman

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Son, college student, Northeastern University

Work history and current situation (retired?):

Clinical Social Worker employed, Private Practice

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Being a mother; traveled a lot. Lived with family in Seattle, Washington suburb for 10 years and in Connecticut before relocating back here. Primarily worked in Clinical Social Work;

2 Master’s Degrees.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Family, movies, walking, reading, working, photography 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

It’s a blur but I remember being glad when high school was over! 

Personal philosophy or Words of wisdom you would like to share:

You only live once so enjoy your life. Be kind to others and treat them as you would wish to be treated!


 Paul Bailey                                                

(1978) Bailey, Paul: Eight of the last ten years were spent in and around Harvard yard. I eventually ended up getting a law degree and a masters in Public Policy. Having experienced Wall Street corporate law, I decided to go to Washington, D.C. to work in the public interest for uncle Sam. Everything that you have heard about the bureaucracy is true. It is very inefficient. After a stint at the FTC, I left to join a public policy consulting firm. I mainly work for OSHA but have done studies for the Dept. of interior and Nat. Marine Fisheries Service. Am living with a bright, zingy lady physician who is studying Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins. Occupation: Attorney/Public policy Consultant.

(1988) Bailey, Paul: none found

(2008) Bailey, Paul: none received


3219 Brooklawn Terrace

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

301-656-1791 (h)

301-706-6834 (c) or

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Martha S. Linet (originally from Ohio)

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Martha is a Radiation Epidemiologist at National Cancer Institute

Son Zack is in U.S. Foreign Service now in Mozambique with baby “Poppy”

Daughter Alice does medical device regulatory consulting; mother of baby son

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

One year with U. S. Federal Trade Commission and then 40+ years with ICF, Inc. doing public policy consulting for government agencies about environmental and safety issues (occupational, energy and transportation).

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Married for 38 years. Helped raise 2 great children who now are married and parents.

Wrote a book on Gloucester painter, Zyg Jankowski.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Working part-time, heading toward retirement. Continue to listen to wide variety of music including attending live shows (Courtney Barnette, St. Vincent, U2, Depeche Mode, Who, Kraftwerk, Red Hot Chile Peppers, David Byrne, Bryan Ferry, Cure).

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Junior and senior year school plays, Model U.N. and Latin class.

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Go with the flow. Each day is a gift. Loving others is most important.


Ralph Baker

(1978) Baker, Ralph: Hazy Rochester, green Cornell-environmental studies. Amazon! Back to the land in northeastern Connecticut. Two winters footloose in a tipi, feeling the earth, gardening. With Judy, learning to live together and to husband. A year with SCS soil surveying. Then, two years ago, we moved to Maine. Made a start as a private soil consultant. Last year we began renovating an old farm house, about half way between Bangor and Bar Harbor. Very busy, but happy! Wife’s name: Judith; Occupation: Soil Scientist.

(1988) BAKER, RALPH — 1978 found Judy and I settled near the Maine coast (Penobscot, ME) renovating an old farmhouse in an idyllic setting. I ran a soil science/environmental consulting firm there from ’76 to ’86. Megina was born In I980, Robert in ’83, Judy stayed home with them and also did craftwork, 1981-1985 I also studied soil chemistry at U of ME on a NSF fellowship (MS) My Dad, Bernard Baker died of leukemia in ’85. My mom, Lois still lives in Swampscott and has remarried. In 1985 we moved to Amherst. I am a doctoral candidate (with a year to go) at U of MA, doing research in soil physics/subsurface hydrology. Judy works at the same elementary school where the kids go.

(2008) Ralph Baker

Married to Judith 34 yrs., with two grown children, Megina and Robert. Judy and I enjoy a rural lifestyle in a secluded corner of Fitchburg, MA. B.S. Cornell, 1972 (Environmental Conservation); M.S. Univ. of Maine, Orono, 1986 (Soil Chemistry); Ph.D., UMass-Amherst, 1989 (Soil Physics). Lived in Penobscot, ME for 10 years, during which time operated a small consulting firm specializing in site evaluation and design of on-site wastewater treatment systems, while renovating a old farmhouse, beginning to raise a family, and beginning grad school. After grad school, lived in Groton, MA for 15 years, while working as a technical director for hazardous waste remediation technologies at ENSR Corp., a major consulting and engineering firm. Since 2000, CEO (co-founder) of TerraTherm, Inc., Fitchburg, MA, a contractor providing in-situ thermal remediation technologies and services worldwide. Publish and speak widely. Avid cyclist, hiker, kayaker, back-country skier and naturalist. Serve as a Director of the Nashua River Watershed Association and am active on the Fitchburg Greenway Committee. Fondest Memory of SHSi How about two? Attending the National Model U.N. in Washington, DC as a member of our delegation, and riding the 4-man Olympic bobsled run at Lake Placid, NY while there with the Ski Club.


840 Ashby W. Road  

Fitchburg, MA 01240

978-345-4415 (h)

978-766-5253 (c)

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Judith Baker

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Judith, artist, gardener extraordinaire, wonderful grandmother (“Mormor”)

Megina (Johannes Mark) 37, mother of two, Tova, 5, and Carl, 2. Megina is on the Boston University Faculty, Early Childhood Education

Robert. 34, musician, music software engineer, living in San Francisco

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Environmental scientist 1972-2015. Ph.D., UMASS- Amherst, 1989. Co-Founder, former CEO, Chairman and Chief Scientist, TerraTherm, Inc. (2000-2015). Retired in 2015, and still doing some consulting.

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

At TerraTherm, commercialized and successfully implemented innovative (and now widely accepted) hazardous waste technology, “In Situ Thermal Desorption”. Successfully treated major dioxin site in Vietnam (from Vietnam War use by U.S. of Agent Orange) from 2012-2017, a $40M project, along with dozens of other major sites in the U.S.

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Nashua River Watershed Assoc. Board of Directors, 2007-Present

Fitchburg Greenway Comm. 2007-Present

Fitchburg Trails Comm., 2016-Present

Avid cyclist, hiker, cross-country skier, nature lover, climate activist

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Dissecting a cat in anatomy lab! Attending the National Model U.N. in Washington, D.C. as a member of the SHS team. Being a stage hand on various plays. Riding the 4-man Olympic bobsled at Lake Placid. Going on dates J. Dances. Afternoons playing Risk and Avalon Hill games with Marshall, Paul and Ben

 Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Nature is a community to which we belong, not a commodity for us to exploit. Respect Mother Earth, for it is precious.


 Michael Barnes

(1978) Michael Barnes: Wife’s name: Rosemary; Children: 2 ; Occupation: Owner of Alarm Security business in Anchorage, Alaska

(1988) Michael Barnes: none found

(2008)  Michael Barnes

After high school was in the Navy until 1971. Married Rosemary Hinter from Lynn. Worked for my fathers Apache Alarm Co until the factory suffered 2 horrific arson fires. 1974 Drove to Alaska with my family. Opened a Security Alarm Co and operated it for 15 yrs. Sold out during the recession and moved to Co Clare Ireland. 1989 Opened an Ice Cube co and Alarm co in Co Clare, operated them until 1997. 1997 Move to St Petersburg Fl so my youngest could go to college at Eckard. Opened a Security Co and for County Governments and the Home Depot Chain. 2004 When my son finished college he went to the Orient to teach English and my wife and I moved back to Ireland. I opened an adventure center, I am working on a house in Transylvania, I hope to try to rent it to tourist. It is within site of Dracula’s Castle. Fondest Memories: The dances at the Shaw Jr High cafeteria.


Tiernaglohane, Cooraclave,

County Clare, Ireland V15PX23

00353 876640605 (c) or

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Rosemary A. (Hinton) Barnes, Lynn English, ‘70

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Tara, 45, Veterinary assistant, St. Petersburg, FL

Katie, 43, U.S. Army, Tacoma, WA

Casey, 38, English professor, Vietnam

 Work history and current situation (retired):

Adventure Center and B&B in Loop Head, County Clare, Ireland and near Bran Castle, Predalut, Romania

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Drove from Boston up the ALCAN (unpaved) with pregnant wife and child to Anchorage, Alaska in 1974. Started security companies in Alaska for 15 years, Florida 8 years and Ireland 8 years.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Antique shop, fishing, cycling rentals in Loop Head, West Clare, Ireland, mini golf course, cottage rental and Bran B&B.

Learn to fly Cessna and mountain hiking.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

The drinking survey I conducted in Mr. Shepard’s class, U.S. History. We missed some of the home rooms in the lab (not enough time).

 Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

A class where most of the students’ entire teenage years from 11-19 were the 60’s. Is that significant?


 Dennis Bass

(1978) Dennis Bass: Graduated Salem State in 1972 with a B.A. in English. Went to work in family business–now part-owner.  Likes to travel. Occupation : One of the owners of union Upholstering Co., Lynn, MA.

(1988) Dennis Bass: none found

(2008) Dennis Bass: none received

(2108) DENNIS BASS: none received


Karen Ball (Griffin)

(1978) Karen Ball: none found

(1988) Karen Ball: none found

(2008) Karen J Ball Griffin

I guess you could say I never gave up on Karen and the institution of marriage. Bob Carone and I got married on 10-10-68. I married a hunter, so we had a “Huntingmoon.” Then we moved to Maine and started our own Refrigeration business. Then divorced in Maine in Sept. 1977. I finally began to grow up when I drove to Illinois, alone at 27, going on 16. Lived in Illinois for seven months. Worked at Marshall Fields, reported one of the Fields’ relatives to security, (no I was not fired, they were glad I questioned him), then got a position at an electrical company closer to my apartment. Finally, Spring came and my Mother and I became closer friends than ever while “driving Miss Karen” home to Massachusetts. It seems the winter is longer than the winters in Maine. While back as Massachusetts, first I got a few great temporary jobs through Kelly Services, then I finally got a great permanent job with Honeywell Electro Optics in Lexington, Mass, (not there anymore, the last I learned) I learned to ski with a group from Honeywell at King’s Ridge, and took to it like it was swimming. I then REMARRIED AGAIN, and divorced again and REMARRIED same person a second time. So that made Mr. #2 twice. Yup, NEVER DO….I’ve had a very good job experience through Kelly Services down here in Florida and they worked with me while I was taking care of my mother through my father’s illness and passing in 1995, and with the moral support of a close friend I acquired, Bruce, who had been there every time I had to talk to someone and keep sane. Well as close to sane as I could. Then, MY BEST FRIEND is now my Husband, Bruce Griffin. We married in July 25, 1998. I took complete care of my mother from 2000 to 2005. Finally my brother and I found a wonderful home for Mother, as she has Dementia/Alzheimer. The doctors said she was borderline Alzheimer, as she still knows what is going on and recognizes people to a limit. She doesn’t recognize me most of the time. Then I can see it in her eyes when she does. Bruce has stuck with me all the way, from 1995 through now with my ailments. Nothing is better than sharing your life with a BEST FRIEND… Fondest Memory of SHS I know I had some good friends from Junior High and kept in touch from time to time in High School. I missed everything that the normal high school student SHOULD not miss. I wish now that I could go back and experience High School again. However, I am looking forward to a Reunion will be great. I still
haven’t given up on life nor myself.

(2018) KAREN (BALL) GRIFFIN: none received


Yudis Bennett

(1978)  Yudi Bennett:  Occupation: Motion Picture Assistant Director. Has been involved in “The Turning Point”, “An Unmarried Woman”, and soon-to be- released film called “The Senator”.

(1988) Yudi Bennett: none found

(2008) Yudi Bennett:

Heard the reunion was great and thought I would update my bio since the last one is 30 years old.  I have degrees from Simmons College and University of Vermont.  Thought I was going to be a journalist, but I took a left turn somewhere and spent the last 30 years in the film biz in NYC and LA.  My life has been an amazing adventure!  In 1991, I married my best friend, soul mate, and love of my life, Robert Schneider.  Our son, Noah, was born a few years later and just had his Bar Mitzvah.  (My SHS friend, Noreen Goralnick Shub, attended the grand event with her husband and sons.)  My darling husband died of cancer in 2003, so I am raising Noah as a single mom…with the help of my friends.  I live in a suburb of Los Angeles, do some consulting work, a lot of volunteer work, and take care of 2 dogs and 1 cat.  In 2003, I was given a lifetime achievement award by the Directors Guild of America—thought I was much too young for that—but I guess the years are catching up.  My husband and I founded an organization to help families deal with autism.  To know more, go to


428 Spencer Street

Glendale, CA 91202

818-653-6108 (c)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Bob Schneider (sadly, deceased)

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Son Benjamin Schneider, 47, Director of Membership Services, Visual Effects Society

Son Noah Schneider, 23, artist and student

Our dog: Cali, recently rescued adorable puppy

 Work history and Current situation (retired?):

30 years in film production; 15 years in non-profit work; still figuring out the next step

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Frank Capra Lifetime Achievement Award, 2003, for work in film industry. Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences since 1997 (I get to vote for the Oscars…).

Founder, Foothill Autism Alliance ( Founder, Exceptional Minds (

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I serve on four non-profit boards: Directors Guild of America, Foothill Autism Alliance, Exceptional Minds, and Uniquely Abled Project. Spend way too much time raising money!

Enjoying hanging out with my sons and other family; currently writing and speaking at events; travel annually to Israel and other exciting places in the U.S. and abroad.

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I think I hold the record for the shortest stay at Swampscott public schools. We moved to Swampscott from Ohio when I was in the 9th grade and I left after junior year to go off to college. So you won’t find me in the senior yearbook; but I still have my copy of the ECHO from 1965, and I’m curious to see where all my classmates ended up!

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

 Captain Kirk: “…To boldly go where no man has gone before.”



230 Ogden Drive                          Purok 3

Oregon City, OR     or                Bulilis, Ubay, PHILIPPINES

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Gloria (Dela Cruz) Berman

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Daughter, Magdalina, 34, Human Resource Manager for Goodwill Industries in Portland, OR.   Married 10 years (next October) to Robert Underwood, a veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a satellite communications technician and internet networking specialist. Maggie met Robert online playing World of Warcraft. She was in Haverhill and he was stationed in Iraq at the time. It was love at first fight.

 Work history and current situation (retired):

Six years in US Navy. Twenty-six years computer programming; first writing software for banks (especially ATMS), then writing computer performance analysis software. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

My careers both in the Navy and in programming have taken me around the world. I have visited England, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Trinidad, Barbados, St. Thomas, Bermuda, Guatemala, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Guam as well as Toronto, Canada and many US Cities, all for business.

My most special memory is donating a kidney to my wife.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

We split our time between Oregon and our vacation home in the Philippines. I love reading, nature walks, photography and playing with computers.

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

My most weird memory is the Class Will left me checkerboard socks. I had absolutely no idea that anybody ever noticed my socks.

 Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

You can do whatever you want in life, but whatever you do has consequences. If you can acquire a taste for consequences, life is a gas!


 Sandy Bickford (Whittier)                                            

(1978) Sandy Bickford (Martin) : none found

(1988) BICKFORD SANDY {MARTIN) –I have spent the last 10 years (or so) working, traveling, and going to school.  I will be through with school in June ’89 and then plan to travel and work, in that order.  In ’86 I relocated Annapolis, Maryland to travel and live somewhere else and enjoyed it so much I want to do it again soon somewhere else.  My career has been and remains in nursing, and I made the right choice.  I try to spend my free time with two outstanding members of the class of ’68, Laura Seidler and Kathie Homan, (who is also the mother of my vicarious children).  Looking forward to #20!!


After high school, I went to nursing school from which I graduated in 1971. I was married to Stephen Martin (yup, Sally’s older brother) the following year and we were married until his death in 1980. I have gone back to school twice. First for a BSN, then a Master’s in Nursing. I have been working in Home Health Nursing (Visiting Nurse) for over 25 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have met so many wonderful people and my goal of keeping a friend from every job is on track. At one job I was lucky to meet a mentor who has presented fascinating possibilities and from that I have traveled and published many home health nursing related articles and book chapters. I am now on the editorial board of Home Healthcare Nurse which allows me to write, read and review others’ articles and travel to meetings and continue to meet stimulating people. After Stephen’s death, I did some traveling with Sally and her kids and Phyllis Sarno who was living in Arizona at the time. When I got home I ran into Doug Whittier and the rest is history. We have been married nearly 23 wonderful years and I am the step-mom to his son John who is 31. I love being Aunt Sandy to Sally and Kathie’s (Homan) kids and that is the nearest I wanted to be to parenting. We have done a fair amount of traveling in the U.S. and especially love Arizona where we hope to land in the near future. Currently I am a Home Health Nurse, relaxing after years in management, and am teaching Nursing research at Salem State College School of Nursing, and being a Clinical Instructor as part of the community health rotation.


1 Bickford Way

Swampscott, MA 01907

781-595-5599 (h)

617-257-3607 (c)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


 Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired. RN for 45 years. Last 30+ years working in home health nursing.

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Published book chapters and articles. Taught nursing research, public and community health at Salem State. Who’s Who in American Nursing.

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Volunteer the last 3 years at the Swampscott Senior Center. Work part-time at fish market. Walking, reading and doing jigsaw puzzles.

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Loved field hockey. Tried out for Drill Team 3 times, made it on last try. Football and hockey games.

 Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

I will find a way or make one.


Nancy Bignell Carden                                                                                             

(1978) Nancy Bignell (Carden): Attended College-Early Childhood Education-Valparaiso University, University of New Hampshire and Salem State. Married John, and spent a year in Vermont, then to Indiana at Fort Ben Harrison, then home to Swampscott where we have remained. The children keep me busy with brownies, President of P.T.A. at Clarke Elementary, and school committee business. In my spare time, I am the development Coordinator (Fund- Raiser) for the Foresight Foundation, Low-Vision Clinic, University Hospital, B.U. Medical Center, Boston. Husband’s name: John; Children: Elise, 7 years, and Michael, 5 years. Occupation: Mommy and Development Coordinator.

(1988)  BIGNELL, NANCY (CARDEN) — The past ten years have been great — I spent nearly all of them as a fund-raiser for Boston University’s Foresight Foundation before beginning a new career with Star Market as their Consumer Relations Specialist.  Elise and Michael are both in High School and keep us busy, plus I enjoy being active in town affairs.  Hope to see you all at our 25th, if not before!

(2008) Nancy Bignell Carden – John and I are the parents of two wonderful children (Elise and Michael) who have occupied most of my post-graduation years. I attended Valparaiso U. (way too far from John and much too conservative for the times!) and UNH, with concentrations in social service and education. I like to think that I have used my gained skills every day, first with our children, followed by my career with Star Market/Shaw’s/Albertsons/Supervalu as a corporate trainer and Human Resources Manager for the past 26 years. Although our son Michael lives locally, our daughter Elise now lives in Utah with her husband and our five beautiful grandchildren. Her move now adds yet another spot for John and I to regularly visit! Our plans for the near future include spending a lot more time out west in Utah and Palm Desert, CA , spending time with our family and playing some golf. Fondest Memory of SHS: I don’t have one memory in particular, but many fond memories of my years at SHS. As the new girl in our sophomore year, I have many warm memories of meeting many of you and becoming fast friends and having fun. Loved the Spirit Squad activities, decorating for dances, the Ionic Club dances on Friday nights, football games, Senior Year activities, especially our infamous ferry trip to/from George’s Island and the Senior Prom.


17 Oak Road

Swampscott, MA 01907

781-599-1873 (h)

339-440-0057 (c)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

John Carden

 Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

John and I are blessed with two wonderful children – Elise (married to Riverdale, UT Fire Capt. Dave Ermer) and Michael.

Six bright, healthy grandchildren – Bailey (and husband Kevin), Brandon (Jr. @ American U), Allen, Jessica (Frosh @ U of Utah), Garrett, and our youngest, spirited Michael, age 6; we are also VERY young great-grandparents of two beautiful little girls, Avery and Aleah .

Work history and current situation (retired?):

I am retired after 30 years with Star Market/Shaw’s in corporate and retail operations.

Current activities, hobbies and interests;

After years of care-giving to our parents, John and I are now enjoying life by traveling with friends and family and spending more time with our growing family.  We have been fortunate to travel all over Europe, parts of Russia, the Caribbean, most of the US and Canada (just returning from Hawaii with entire family.) Going to try to fit in some gardening, scrap booking (so the grandchildren can remember us someday) and perhaps learn to golf. And maybe clean the basement!

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Great memories of high school – had fun, liked my classmates and teachers, made great friends, felt welcomed when I transferred in my sophomore year from White Plains, NY, and met John.  The best part of aging – bad memories, if there were any, have all faded away!

Personal philosophy or words of wisdom you would like to share:

Open yourself up to new experiences every chance you get! Enjoy life and be grateful! And my favorite sign in my home office:  Grow old along with me, The best is yet to be…

Happy 50th everyone!!            ______________________________________________________                                         

 Jim Bilodeau                               DECEASED

(1978) Jim Bilodeau: After graduating from high school in 1968, I got married in 1971.  I graduated from U. of Mass. with a degree in Accounting in 1972.  Since I was in the R.O.T.C. program in college, I entered the Air Force in 1972. I was assigned to an Air force base in London, England in 1974. I’ve been assigned here at Fort Meade, Maryland since 1976. Wife’s name: Barbara Ann; Children: Richard (5), Robin (4), Renee (4); Occupation: Officer in the U.S. Air Force.


Barbara Bock

(1978) Barbara Bock: Graduated George Washington University with a major in French Literature.  Lived in San Francisco for one year. Came back to Boston and has been there since. Worked as a typesetter for the New England Journal of Medicine, Currently working as a typesetter at the Baxter Hall School in Cambridge. Occupation: Typesetter.

(1988) Barbara Bock: none found

(2008) Profile of Barbara Bock

I am presently living in Wayland, Massachusetts with my husband, Michael and our dog, Gem. We have one daughter, Bryna, who is in her senior year at Michigan State University studying Graphic Art and Photography. After graduating from George Washington University, I worked for 25 years in different aspects of the publishing field, as a typesetter for The New England Journal of Medicine, as a Direct Mail Assistant and interim Advertising and Catalog Manager in the promotion department of Harvard University Press and as a production editor and supervisor at a library automation company. However, when the computer company went out of business, I took that opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom for most of my daughter’s formative years. I have loved every minute of my non-working life. A few years ago, I attended Framingham State College and got a post-graduate degree in Apparel Design with the intention of eventually getting a Masters Degree and possibly a Ph.D. in order to teach at the college level. However, I realized that by the time I graduated, I would be ready for retirement. So for now, I take knitting classes year round and work in my garden from April to November. Since I enjoy taking courses, I am entertaining the thought of going back to school to get a certificate in tutoring English.


32 Lakeview Road

Wayland, MA 01778

508-653-8097 (h)

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I love retirement.  I spend most of spring, summer and fall working in my garden, hiking, climbing (very small) mountains, meeting with my knitting buddies and occasionally traveling to visit my daughter in Oregon.  Since my husband and I live near a large pond in Wayland, we recently decided to rehab our ailing canoe and take advantage of the beautiful scenery.  I have visited Swampscott a number of times since graduation.  A lot of changes there — especially a new high school in a much more convenient location.  Whose idea was it to put OUR high school on the highest spot in town?  Best wishes to those attending the reunion this year.  My husband and I will be vacationing in Oregon and Washington with our daughter.

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I enjoyed hanging out with Noreen Goralnick and Lesley Myers, especially during the summer, poolside at Noreen’s house.  

 Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Just keep active, walk, ride a bike , anything that helps to stay healthy!


 Gail Boland (Anderson)

(1978) Gail Boland (Anderson): Graduate Salem state in 1972 with a B.S. in Elementary Education. I was a teacher’s aid for one year at the Hadley school before getting a full-time teaching position. Currently teaching second grade at the Hadley. Husband: Rick Anderson; Children: Erik-age 4 months; Occupation: Teacher.

(1988) BOLAND, GAIL (ANDERSON) — Married classmate Ricky Anderson and now enjoying motherhood along with a teaching position in the Hadley School here in town. Keep busy with tennis and our two sons.  Our family is now residing in Swampscott in our new home which we have been remodeling for the past year.

(2008) Rick and Gail Boland Anderson

Rick is an independent Financial Consultant who has his office in Salem. Gail recently retired from 34 years of teaching in Swampscott. They spend their time between Swampscott and Intervale, NH. They are still skiing just not quite so many runs, golf tends to play them, and Gail’s best tennis partner is our favorite English teacher Dottie Winer. They have 2 sons Erik 30 and Ian 27. One is a Geoscientist and the other is a Massachusetts Certified Arborist. We hope the 40th reunion finds all of our classmates happy and healthy.


42 Redington Street

Swampscott, MA 01907

617-921-5275 (c)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Rick Anderson

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Two great sons, two great daughters-in-law and a terrific grandson

 Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Teacher 1972-2018. Retired a couple of times. 46 years.

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Had the perfect job teaching in Swampscott

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Still have fun after all these years. Skiing, golf, tennis a little travel, time with friends and family. We drove to AK last year and we were still speaking!

 SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

School was always a great place to have fun, play sports! Friends for life! Great teachers!

We had a ball in high school, great times. Just enough studying on my part to get through college. Definitely appreciated everything the public school system gave me. As I said at retirement 2nd or 3rd, they nurtured me, gave me friends, husband, took care of my kids, an education and an awesome 40+ career. Om between we worked hard and played hard with family and friends. Here’s a strange twist, I was asked to be a 4th in a tennis group. I said sure and it ends up it’s Dottie Winer. I was not an English major L. We ended up as tennis partners for 30+ years. I referred to her as my other motherJ. Had wonderful times over the years with Dottie and Dick. Great people! Miss her to the moon and back.

 Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

You can do whatever you want in life, but whatever you do has consequences. If you can acquire a taste for consequences, life is a gas!


 Maureen Boyce (Gill)

(1978) Maureen Boyce (Gill): Upon graduating from high school in 1968, I attended Salem State College and received a B.S. in Elementary Education. My first teaching position was in Newmarket, NH where I taught third grade and coached high school gymnastics, cheerleading, and softball. I married a boy I met at Salem state and we moved to Maine.  I taught three years in Litchfield, at which time we bought a house, and I left public school teaching and began a private nursery school from my home.  I have two sons now and I’m very involved in “motherhood”. Last winter I was an instructor in adult education teaching the Woman’s Fitness Course. I’ll begin my third year of teaching nursery school and my second year of adult education this fall. Husbands name: Malcolm; Children: 2 boys, 3 1/2 and 1 year; Occupation: Teacher.

(1988) BOYCE, MAUREEN (GILL) — After graduation from Salem State College I met and married my husband who also is a teacher. I have opened up a nursery school (Small World Nursery) in my home, while my husband teaches in our local school system.  We are now living in Maine and we enjoy being involved with our 4 children’s sports and school activities.

(2008) Maureen Boyce (Gill)

Graduated from Salem State College.. .Married Malcolm Gill (still together after 35 years!!) and moved to Maine… .Taught in the public school for 4 years before opening my own nursery school (attached to my home).. .was then able to be home with our four children.. .Following their sports and numerous activities made the years “fly by”, but were so enjoyable.. .Through the college years, weddings and babies the years continued to roll by……. Thirty three years later I am still running the nursery school (only two days) and I spend the other three days visiting my three grandsons…. who are definitely the “light of my life”!! My Catholic faith has always been a constant for me. I served as a director of religious education for years. My faith got me through as I dealt with my Mom’s Alzheimer’s disease and my Dad’s cancer. Now that both parents have passed on, I don’t seem to visit Swampscott as often as I have over the years….. yet my heart never really left it. Fondest Memory of SHS: My fondest memory of SHS would have to be the fun I had playing sports for the Big Blue………… field hockey was my favorite… .It was exciting to be part of the drill team…… pre-game parties, the football WIN and then of course, the “victory dance” with Richie and the Renegades!


41 Spring Street

Dixfield, ME 04224

207-562-8089 (h)

207-462-3177 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Malcolm Gill

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Malcom, retired teacher, 38 years

Michael (Joan) Gill, one son

Tim (Cheri) Gill, 3 sons

Mary (Mike) Herrick, one son, one daughter

Peggy (Dylan) Crowe – 2 daughters 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Teacher for 37 years—retired. We have 8 grandchildren (ages 1 ½-12). We make it to most of their games and activities! They are my joy in life! 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

I taught public school for 4 years. In 1976, I opened my own nursery school where I taught pre-school for 33 years while I brought up four children. I was able to make it to all of their sports and activities in school.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I volunteer weekly in my grandchildren’s classrooms. I still work with children in a Vacation Bible School setting in Rumford, Maine. My husband and I volunteer in a local nursing home—lots of life still left to give in those residents! Book club, yoga, swimming, are relaxing and fun activities.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

The Big Blue legacy lives on in my memories. So many fun times with winning teams. “Victory Dances” with Richie and the Renegades! 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Enjoy the moment you have NOW!


Chuck Brigham

(1978) Chuck Brigham: Graduated from Maine Maritime in 1972 with a B.S. in Nautical Science.  After graduation I went to the Great Lakes for Bethlehem Steel Co.; I then became third mate for Cleveland tankers. Spent Two years for Moran Towing in New York. I presently work for Texaco as Chief mate and relief Captain on the Texaco Sky Chief. Wife’s name: Nancy; Children: 1 due in November; Occupation: Tug Boat Captain.

(1988) Chuck Brigham: none found

(2008) Chuck Brigham: none received.

(2018) CHUCK BRIGHAM: none received.


Roger Bruley


60 Prospect Street

Swampscott, MA 01907


Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


 Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Jenny, daughter

One grandson, one granddaughter

 Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired from State of MA MWRA (25 years)

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Assistant Swampscott Harbormaster for many years. Now Retired.

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Enjoy vacation home in ME in the summer; Patriots in the fall and winter.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Old friends and the opportunity to see them again.


 Bob Buckland

(1978) Bob Buckland: Occupation: Physician

(1988) BUCKLAND, BOB — After medical school at Rochester and psychiatric residency at Dartmouth, I did further training for a year in San Diego, and in recent years have been with the Dept.  of Psychiatry at BU.  In ’81, I married Anne-Marie Barren, formerly of Quincy, and we currently live in Milton, we have two children, Gregory, age 5, and Katie, age 2. I still manage to make the time to play hockey regularly in the winter, but I suppose I’m slowing down more there as 40 approaches.

(2008) Bob Buckland: none received

(2018) BOB BUCKLAND: none received


Donald Burke

(1978) Don Burke: Attended University of Mass. for 3 years. Traveled extensively.  Currently living in San Francisco. Occupation: business.

(1988) Don Burke: none found

(2008) Don Burke: none received.

(2108)  ALEXANDER  (DON BURKE) GARDENER: none received


Susan Burstein (Garber)                                                                      

(1978) Burstein, Sue: Still trying to achieve mellow. Husband’s name: Seth; Occupation :Public Health Nurse.

(1988) BURNSTEIN, SUE (GARBER) — I finished my nursing degree at U of Mass in Amherst and worked at Beverly Hospital & Salem Hospital until ’74 when I moved to Greenfield to help develop a homemaker/home health aide program. In ’76 I married Seth Garber and moved to San Diego while he completed an internal medicine residency, In CA I worked with teenage moms & saw lots of TB as a public health nurse for San Diego County. SD was wonderful but when our 3 years were up we were eager to be somewhere with fewer people & cars and more seasons and mountains. In ’79 we came to Clackamas, Oregon — 10 miles SE of downtown Portland, one hour from the coast and one hour from the top of the Chairlift on top of Mt. Hood. At the time Clackamas was semi-rural but suburbia has definitely closed in with shopping mails pushing back the fields and orchards and strawberry fields. I’ve been a nurse epidemiologist at Oregon Health Sciences University for the past 9 years — a most challenging position since the onset of the AIDS epidemic. We started our Family in 1980 with Kippy Dog, our golden retriever. Daniel was born in ’81. Although apparently healthy at birth, Daniel later developed uncontrollable seizures and is profoundly retarded. Michael (now 5) arrived from Korea in ’83 and Karin (now 3) came home from Korea in ’85. Outside of work and family I enjoy making quilts and rug baskets, cross-country and downhill skiing, hiking & swimming. Life has taken some unexpected turns but at 20 years out of SHS I’m happy and content.

(2008) Sue Burstein Garber

I went to college at UMass in Amherst and got a BS in nursing. I worked at Beverly Hospital (OB/GYN) and Salem Hospital (ICU) for about a year each and then got a job in Public Health, my real love. I helped start a county-wide home health agency in Greenfield, Mass training homemaker/home health aides and providing skilled nursing care. I did that for 2 years until I married Seth and we moved to San Diego for his internship and residency. I worked for San Diego County Public Health Department a few years until we realized how much we missed the seasons. We thought we were headed back to New England or to the Indian Health Service, but somehow ended up in Portland Oregon where Seth joined Kaiser Permanente. We’ve lived in a suburb of Portland since 1979 (except for 3 long years in Piano, Texas in the mid-1990’s when Seth was doing administrative stuff for Kaiser there) Most of my professional career since 1979 I’ve worked in teaching hospitals doing hospital epidemiology/infection prevention and control. I just retired from professional work on Oct 1 st 2007. We had 3 children. Our first was born in 1981. Daniel had an undiagnosed condition with seizures and severe mental retardation that at first seemed to be degenerative and then stabilized. He died at age 10, although was not living with us at the time. (Long story of pediatric skilled nursing home, medical foster home and then adoption). In 1983 we adopted a 6 month old (Michael) from Korea and in 1985 adopted Karin, a 4 month old also from Korea. In 2007, Seth and I were lucky enough to travel to Korea to meet Karin’s birth family. It was an amazing experience. This past year I’ve been enjoying retirement. I love that I can travel with Seth when he has business trips. I keep busy by volunteering at the local food pantry, being part of a reading group that meets twice a month, hiking, running and trying to stay fit. Living in Oregon is terrific!


11543 SE Hazel Hill Road

Happy Valley, OR 97086

503-481-1803 (c)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Seth Garber (married 42 years)

 Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Michael (Mandy), 35, Electrician. New dad to a 6-month old, lives in Oregon

Karin (Tristan), 33, Clinical Psychologist. Just finished her post-doc training, lives in Oregon

 Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Very happily retired since 2007!

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Grandparenting, traveling, hiking, kayaking. Serve on the Board of Directors of the community “food pantry”.


John Carden

(1978) John Carden: Graduated Norwich University in 1972 with a B.A. in History. From 1972-1974 was a First Lieut. with the U.S. Army stationed at Ft. Devens, MA. From 1974-1977 was a Production Coordinator with Babco Industries, Danvers, MA. Since then I have been working in the State Treasurer’s Office. I am presently attending Salem State nights to get my degree in Business Administration. Active in Town Politics (Town Meeting Member and Town Democratic Committee). Wife’s name: Nancy; Children: 2; Occupation: State Treasurer’s Office, Abandoned Property Division. 

(1988) CARDEN. JOHN — I am working as the Director of the Abandoned Property Division of the State Treasury, which keeps me busy commuting to Boston.  Having two high school aged children occupies most of my leisure time, either coaching or watching their sporting events all year.

(2008)   John Carden:     Married Nancy Bignell; 2 children: Elise and Michael; 5 grandchildren. Graduated from Norwich University and earned MBA from Salem State.  Currently a Development Specialist with Comcast Corp. Love to play golf (but do not get to play as often as I would like) and argue with my son on who will start on our Fantasy Football team. Fondest Memory of SHS: My fondest memory of SHS is asking Nancy Bignell (Carden) to go to the senior prom and her saying “yes”.             


17 Oak Road  

Swampscott, MA 01907

781-559-1873 (h)

781-913-5999 (c)

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:           

Nancy Bignell Carden

 Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Elise Ermer (Dave)


Six grandchildren– Bailey, Brandon (American U), Allen, Jessica (U of Utah), Garrett, and Michael

Two great-grandchildren, Avery and Aleah

Work history and current situation (retired?):

2nd Lt U.S. Army (Norwich University commission), Unclaimed Property Division – Mass State Treasurer’s Office, Comcast Corporation until retirement in 2013

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Serving my country during the Vietnam Era and my appointment as Asst. Director of the Unclaimed Property Division during its development years

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Travel with family and friends, golf, and beach with Nancy

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Senior football season, Senior Prom, seeing the Beatles at Suffolk Downs, my first beer, and later attending Woodstock Music Festival with classmates Dick Polisson, Brian Delaney and Mark Bogardus in ’69 (my folks thought it was Woodstock, VT – I didn’t correct them)

Personal philosophy or words of wisdom you would like to share:

Enjoy your family and friends while you still can!            ______________________________________________________                                          Alice Carroll (Howard)

(1978) Alice Carroll: Graduated from Marian Court. Worked at Salem State for 5 years. Now employed at new England Tel & Tel. Hobbies: bike riding, antiques. Currently in Junior year at Salem State evening School.-Business education. Occupation: Typist

(1988) CARROLL, ALICE (HOWARD) — After SHS I graduated from Marian Court Junior College (formerly Marian CourtSecretarial School) and worked for Sears Roebuck & Co, NET, Salem State College back to MA Bell.  Enjoyed each years vacation by traveling the US.  1984 became a very busy year for me as I was still employed with Ma Bell during her break up — which left me working for NYNEX Information Resources, Co. (also known as the Yellow Pages) and it was also the year which I got married to my husband Joe, who is a self employed Landscape Contractor (Howard Bros. Landscaping),  since both our families go back to the 1850’s in Swampscott, we choose not to leave and so we bought our home in which we now reside.  in 1987 we became the proud adopted parents of a Korean Born daughter (Elizabeth Howard). Her arrival day (4 days after Christmas) was very exciting — we had to travel to New York to pick her up in a snow storm — her delivery took a total of 36 hours (weather delays) to arrive from Seoul, South Korea to Swampscott-  I am currently on a leave of absence from work to take care of our new addition and am enjoying every moment of it.  It’s like dying and going to heaven.

(2008) Alice Carroll Howard

After graduating from SHS I attended Marian Court then went to work for Ma Bell left Ma Bell and worked at Salem State College, left there to return to Ma Bell. In 1984 I got married to a St. Mary’s boy, Joe Howard and we adopted three Korean born children.. .who are now grown with two attending college and one attending the new SHS. BC (before children) I did some traveling around the US hope to do some more when the retirement age sets in (not too far away). While my children were small I did keep my foot in the business world with some part time jobs. One of which, was working on weekends at Carlson Real Estate here in Swampscott, after awhile I thought it might be worth it to get my RE license, which I did. I’ve been selling Real Estate now for 13 years and this has really been the most challenging of times. Our Swampscott office closed and we merged with the Marblehead Carlson Office of which I’m currently working in…really looking forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events…Fondest Memory from SHS is watching Dick Jauron on the field and on the court and how he always made it look so easy as he played each sport.


50 Devens Road

Swampscott, MA 01907

781-595-4959 (h)

781-521-4748 (c)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:           

Joe Howard

 Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

3 Children: Mike, 31 – Beth, 30 – Emily, 25

3 Grandchildren: Teddy, 3.5 years – Shea, 2.5 years – Quinn, 3 weeks old

 Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Real estate agent for 15 years. Retired, but still help one of the agents.

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Family reunion at my home.

 Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Reading, art history

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Attending basketball, hockey and of course, Big Blue football games.

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Be kind to others.


Beth Champion (Phelan)

(1978) Beth Champion: Immediately following graduation, I took a summer job as a secretary for an air-conditioning firm in Lynn. In September I began a permanent job for an savings bank in Boston, eventually becoming head teller. in August 1972, was married to Bill and moved to our present home in Beverly in 1974.  I retired from the bank after 8 years to await the arrival of our first child, Kristina Marie.  Tina was born in March, 1977 and we are presently awaiting the arrival of our second child due the end of August. Husbands name: Bill; Children: Kristina, 16 months and on the way:?. Occupation: wife and mother.

(1988) CHAMPION. BETH { PHELAN ) — Married to Bill Phelan 16 years.  We have four children, Tina (11), Lynda (9 1/2), and twins Tom & Mike- (1 1/2).  We’ve lived in Beverly 14 1/2 years.  I am a manager for McDonald’s in North Beverly and have been there for 4 years. Prior to that 1 stayed home for 7 1/2 years with the children after working 8 years in a Boston bank.

(2008) Beth Champion Phelan: 22 Wellesley RD. Beverly, MA.

The fall right after high school I started working for Suffolk Franklin Savings Bank in Boston. I married Bill Phelan (class of 67) in 1972. He has worked for General Electric and is looking forward to retiring soon. I left the bank after 8 years to start our family. Over the next 4 years we had 4 children (Tina, Lynda, And twins Tom and Mike.) After a couple of years with 4 young children, I decided I needed to get out so I worked as a shift manager at McDonald’s. That lasted just over 7 hears until we had our last child, Danielle. Tina married Dan Doherty. They bough a home here in Beverly. They have 2 boys, Cameron 3yrs and Bryce 5 months old. Tina works as an art teacher. She had worked at the Swampscott Middle School and then Machon School until they closed. She is presently at the Essex Elementary School. Her husband Danny, works for the Boston MBTA as well as the Army National Guard. He will be sent on his 2nd tour to Iraq in the spring of 2009. Lynda married Jay Bowen and they bought a home here in Beverly. They have 2 children, Madison 3yrs and Logan l yr. She works for an Insurance company in Peabody. Her husband Jay CO owns his own computer company. Tom is a police officer and works and lives in New Hampshire. Mike is a captain in the U.S Army. He recently married Christina Ferraris. He is presently his 2nd tour in Iraq. Christina is staying with her parents in Connecticut until he returns home. She is working for her father. They plan to reside in Connecticut. Danielle, our last child, just started her 2nd year of college at the University of Rhode Island. I am presently working for Shaws Supermarket( 17 years) now down to 4 days a week and baby sit the grandkids the other 3 days so my daughters can work. We just love the babies! They keep us young! I think the best memory I had from high school (I only went to SHS junior and senior year) was meeting and making new friends and all.


22 Wellesley Road

Beverly, MA 01915

978-922-4559 (h)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Bill Phelan

 Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Tina, 41, children Cameron 13, Bryce, 10

Lynda 40, children Madison 13, Logan 11

Tom 37 ½, children Mitchell 3, Andrew 1

Mike 37 ½ (twin of Tom), children Kate 8, Maggie 6

Danielle 29, children Ben 4, Ella 2, Caleb 3 months

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Suffolk Franklin Savings Bank, 7 ½ years; McDonalds 7 ½ years,

Presently, Shaws Supermarket, 27+ years

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Head Teller—banking/ Swing Manager McDonalds/ Married to Bill 46 years!! 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

The grandkids—7 living in Beverly so get to see more often; 2 in NH and 2 in CT 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Hanging out with Sally Martin, Kathie Homan, Sandy Bickford, Laura Seidler, Phyl Sarno and Betty Ann Gallo. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Just enjoy life.



40 Standish Road

Sagamore Beach, MA 02562

508-280-1575 (c)

Work history and Current situation (retired?):


Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Concerts, golf, travel

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Food fight sophomore year                                                            


Dennis Coffey

(1978) Dennis Coffey: none found

(1988) COFFEY, DENNIS -~ Moved to Bar Harbor, Maine area in ’73 — married 18 years – have 3 children 16-10-5 (ages) — own HI-FI Stereo Store in Ellsworth, ME.  started in ’75 still see Steve Flanders and Steve Mansolilli regularly.  Will there be a 25th?

(2008) Dennis Coffey: none received


450 Mariaville Road 

Ellsworth, ME 04605 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Monica Coffey

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Two boys

One girl

7 grandchildren

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Owner – Ellsworth Audio Co. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Acoustic Research, Cambridge, MA 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Boating, motorcycling, travel 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Happy Memories 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Don’t judge



9 Taft Road

Salem, MA 01970

978-745-5634 (c)

 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Margaret Keyes

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired. Worked at Harvard University for 32 years; still work part-time at Harvard. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Antique car owner. Docent at World War II Museum in Natick. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I arrived at SHS at the start of my sophomore year, too short a time to really have long-term memories. One is the day of my final in Mr. Kimball’s class in Current Events, it was the day after Robert Kennedy was shot. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew. —Marshall McLuhan


Terrie Lee Costello (Dyer)

(1978) Terrie Lee Costello (Dyer):  married, raised two children- do whatever it is that we housewives do. Have worked on and off over the years. Husbands name: Bill; Children: Adam 9 and Jason 2 1/2; Occupation: Housewife.

(1988) Terrie Lee Costello: none found

(2008) Terrie Lee Costello (Dyer): none received

(2018) TERRIE LEE COSTELLO (DYER): none received


Sally-Dee Craig (Stanton)

(1978) Sally-Dee Craig: none found

(1988) Sally-Dee Craig: none found

(2008) Sally Dee Craig Stanton

I became pregnant and married in Jan of my sr yr in high school. Had my son in Aug of ’68 and settled in Mhead for the next few years. In Sept of 73 he had a tragic accident, my husband and I divorced and then and married a friend in ’75. My son lived but was in a profoundly brain injured state and was a quadriplegic. Ultimately my husband and I adopted a daughter who in time proved to have many neurological and other medical issues. My dream had always been to be a psychologist but due to the circumstances of my children, I found that I was to be an advocate for them over the next 20+. It was not what I had planned but in spite of the pain and sorrow, the situation suited my make up well and I did my best for both of them. My son died after 23 yrs at the age of 28 and my daughter still struggles but is living independently. My husband and I have had almost 34 yrs of marriage and though it has had many hard times, we have weathered it well. I work now in the medical field and though I never achieved my original goal I feel in doing the customer service work with patients, I do in a way serve as a therapist for many and have made many wonderful friends who have their own medical issues to deal with. Perhaps this is what I was meant to do, share what I have learned and help bring that knowledge to others.

(2018) SALLY-DEE CRAIG STANTON: none received


Margie Davis

(1978) Margie Davis: Enjoyed the best four years of my life at U. of Mass. majoring in Sociology and French and lots of extracurricular activities. Was a ski bum in Vail for a year, married and had a very rewarding divorce, and made short careers in hotels and computers. Traveled worldwide for two years as a computer instructor. Residing in So. California for the past three years. Very active in women’s movement and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Have super husband and a loving cat. Am currently peddling houses in the most overpriced part of the country. Husbands name: Craig Martin; Occupation: Real Estate salesperson.

(1988) Margie Davis: none found

(2008) Margie Davis:  I’ve led an interesting life since high school, and every day is still an adventure for me. I graduated UMass Amherst, and the next day married Rocky, because my mother told me to graduate with an MRS. Rocky was sweet, but he quit his job to stay home, grow marijuana in the second bedroom and bake bread for dinner. While the homemade bread was delicious, I wanted more in my life than to just support him. I became a feminist and pursued a career in the hotel industry. I took a job in California, traveling around the world to train hotel employees how to use computer systems. I got to stay at some very nice five-star hotels. In my mid- to late-20s, my body wanted to get pregnant, and since I was traveling and not meeting men to date, I got involved with my boss and ended up marrying him. But we couldn’t conceive and that marriage, like my first one, lasted only 4 1/2 years. The best thing that came out of that union was I learned to ride a motorcycle, and #2 and I rode our bikes cross country the summer of 1979, from California to Georgia. We took a look around and decided to move to Atlanta. Bored with a hotel job in Atlanta, and armed with some cash from the sale of real estate in the divorce settlement, I decided to invest in myself and went up to Boston to get my MBA at Simmons College Graduate School of Management, the only all-women’s business school in the world. It was a tough one-year program; I did my marketing internship at the Ritz Carlton Hotel headquarters in Atlanta, and thought I would move back there (it was a great city to be single in), but ended up as director of marketing for a small company in Sudbury. Between grad school and starting the job, though, I traveled around Europe with a backpack. A classmate was supposed to go with me, but she took a job at the last minute, so I went alone and had a blast. I was single for most of my 30s, working mostly in marketing. Then I met Jim, who had two young boys whom I adored. Jim and I got married in our backyard in Reading, Massachusetts, by our Unitarian Universalist minister. I did mostly marketing writing on a freelance basis for many years, and I taught personal essay writing, first at the Reading Senior Center, then at an adult education center, and finally online at AOL and then at my own web site. In 2000, a close friend was diagnosed with cancer and underwent treatment at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. An Aries who has to do things, I couldn’t sit by and watch her go through the demanding treatment without wanting to help. I already knew about the healing results of personal writing, so I did psychosocial research at Dana Farber, Mass General and Beth Israel Deaconess to learn what cancer patients, their family/friend caregivers and professional (medical and mental health) caregivers go through. The result was my book called The Healing Way, A Journal for Cancer Survivors, which was published by Element Books. It was a therapeutic writing workbook with over 60 writing exercises designed to elicit the type of writing that has been scientifically proven to help people heal, both emotionally and physically. Then I started leading therapeutic writing programs at Dana Farber, Winchester Hospital, cancer support groups, hospices and my own web site for cancer patients, family/friend caregivers, and professional caregivers. I gained a little fame across the US and was a speaker to professional medical caregivers at the Cleveland Clinic. Jim and I moved to Sarasota, Florida, in 2002, and built a house. In 2005, I was taking Spanish at a local community college, just to keep the brain cells alive. A classmate about my age said she was studying Spanish so she could live in Costa Rica one day because she couldn’t afford health insurance in Florida. I thought, hmm, Costa Rica – where’s that? I knew it was time for Jim and me to become friends instead of husband and wife, and I wanted to start a new, more exciting chapter in my life. After exhaustively researching Costa Rica online for several months, my classmate and I flew to Costa Rica for a reality check. I ended up renting a house with an acre of fruit trees and tropical garden. I returned to Florida, we put the house up for sale, I condensed 55 years of living into three suitcases and I moved to the Central Valley of Costa Rica. That was three years ago. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life – right up there with quitting smoking and getting my MBA. I thought I was coming here to retire, but once a Type A, always a Type A. I teach business English to Spanish-speaking professionals and I still do freelance marketing writing. I have great friends – many expatriates like myself and some Ticos (Costa Ricans). On weekends you’ll find me at a dance club dancing the salsa or meringue, or cheering on the New England Patriots at a friend’s house where a bunch of us root for our home teams. The weather is ideal year-round-no need for heat or air-conditioning, and the dollar goes a lot farther here than in the US. Learning Spanish will be a lifelong pursuit, but I am finally fluent, more or less. I enjoy my single life a lot, although it would be nice to find a special someone for occasional dating. I don’t need to get married again, but I would enjoy male companionship. If anyone in our class comes to Costa Rica for vacation, it would be fun to reconnect.


5840 30th Ave. S, #102

Gulfport, FL 33707

941-447-7811 (c)

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

I retired young. I had an interesting and varied work life in the: hospitality industry; software training; marketing; writing; editing; teaching personal essay writing; leading therapeutic writing programs for cancer patients, caregivers and people in bereavement; teaching English to Latino executives. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

I rode my motorcycle cross country from CA to GA at 29; got my MBA in a grueling one-year program at the only all-women’s business school in the world (Simmons GSM) at 32; published a therapeutic writing book for cancer survivors at 50; moved alone to Costa Rica at 55 not knowing the language or anyone; moved back to the US fluent in Spanish and a damn good Latin dancer at 63; founded the Gulfport Poet Laureate program as a member of the Board of Directors of the Gulfport, FL library. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Having fun! Dancing, listening to music, hanging out with friends, drawing, painting watercolors, traveling, reading, working out, finally learning to cook. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Moving to Swampscott from Beverly in the 10th grade and feeling like an outsider until Sandy Bickford and Roger Bruley befriended me. In 11th grade art class, Mr. Baldacci told me, “Margie you have absolutely no artistic talent.” I sold my first three watercolor paintings this year. Getting stopped by the Swampscott police with booze (and friends—you know who you are!) in my car on the way to a Friday night high school dance. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


 Brian Delaney

(1978) Brian Delaney: Attended Clarkson College. Has done extensive traveling. Spends much time restoring old Porsches and skiing. Occupation: VW specialist.

(1988) Brian Delaney: none found

(2008) Brian Delaney: none received

(2018) BRIAN DELANEY: none received


Charrie Douglas (Quarantello)

(1978) Charrie Douglas (Quarantello): Attended two years at Salem State.  I then worked one year in Boston before working for an automotive dealership in Lynn doing bookkeeping. After being there 4 1/2 years I left for a better job at an automotive dealership in Danvers. I have now been there for three years as office manager and very happy. In the 10 year period, I’ve had a chance to travel to Florida several times and Canada also. I have met many new people and just enjoyed life. Occupation: office manager.

(1988) DOUGLAS, CHARRIE ( QUARANTELLO ) — After attending 2 years at Salem State, 1 entered the automotive accounting field.  I am still in this same field in an office manager’s position. I did not marry until just recently in April of ’88,  I have always lived in the Lynn, Swampscott area.

(2008) Charrie Douglas : none received

(2018) CHARRIE DOUGLAS: none received


Donna Dunn (Carmody)

(1978) Donna Dunn: none found

(1988) DUNN, DONNA (CARMODY) — – Married in ’73 to Richard Carmody – two daughters Sarrah Beth (11) and Kati (9). Teaching at Central St. Children’s School in Saugus since ’81 and attending NSCC part-time. For the past two years, I’ve been convalescing from an auto accident, therefore, unable to work. Richard is a Captain on the Swampscott Fire Dept,, and we’ve lived in Saugus since ’75.

(2008) Donna Dunn: none received

(2018) DONNA DUNN: none received


Leslie Dewing (Burns)

(1978) Leslie Dewing (Burns): Went to nursing school for two years. Married and traveled to Ireland, England, Florida and Bermuda. We have lived in Canton for the past 7 years. I have worked at Cardinal Cushing General Hospital for 6 years. Husband’s name: Thomas; Children: Tommy (5), Jeffrey (2); Occupation: Licensed Practical Nurse.

(1988) Leslie Dewing (Burns); none found

(2008) Leslie Dewing (Burns): none received


Rick Eaton

(1978) Rick Eaton: none received

(1988) EATON, RICHARD — Graduated {one year Post grad) Tilton School and UNH ’73 (BA). I married Rosemary Bettencourt (New Bedford, MA ) in Sept of ’73.  We have two children Jonathan (6) and Nicholas (3).  I am currently employed by Parker Hannifin Corp Metal Bellows Div. as a Buyer.

(2008) Rick Eaton: 41 Garden Avenue, Wilmington, MA 01887

I spent one year as a PG at Tilton School (prep) followed by four years at UNH. Our classmate, Anne Tisdell introduced me to Rosemary on a blind date in 1969. Four years later we married and moved to Manchester, NH where we found jobs. In 1980, we relocated to Wilmington, MA where we raised two sons. Rosemary is a nurse on a Critical Care Nursery unit and I have worked in Purchasing at a few manufacturers for the last 31 years. We have been active in the Episcopal Church since 1987. Our family and our faith together have been and continue to be the center of our lives during the last 26 years. I picked up photography as a serious hobby and continue to bring my “new” (1972) Minolta SRT 101 with me on most of my trips. Perhaps the single most important event that has formed our perspective on life was a serious illness of one of our sons at age 7 yrs. Dealing with AML (Leukemia) gave us a great respect for the gift of life that we had taken for granted before, but never will again. My year and a half of creating and building SHS 68 Project Reconnect has brought me close to many of our classmates whom I barely knew when we were in school together. This has been a very meaningful activity for me. Fondest Memory of SHS: I started running on the cross country and track teams in our junior year. Our very good coach, Charlie Kimball, had the skill to train us to physically and mentally be the best we could be. It was an honor to run 2nd behind Jim Finlay, the best cross country runner in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts two years in a row. Jim has been my best friend for many years.

 (2018) RICK EATON

41 Garden Avenue

Wilmington, MA 01887

508-451-3345 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Rosemary Eaton

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Son Jonathan, 35, married with one child

Son Nicholas, 32, married with one child 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):


Current activities, hobbies and interests:

New to kayaking, photography, fresh water fishing


 Barton Eigner

(1978) Barton Eigner: Graduated from Bryant and Stratton and continued at U of Miami. Worked at John Hancock insurance in Boston before moving on to stop and Shop. Am currently looking for work. Occupation: Accountant.

(1988): Barton Eigner: none found

(2008) Barton Eigner: none received

(2018) BARTON EIGNER: none received


Sandra Engstrom

(1978) Sandra Engstrom: Graduated from Bryant and Stratton in 1970. I’ve been employed by Dr. John J. Crowley for 9 years. tennis and Golf have taken over for my years of basketball playing. I’ve enjoyed the single life–boating, camping, swimming, hiking, clubbing,—and am about to change over to married life. Occupation: Medical Assistant.

(1988) ENGSTROM, SANDY (BUCK) — Got married 10 years ago to Dave Buck.  Lived in Reading, MA and had 2 children. We moved to Arlington, MA 6 years ago. Brian is 6 1/2 and Jonathan is 8 years old.  I am back working as a Nursery School Teacher. We are now enjoying the company of an exchange student, Nicholas from France

(2008) Sandra Engstrom: none received


28 Forest Street

Arlington, MA 02476

781-646-8026 (h)

781-724-4561 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Friend of David Crimmings 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Jonathan, son

Brian, son


Work history and Current situation (retired?):

I work part-time for Dr. Mark Potter as a chiropractic assistant. Best job….3 ½ days taking care of my 22-month granddaughter. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Proud mom of Jonathan, Brian and 2 daughters-in-love, Emily and Simmy . So much in love with my sweet granddaughter. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I walk 2-3 miles three times a week. Enjoy camping, campfires and gardening. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Playing basketball. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Live for today as tomorrow is not promised.


 Andrew Eppler

(1987): Andrew Eppler: Attended Bryant Junior College majoring in Aviation Science. In 1971 was hired by Air New England as a co-pilot. Am currently doing international charters and charters coast to coast. in 1973 i was upgraded to Captain, and am currently flying a F-227 Fairchild. In 1972 Gail and I were married and lived in Burlington, Vermont for 3 years. We are currently living in Ipswich. Wife’s name: Gail; Children: Barbara 3 1/2, and Andy 1 1/2; Occupation: Airline Captain.

(1988) Andrew Eppler: none found

(2008) Andrew Eppler: none received

(2018) ANDREW EPPLER: none received


Bonnie Epstein (Hechtkoff)

(1978) Bonnie Epstein: none found

(1988) EPSTEIN , BONNIE (HECHTKOPF) — Private per request

(2008)  Bonnie Epstein Hechtkopf –  Private per request


400 Beach Dr., NE

Unit 2706

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

727-821-0567 (h)

727-455-3150 (text only) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Widow (Jared S. Hechtkopf)

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Two grown sons who are wonderful and happily married with children.

Four grandchildren under the age of 4.

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

For the most part, I am retired from Kobie Marketing, where I am still the Chair.

My oldest son is currently the CEO and we have been in the Fast 50 for many years. Our business is one of the main players in the loyalty marketing niche. We just celebrated our 28th anniversary which is a huge milestone and source of pride for me. We have created hundreds

of high quality, good paying jobs, which benefit the Kobie family, clients, friends, and our community. I have won various women’s business awards, but giving back to my community has been the cherry on top. In an earlier lifetime, I was a nutritionist, who worked in hospitals and nursing homes. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

I am an adventurous traveler and have been to well over 100 countries. The more remote and least visited places are at the top of my list. Always looking for good, well-traveled travel buddies. Last year, I funded the Jared S. Hechtkopf Community Food Bank, in honor of my late husband. We collected over 5 million pounds of food for distribution last year. We are on track to deliver even more this year to over 50,000 people monthly in our community. Since the Food Bank opened, the quality of food that we can provide has improved considerably to include more perishable items, including meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products. I am very proud to be able to make a difference in my community.  Jared’s Food Bank is operated by the St. Petersburg Free Clinic. If anyone wants to make a donation, please mail checks to 863 3rd Avenue N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, and mention Jared’s Food Bank on the “for” line of the check. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I am and avid reader and I do some collage and acrylic painting, as a hobby. I am also trying to become fluent in Spanish. I like to collect crafts, when I travel and have a very eclectic art collection.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I remember that it was said that our class had no school spirit and would probably never even have a reunion. Ha! I guess we proved them wrong!

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Make sure that you are registered to vote and that you do vote in November. Our Democracy is not for sale and the corruption in the White House is an abomination and threat to the rule of law, decency, and democracy. We are better than this and we need to stand up for what is right. All of the bullying and lying has to stop.


George Ericson

(1978) George Ericson: Went to Wentworth Institute where I eventually received an Associates in Engineering (Architectural). Eventually, because I took a year off to travel around. Next was U. of Mass. Boston, for a Math and physics degree in 1974. For the last 3 1/2 years I’ve been going to B.U. nights working towards a masters in Computer Science. All that’s left is a thesis which is due this fall. For work, after U. of Mass. I started at Raytheon in Waltham as a programmer, then as a Systems Programmer.  I left Raytheon and started at Data general in Jan. “78 as a Sr. Programmer specializing in Performance Evaluation. That is what I am currently doing. Occupation: senior programmer.

(1988) ERICSON, GEORGE — Spent last 4 months of my Senior year at Ipswich High School- Graduated Wentworth Institute of Tech in ’71 with a year off in the middle for traveling around the US and Canada.  Then I traded in Architectural Engineering For a Math/Physics degree from U Mass in ’74.   This translated to a career in Programming at Raytheon, Data General, Prime, and currently Epock Systems.  Along the way, I picked up a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University.  So much for school /work.  Since Swampscott, I’ve lived in Ipswich, Peabody, Marblehead, NY City, Acton, MA, Boxboro, MA and for the last 8 years, Shrewsbury, MA.  I met my wife, Denise, while living in Boxboro.  We got married in ’80. Our first child, Briana was born two years later and our second was born in ’85.  Her name is Jennel.

(2008)  George Ericson : Senior year was interesting. Parents moved to Ipswich, so I transferred there. All of my set patterns were disrupted and I took the opportunity to try some new things. After graduation, flipped a coin, Army lost and I went to Wentworth. Took a year off to work and travel, but finished an Associates in Architectural Engineering. From there went to UMass and earned a Bachelor’s in Math and Physics. My professional career started with a programming job at Raytheon and I continued studies at Boston University where I earned a Master’s in Computer Science. After Raytheon, I spent time at Data General, then Prime, then Epoch, which was bought by EMC, and then back to Data General, which was also bought by EMC. I am currently a Distinguished Engineer, working for EMC’s Storage Division, specializing in the management of storage. In 1980,1 married Denise Doiron from Fitchburg. We have four great girls, Brinna(1982), Jennel(1985), Callie(1989), and Deidre(1990). Since 1980, we have been living in the same house in Shrewsbury, MA. I still love to ski and to sail, both activities I started in Swampscott. Also like to scuba dive when I can (not so much lately.) Basically, I like all water sports. For many years, I used a motorcycle as my principal transportation. Took one across Canada and back across the US in 1970. More recently I’ve spent a number of years coaching soccer, but alas those days have ended. Still, I enjoy watching the game. Fondest Memory of SHS: There are many, fun memories, but the stand-out is on a more serious note. I was doing terrible in Geometry, wasn’t putting any effort into it. Mrs. Rolf took me aside and challenged me to really try to do the homework for a week. She was right, once I started understanding how to do the proofs, I enjoyed doing them and did much better in not just her class, but in my studies overall. — So… Thanks Mrs. Rolf.

(2018) GEORGE ERICSON: none received


Amy Falthzik (Yorra)

(1978) Amy Falthzik: none found

(1988) Amy Falthzik: none found

(2008) Amy (Falthzik) Yorra :

l.)Wow…how to put 40 years into a small space…now, that’s a challenge. Well here goes…I’ve had my dream job, “Teaching” for the last 34 years. In June of 2009, I’ll be retiring from the Maiden Public Schools. Before beginning teaching, I moved from Swampscott in 1970. I’ve lived in Maiden, Melrose, and now in Winthrop-by-the-Sea.

As for family, I have been married to the most wonderful man for almost 24 years. He is my partner in all I do. He has always encouraged me in everything I have tried. Marty is not only my husband, he is my best friend.

I have done a wide range of activities over the last 40 years. I’ve spent many hours tutoring children to help them achieve their goals. I’ve traveled the United States and England. I enjoy reading, movies, and more recently drawing. With my upcoming retirement, I hope to pursue these even further.

2.)The fondest memory I have of SHS is the first period driver’s ed classes with Mr. B. We would spend some extra time driving around. He would always make a stop at Stone’s Bakery in Lynn for a few goodies. Those were the greatest times!

(2018) AMY FALTHZIK YORRA:  none received


Larry Farrer

(1978) Larry Farrer: Six years of school and then to work. Occupation: Electrical Engineer.

(1988) Larry Farrer: Married-family (1 boy and 1 girl) happy and successful. (p.s. I’m not missing)

(2008) Larry Farrer

Life is good, married 28 yrs to Barbara. Two kids, son in MBA program at Duke, daughter in second year of law school. Living in the Back Bay and our house in Gloucester. Loving it


One Charles Street South, #11D

Boston, MA 02116

617-838-9353 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Son Ben, 35

Daughter Rachel, 34 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Owner—Engineering Advantage, Inc. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Beach, golf, travel


Betsy Farwell

(1978) Betsy Farwell (Jacobs): Graduated from Centenary College in new Jersey in 1972 with B.S. in Medical Technology. I worked at the Union Hospital in the Blood Bank for two years before having children. I am now a full time mother but hope to return to work when kids are in school. Husbands name: Richard; Children: Rebecca (4) and Brian 22 months; Occupation: Home

(1988) Betsy Farwell; none found

(2008) Betsy Farwell Connolly

What have you done since graduating? I graduated from Centenary College in 1972 with a BS in Medical Technology and worked in Blood Bank as a medical technologist at Union Hospital, American Red Cross (Portland ME), NE Deaconess Hospital and Maine Medical Center (Portland ME) up until 1996.1 left the field when the beaurocrats expected more precision with fewer qualified people to do the job-I preferred not to kill my patients! Did a stint at LL Bean and a small biotech company manufacturing soil test kits before I ended up at a small catalog company in Wells doing customer service. I’ve been known to pick, pack and ship merchandise as well as working in the retail store that also offers our product-truly a small company that’s turned me into a jack of all trades but where people don’t get hurt by others mistakes! I married in 1972 to Rick Jacobs (Class of 66) and we had 2 children, Rebecca (1974) and Brian (1976). We moved to Yarmouth Maine in 1978 for Rick’s career and divorced in 1982.1 met my present husband, John Connolly, in 1986 and we married in 1997 (I needed health insurance-COBRA was running out!) We moved to Wells and will remain here until we retire-to somewhere warmer that has shorter, milder winters. I enjoy the outdoors a lot-my skiing days are over due to bad knees and ankles-I still have all my original joints however. I love to read and we have a black lab named Maggie who we rescued and she has become my 3rd child. We take walks together no matter what the weather and she keeps me going. My son and his wife are expecting their first child in November and can’t wait to be a grandmother! I would really love to be a foster mom to dogs once I stop working & hope to convince John what fun it will be! Fondest Memory of SHS For me it was the Halloween dance we put on senior year-had a blast! Also the football games and hockey games Senior year was my favorite with all the activities and fund raisers we did for graduation. Another fond memory is homeroom with Larry Farrer helping me do math homework-he did that all thru Jr and Sr High-THANKS, Larry!!! J


1475 Goodwins Mills Road

Waterboro, ME 04087

207-591-4437 (h)

207-251-8541 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

John Connolly

Married to Rick Jacobs (Class of ’66) for 10 years.

Married John in 1997. 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Rebecca Jacobs, 44, married, “DINK” (double income, no kids). Product developer for Aetna Insurance.

Brian, 42, married with 3 children, 9, 6 and 4. Project manager for construction company.

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired. Worked as a medical technologist in blood bank for 25 years and 13 years as a customer service rep for a catalog company in Wells that went out of business. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Moving to Maine in 1978 with Rick Jacobs was the most significant move I did. Love living in Maine and working here. I will always be “from away” but have been here longer than Massachusetts.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Love to read and enjoy the outdoors especially “summah in Maine”. Grandkids are awesome! Love ‘em and leave ‘emJ. Love to travel the world—so much to see and learn! 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Field hockey, riding in Gail Boland’s FIAT bus, Rockport—Madras Shop, football games, Larry Farrer helping me with math homework, dances at school and the Ionic Club.

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

“Life is like an ice cream cone, you have to LICK IT!”


Jim Finlay

(1978) Jim Finlay: none found

(1988) Jim Finlay: none found

(2008) Jim Finlay: I was pretty much done with running after SHS. Now I’ve got too many miles on my various parts to run without pain. Kathy and I got married in ’74 and had two wonderful intelligent daughters added to her daughter that was our family, lasted almost 20 years. I started working for the telephone company in ’71. I held several jobs during my 35 years there finishing with 20 years in technical support. I got real good at figuring out tough problems. I spent many year going to Northeastern University at night but graduated. I moved back to Swampscott after the divorce and since my siblings were all far away it became clear, after awhile, that I was going to be with my parents till the end and you know it all worked out OK. I’m still here settling up the estate. I’ve discovered sailing and the best part of that is having a friend who has a big boat.

(2018) JIM FINLAY     

33 Plymouth Avenue

Swampscott, MA 01907-1159

781-593-5170 (h)

781-385-9584 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Patty Lovette. I met Patty 18 months ago at a swing dance in Leominster and we really connected. 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired after 37 years with the ‘telephone company’: New England Telephone, NYNEX, Bell Atlantic and Verizon. I was doing technical support for the last 25 years. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

The telephone company was all analog when I started and all digital when I retired.

I saw a lot of changes take place.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I got a little sail boat in 2001, and I enjoy sailing it on Lake Quannapowitt in the summer.


 Jim Fishman

(1978) Jim Fishman: Studied Psychology at U. of Rochester from ’68 to ’70. Transferred to U. of cal. at Berkeley and graduated in ’72. I’ve been working in a variety of mental health settings, and recently went back to get my masters in Social Work. Presently in-between jobs. Occupation: Social Work

(1988) FISHMAN, JIM — In the late 70’s and early 80’s I established my psychotherapy practice in Boston, and helped found the AIDS Action Committee in Boston while working as a social worker with some of the first AIDS case.  In ’85 I moved to San Francisco, where I now run a mental health program for gay men,  I live in Oakland and try to unwind, relax, etc. through meditation, swimming, and having fun.  These arc very intense times, but I am blessed with good health and meaningful work.  Love, Jim.

 (2008) JIM FISHMAN :  After attending U. of Rochester for 2 years, in 1970 I transferred to Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley.  This was a huge step for me, leaving the Northeast, becoming acquainted with the natural beauty of California, and — finally– coming out as a gay man.  Having struggled for many years of being in the closet, suddenly many sides of my self came together– and to this day, much of my commitment is to work within the gay community. Currently I live in the heart of San Francisco;  I’m a psychotherapist in private practice, where I see individuals, couples and groups;  I love my work, and I train/teach others about groups (a specialty of mine) and have published several articles on gay men’s issues.

In the meantime, I moved back to Boston from 1972 – 1985.  Graduated from BU School of Social Work in ’78; and found myself working at the epicenter of the early AIDS epidemic in l981 – 85 in my capacity as clinical social worker at the Fenway Community Health Center.  It was actually an amazing (and scary and exhausting) period of time, full of media exposure, speaking engagements at local hospitals, calming the hysteria and alerting the gay community about the risks of the epidemic.  I remember getting angry with a local news reporter when he said, “Can you get me an AIDS victim for the 5 o’clock news?”  Remember, there was no HIV test available, and I was no saint. After several years of worrying,  I finally — luckily,– tested HIV-negative.  I lost many clients to AIDS, and several of my inner circle died as well. Perhaps as a result, I felt a need to leave Boston.

My life took another turn in ’85 moving back to San Francisco.  In ’86 I was invited to attend a meditation program in Oakland from an Eastern approach;  you may have read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert– this bestseller describes (in the middle section on India) a lot of my own experiences.  For me, it remains a way to open the heart, calming the mind, and being in the world.  In 1996, I moved to India to live at the meditation Ashram of Siddha Yoga, near Bombay.  I lived there for over 2 years, and returned to SF at the end of ’99 to resume my life here in San Francisco and re-start my private practice.

I bought the lower half of Victorian (pre-l908 earthquake) house and at age 50 finally became a home-owner.  I’ve become rather domestic.  By the way, although I’ve been in several long-term relationships, I’m currently single.  My passions these days are: watercolors, Pilates, swimming, and my large circle of friends.

Swampscott and SHS were a mixed bag for me– excellent education, loved the beaches; but ultimately felt confining and not conducive to self-expression.  I now visit my Mom, sister and her family several times a year, so I’ve forgiven Swampscott and enjoy it for what it is.”


1454 Hayes Street

San Francisco, CA 94117

415-218-2845 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


Work history and Current situation (retired?):

I am primarily a psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals, couples and groups. I teach, train and consult to younger therapists. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

I am a daily meditator, artist, very into “personal growth” and self-awareness and still have a very playful, irreverent side. I have published many articles—for example “Navigating the Co-Leader Relationship through Dreams” (The Group Circle) – a kind of Jungian perspective on running groups with a wonderful co-leader, but having to face issues of sharing power, feeling seen as the “real me”, etc. My having taken a 2-year sabbatical and having lived at the ashram in rural India from ’97-’99 was a major turning point in my life, learning to live in the present tense, to meet each day as it comes. If you have read “Eat, Pray, Love,” the author and I went through some very parallel experiences living in an ashram. I learned so much about letting go of fear and holding on to courage. I’m very drawn to the concept of the Wounded Healer, that within each of us are archetypes of the Inner Healer and the continued need to examine, move through and transcend old wounds.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I love to eat! I enjoy international cooking, and I love Mexico—my partner and I travel there a lot. I do watercolors almost every week. Each morning I wake up to my individualized at-home 20-minute yoga and pilates routine. I feel very blessed also to be “out” as an openly gay man, and while my clients are men and women of any sexual orientation, I pride myself that I was on the front lines, pushing to be myself, and also helped start the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Swampscott High—like the rest of the world—in the 1960’s was not an easy place to be coming into awareness of being gay. However, those challenges have, I feel, helped me gain empathy for anyone who must face shedding the “false self” and integrating the authentic self. Who doesn’t have to face the process? It’s about being human. Having transferred to UC Berkeley as a junior in college (1970) was a turning point because I went from self-hate and secrecy as a gay person (no role models, didn’t want the life of a stereotype) to finding my voice, finding a group of men who were standing up as non-apologetic, non-stereotypical, but rather 3-dimensional people. My family has been warm and accepting. I am a relatively very happy person and feel no regrets in the paths and choices I have made. And I feel very accepting that we all have choices to make, the choices keep coming and that’s sometimes scary but mostly exciting.

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

See above.


 Brad French

(1978) Brad French: none found

(1988) FRENCH, BRAD — After SHS I traveled around the country as a Musician and then settled down and started my own business; (owner of “Musical Instrument Workshop” located in Burlington, VT. )  My business was originally repairing guitars and has now grown to repairing other string instruments as well.  Have been married to Joanne for the last 12 years.

(2008) Brad French: none received

(2018) BRAD FRENCH: none received



12305 Silvergate Way, Apt. B

Germantown, MD 20874

443-604-3112 (c) 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Son Rob, 47, lives with his wife in Orlando, FL 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Office Management, Accounting, HR, Programming, Software Support.

Now mostly retired.


Debbie Frye

(1978) Debbie Frye: none found

(1988) FRYE, DEBBIE (ABBRUZZESE) — Stopped teaching to care for my 5 children:  Tony (10),
Paul (9), Melanie (7 1/2), Julie (5), and Adriana (3). Became a real estate broker 8
years ago.  Last year I became the owner of the Maine Pallet Co., Inc. in Lewiston, ME.  Have become an active participant in a tennis league. .       –

(2008) Debbie Frye: none received

(2018) DEBBIE FRYE: none received


Carol Gambale (Curley)

(1978) carol Gambale: Attended Salem state. Worked for Gov. Sargent for 4 years. From ’75 to ’77 worked for the Chairman of the Fidiciary Committee of the Mass House of representatives. Since then have been in the House Counsel’s office of the House of rep. responsible for legislation being in proper form and maintaining and recording changes in the General Laws. Occupation: Legislative Technician

(1988) GAMBALE, CAROLE (CURLEY) — From ’70 – ’85 I worked in the State House beginning with working on Governor Sargent’s staff and ending as a legislative technician for the
House Counsel of the Mass. House of Rep. I worked on numerous policial campaigns and fundraisers and National conventions,  included were Governor Sargent, Mayor Kevin White, Treasurer Robert Crane and President Jimmy Carter.  I married in ’84 to John Curley, a Boston police officer.  I am now a full-time wife and mother.  My sons are Michael (2 1/2) and Anthony (17 months).  We live in Plymouth, MA.

(2008) Carol Gambale Curley

I am married to John Curley (retired Boston Police Officer) and have two sons Michael (23 years old) and Anthony (21 years old). We live in Plymouth, MA (for 23 years) and I work as a paraprofessional -fancy word for teacher’s aide at my local elementary school – summers off, lots of vacations, and SNOW DAYS. After high school, I attended Salem State College and got a summer job working for the Governor Sargent re-election committee and never returned to Salem State. I was on the Governor’s staff, worked for the Speaker of the House, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and the House Counsel’s office. I have worked on several political campaigns – local, statewide and national. After 18 years in the State House I left and began the toughest most demanding and rewarding job in the world, becoming a mother to two great kids.


76 Huntington Road

Plymouth, MA

508-746-7120 (h)

508-954-5839 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Two sons:

Michael, 32                                                          

Anthony, 30

Granddaughter – Ruby Claire Curley, born Jul 1, 2018 – best birthday gift EVAH for me! 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):


Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Working in politics and the life lessons I learned from my experiences. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Waiting for my first grandchild to be born this summer! 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Saturdays during football season – each one was magic!

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

It’s nice to be nice!


 Bill George

(1978) Bill (Willie) George: Went to Museum School for 3 years. Lived in Florida for 2 years and had a sculpture studio while there. Presently working at Rosalie’s in Marblehead and painting and selling art. Occupation: waiter and painter.

(1988): Bill George: none found

(2008) Bill George: none received

(2018) BILL GEORGE: none received


Betsey Gerber (Hartford) DECEASED

(1978) Liz Gerber: Graduated from Simmons in ’72. Worked 3 1/2 years as a journalist. Masters in creative writing from B.U. Presently, working on Doctorate at B.U. in English Literature. Occupation: Teaching Fellowship- Boston University

(1988) GERBER, BETSEY — Ten years ago, I was a doctorial candidate and teaching fellow in the English Department at BU, where I remained until “81, when I left the program to start a monthly newspaper with a friend from graduate school.  The CAMPUS CALENDAR is now in its seventh year of publication, and reaches 60 colleges and universities in the Boston area. My partner Leo Hatfield and I also have a typsetting and graphic design firm in Brookline, where we produce brochures, magazines and other publications.  I live in Jamaica Plain with Owen Hartford, a curriculum specialist at Roxbury Comm. College.  We would have liked to came to the reunion, but have a slight conflict of interest — it’s the same night as our wedding reception!

(2008) Betsy Gerber Hartford

I received a BA in history from Simmons College and an MA in creative writing from Boston University. I worked for a chain of weekly newspapers in Boston, then started a newspaper with a partner that went out to colleges. We expanded our services to include direct marketing and graphic design, and eventually sold the paper in 1990. Today my company, Signature Communications, provides marketing and creative services, mainly to nonprofits. I also played guitar and tin whistle in a British Isles folk band, the Gloucester Hornpipe and Clog Society (which is still going strong 30 years later, though I retired decades ago!). I married the lead fiddler, Owen Hartford — who is a composer and photographer — and we live in Milton with our 15 year- old, Alec.

2) Fondest memory of SHS…

Walking to school every day with Sue Burstein Garber, Joie Schwartz Schoen, and Sue Goodman – even though it meant climbing Greenwood Ave. every morning with armloads of books ~ hadn’t backpacks been invented yet?!


Enid Gillman 

(1978) Enid Gillman: Graduated from Children’s Hostpital Medical Center. Has worked at Children’s since graduation. Head nurse and initiated I.V. department at Children’s. Likes to travel. Occupation: R.N.

(1988) Enid Gillman: none found

(2008) Enid Gillman: none received

(2018) ENID GILLMAN:  none received


Larry Gold (Goldyn)

(1978) Larry Gold (Goldyn): Graduated Reed College. Dance, Calligraphy, Politics. Spent a year in Denmark. Graduate School at Stanford. Presently, waiter, bartender, and doctoral dissertation in the works. Occupation: Graduate student, waiter.

(1988) GOLD, LARRY (GOLDYN) — I finished graduate school in ’79, taught in Los Angelos until ’84. Unemployment brought me via clerical work to medical school at “Tufts” from which I just graduated in May.  I have finally returned to San Francisco where I am, so far, surviving an internship in internal medicine at Children’s Hospital.

(2008) Larry Gold (Goldyn): none received.


 Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Ronald Campbell (42 years together) 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Former college professor, HIV/AIDS doctor, now physician at a rural health clinic in Northern California. Still working four days/ week. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

My influence on the young Barack Obama regarding gay rights.

Teachers, take heart. You never know whom you are going to influence. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I read, I have written a mystery novel—looking for a literary agent—anybody know one? I garden. Classical music, Metropolitan Opera streamed to a local rural theater. Avid swimmer; I try to get to warm ocean water as often as possible, mostly Hawaii. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Dottie Winer: I miss you more than I can express in words. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

I have lived a great life. I am very thankful.


 Ina Goldberg (Hoffman)

(1978) Ina Goldberg (Hoffman): Graduated Bryant College in 1979 with an Associates degree and worked for two years in Boston. Went back to B.U. and graduated in ’74 with a B.S. in Education. Taught junior high for 2 years in Rockland, MA. During that time, married and moved back to the North Shore. I now have a part-time job in Marblehead along with my full-time job as wife and mother. Husband’s name: Alan; Children: Neal 14 months; Occuaption: Wife and mother.

(1988) GOLDBERG, INA (HOFFMAN) — It seems hard to believe it’s been ten years since our last reunion.  My husband, Alan, and I have settled in Marblebead with our three boys, ages  11, 8 1/2 and 7.  For three years I was the Leisure Editor for Lynn Magazine, but this past year I assumed an administrative position for the Swampscott Marblehead Chapter of hadassah. Everything combined makes for a very busy schedule.

(2008) Ina Hoffman

Upon graduation from SHS, I attended Bryant College and received an Associates Degree in 1970. I worked for 2 years and decided to pursue a teaching degree, hi 1974,1 graduated from Boston University with B.S. in Education and began teaching middle school in Rockland, MA. In 1975,1 married, and soon after we moved back to the North Shore. After a few years of being home with my three sons, I began a professional career in the not-for-profit sector which I have done for over 20 years. I am currently the Director of Community Development for the Jewish Rehabilitation Centers for Living in Swampscott (we know it as the JRC). I just completed my term as President of the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor and serve on ADL’s North Shore Advisory Committee. My most important accomplishment—raising my three sons and now enjoying my grandson. My husband Alan and I have been married for 33 years and have lived in Marblehead for 30. I still love the North Shore. Fondest Memory of SHS: My fondest memory-­attending the football games and the camaraderie among my SHS peers.


23 Valiant Way

Salem, MA 01970

978-594-5221 (h)

781-710-3570 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Neal, 41 (Erin), lives in Cincinnati; Creator of Mensch on a Bench; two sons, 10 and 6

Gary, 38 (Jin), lives in NYC; works on creative side for Google

Steve, 37 (Danielle), lives in Chicago; works for U.S. Soccer Federation; one daughter, 2 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

I have worked professionally in the not-for-profit field for over 30 years that includes event planning and management, PR, development, and the past 15 in the healthcare field. I am currently working part-time for the Leonard Florence Center for Living in Chelsea, MA. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

For 8 ½ years I worked as the Admissions Director at the Leonard Florence Center (since it opened). It is known as a Greenhouse Model (philosophy) which is divided into 10 individual residences within the building. Three of those homes are for those living with MS and ALS. I currently am involved with all the inquiries and admissions for the MS and ALS homes. I am a member of Rotary for over 18 years, and served as club president.  

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Having my children out of town, my husband and I travel frequently to visit.

I love to travel to different countries. My interests include dance, walking, reading and knitting. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Saturday afternoon football games and Saturday night dances; hockey and basketball games; the amazing ocean view from the 3rd floor study hall. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Enjoy each day and be grateful for it!


Susan Goodman

(1978) Susan Goodman: Graduated Barnard College. Worked for several years in public relations before returning to medical school. Presently in 2nd year at Cornell. Has been married for 5 years. Husband’s name. Milt Recht; Occupation: medical Student.

(1988): Susan Goodman: none found

(2008) Susan Goodman

Came back to New York for college and have been here ever since. I currently live in Chappaqua, Westchester County, an hour north of midtown Manhattan. I’m a psychiatrist in solo private practice in Mt. Kisco, a couple of miles from my house. I enjoy walking/hiking in nearby parks and preserves and frequently go to the city for theater, music, and museums. My extended family all live in Las Vegas and I’m there frequently for visits, but my favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod! After many years of marriage, I am now happily divorced. I have two kids who are currently in Massachusetts: my 24 year old son in at grad school at Harvard and my daughter, 20, is a junior at Smith. Fondest memory of SHS: How I was made to feel welcome by a great group of new friends. Thank you all.

(2018) SUSAN GOODMAN: none received


Noreen Goralnick (Shub)

(1978) Noreen Goralnick (Shub): none found

(1988) GORALNICK, NOREEN (SHUBB) — Mitchell and I have been married for 16 years.  Two great sons J.P. 10 and Alex 6.  Mitchell is a doctor here at Phoenix children’s Hospital.  I am co-owner of a successful advertising agency.  We love Phoenix and get to indulge in our passion for golf & tennis all year round.  It feels like we’re on a permanent vacation!

(2008) Noreen Shub, Phoenix, Arizona

Fellow Big Blue alum, I write to ask your forgiveness, for on one fateful day in June 1972,1 threw caution to the wind and married an irresistibly cute boy from *sigh* Marblehead. But fear not, dear friends, for Mitchell was able to overcome his geographically unfortunate beginnings and has treated me to a most wonderful life. Spending our first years immersed in educational pursuits(a Masters for me and an MD for him) at the University of Vermont, Duke, Mass General, and the University of North Carolina left me dreaming of a life filled with sun and fun. Phoenix fit the bill – hey^you can’t get much sunnier than the desert – so in 1985 we slathered on the sunscreen, donned our shades, and headed west. Since someone had to pay for all of this, multitasking Mitchell became Director of Pediatric GI at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Medical Director of Research, and Associate Chairman of Pediatrics for the University of Arizona Medical School. MeanwhileJL continued in my role as CEO of our home, helming the care and feeding – fast food counts! – of two very accomplished (and tall!) sons, and went on a personal quest to perfect my golf and tennis skills. I am happy to report great success on all fronts. JP is 30 and, after rising through the ranks at E! Entertainment, is the supervising producer for XPlay – a hugely popular daily show for computer geeks… I mean gamers – on the cable’s G4 network. Alex is a 26 year old, spikey-haired attorney at MGM Studios. They live in LA and continue with their sports and music, but happily without us footing the bill this time! Very cool. They regale us with tales as they cut a wide swath through Hollywood’s female population, hobnob with names we all recognize, and send us online links to gigs played with their band, Thunderdikk – we are told that even heavily scheduled semi-adults must make the time to rock out – guaranteeing that talking with them is always highly entertaining. So, amazingly, everyone survived and thrived under my rule… except for the house plants. They’re all dead. But the hubby and kids have flourished and I’ve had the best time ever. Looking forward to the next 40!


Phoenix, AZ 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Mitchell, married 46 years 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Mitchell practices Pediatric GI at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and chairs the Department of Child Health at the University of Arizona Medical School.

J.P., son, (Audrey) lives in Santa Monica, CA

Alex (Dorit) lives in Beverly Hills, CA

Executives in the eSports and music industries

Grandchildren – beyond adorable! 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

“Honeymoon golf”, first ones out, hit the ball straight down the middle and finish in 2 hours.  

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I am so grateful that Lesley Myers, Barbara Bock and Yudi Bennett remain my most beloved friends. We talk all the time and get together when we can. Every year Yudi and her son make the pilgrimage from LA to Phoenix for a rollicking Thanksgiving with our family. So much fun!


Alan Gottfried (David)

(1978) Alan Gottfried: none found

(1988) Alan Gottfried: none found

(2008) Alan David (Gottfried)

Personal Manager and Television Producer,living and working in Beverly Hills, California.

A member of:  The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Hollywood Radio and Television Society, and Conference of Personal Managers


Los Angeles, CA

310-203-8000 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Personal Manager/Producer for the past 40 years in Los Angeles; credits upon request. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Developing new ideas, or old ideas—repackaged.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Charlie Kimball screaming at me—move Gottfried’s lard ass as his 442 creeped up behind me going up Pleasant Street. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Don’t forget to DUCK!!!


Derek Gregory

(1978) Derek Gregory: Went to school in Florida at FIT in Aeronautical Engineering; ran out of money just short of BS degree—moved to Atlanta, GA and went back into the moving business. Bought a tractor trailer and leased to NorthAmerican Van Lines, Inc. and ran through 47 states of the country (missed South Dakota). Moved back to Marblehead and got tired of seeing the country (white line fever). Settled down and went into to business with Tom Andresen Jr when his father retired. Hooked up with a major van line and started building a company.–been there since. Children: Sean Derek, 6; Occupation: Partner—Andresen Moving & Storage inc—Salem, MA.

(1988) GREGORY, DEREK — In the last ten years I did a few things better than I did in the 10 prior years.  I remarried the right person, Betty, had another child, Jonathan Bryant, now 2 1/2, (my older son, Sean is now 16 and asking For the car keys) put a second floor on our house when we looked at the unbelievable cost to move to a bigger house to fit us all. Professionally, I am still a partner with Tom Andresen in the moving business- we bought Lipsky Moving & Storage in Lynn, I bought  Barnes Moving & Storage in Pompano Beach, Fla and tried to run it from a distance – added relentless aggravation “that is not worth it” – maybe the next ten years will find me moving the family to New Hampshire or Naples, FL and taking life slower and easier.

(2008) Derek Gregory

Its been 40 years since graduating from Swampscott High and my life has been like climbing a step ladder. At one time you are on your way up only to go down the other side but it has been a fun ride, nevertheless. Currently I am happily married to my second wife Betty and have recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. I have defected to Marblehead where we have lived for the past 25 years. At Thanksgiving football games I tend to go from side to side (depending on which team is winning!)

We have two boys, Sean who lives in Phoenix and is a captain for Express Jet (we are expecting our first grand child in January 09) and Jonathan, who recently graduated from the University of Colorado and is teaching English to elementary school kids in Madrid, Spain. I am very proud that they both do what they love for a living. We live with our two labs, Colby (9) and Daisy Mae (9 months).

Since leaving high school I graduated with a degree in Aviation from Florida Institute of Technology. As the space program was at is high when I went to school and low when I got out I changed careers and spent 35 years as a partner in a moving company. Four years ago I decided to change careers and do what I enjoyed most which was flying airplanes. Currently I work as a captain flying a Citation jet air ambulance for Boston Medflight. It is the perfect retirement job, however, flying to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard 50 times a month and Bermuda weekly make me enjoy trips to places like Pittsburgh, PA or Baton Rouge, LA.

I recently met a person who celebrated their 50th reunion and out of a class the same size as ours only 1/4 the class showed up and 1/4 the class had passed away. Our goals change with time and as time passes, health and staying active replace goals we may have  earlier thought were important. Its been great getting to know many of the classmates again and playing around with the web site for the class of 68. I am sure the next ten years will bring new challenges and joys.


15 Blueberry Road                                                    7680 SE Shenandoah Drive

Marblehead, MA 01945 (June-Oct)                          Hobe Sound, FL 33455 (Oct-June)

617-645-6635 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Elizabeth Dole Gregory 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Sean Derek Gregory, pilot for Jet Blue

Jonathan Bryant Gregory, District Sales Rep for Sentiana 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Contract pilot for Premier Private Jets and several private owners of jets 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

At 68, the fact that I still have relatively good health, a great family and the ability to still work in what I love to do is enough. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Hiking with my 3 labs, flying, scuba diving, skiing (not so much anymore), golf.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Being the only male to stand up at some award ceremony to receive something for achievement in the typing and secretarial pool program.


 Pam Griest

(1978) Pam Griest: none found

(1988) GRIEST, PAM (DUBE) — Married in May, 1972 – have two boys, Michael & Paul • was divorced April 1982 and now a single parent.  I am currently working as a clerk in the Assessor’s office at the Town Hall in Swampscott & have been there for almost 2 years.  Before that., I worked as a Nurses Aide for 6 years at the Jewish Rehabilitation Center in Swampscott. I live in Swampscott at 12 Eureka Ave. and I have been since 1972.  After SHS I graduated from Andover Institute of Business School in Lynn in 1970. Majored in Computer Programming .

(2008) Pam Griest: none received

(2018) PAM GREIST: none received


Richard Halperin

(1978) Richard Halperin: none found

(1988) HALPERIN, RICHARD — Having survived (and enjoyed) seven years living and working in the Bronx, my family and I moved to Connecticut last year.  I am currently practicing pediatrics in New Haven, and we are living in Guilford, a small, quiet (boring) town on the sound.  We have four children – Ben (6), Elizabeth (4), and Anna and James (1 year twins) and spend most of our time chasing them, still, and always a Sox fan.

(2008) Richard Halperin: none received

(2108) RICHARD HALPERIN: none received


Cindy Hatch-Belhumeur

(1978) Cindy Hatch: Attended Northeastern. Worked for Hogan regional Center in Danvers. Currently working for the North Shore Special Ed. Consortium. Occupation: Special Education Specialist.

(1988) HATCH, CINDY (BELHUMEUR) — Twenty years later I’m married and have three children, Chris 8 years, Thomas 3 years and Gate 3 months.  My husband Tom owns and operates an athletic footwear and apparel store in Swampscott. After high school I graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Education and worked for 12 years developing educational programs  ~ for retarded individuals.  Currently I am working with my husband.

(2008) Cindy Hatch Belhumeur: none received


100 Galloupes Point Road

Swampscott, MA 01907

781-592-3480 (h) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Tom Belhemeur

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Christopher, 38

Thomas, 32

Cate, 29

Granddaughter, 20 months 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Salem State University, Adjunct Professor, Health 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Grandmother of Evelyn (20 months) 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Great Times, Great Teachers, Great Spirit, Great Friends and Life-long memories!


Steven Herman

(1978) Steven Herman: none found

(1988) Steven Herman: none found

(2008) Steven Herman

By far my greatest success in life has been my family. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have four terrific kids ages 25-32, 2 boys and 2 girls. All are happy, embarked on successful careers, out of the house and financially independent. We have 1 teacher, 1 accountant, and 2 business people well on the way to establishing their business careers. So far no grandchildren. My professional career began while still in college. I started a record company in my dorm room by recording some local bands. Over the next 9 years some of the groups broke through nationally and we released about 150 singles and 60 albums. I eventually sold the company to Clive Davis, then president of Arista Records, a division of RCA. I then moved into children’s entertainment working for Hanna Barbera Animation Studios (Flintstones, Jetsons, Yogi Bear, etc.), Marvel Comics where I was VP Worldwide Consumer Products, Archie Comics with the same title, Hearst Entertainment (Popeye, Betty Boop, Flash Gordon, etc.) where I was Sr. VP Consumer Products, and finally back to Archie Comics Entertainment where I have been the President for the last 5 years. I retire at the end of 2008. Most of my spare time is spent fishing although my wife and I also enjoy cruising and overnighting on the boat. We also enjoy traveling and intend to do a lot more once I retire and we have more time. In the last year we have visited India, Malaysia, and just returned from Egypt. We are also very fortunate that all of the kids live nearby so we get to spend a lot of time with them. I also enjoy chess and poker and continue to train in karate. Fondest Memory of SHS: LEAVING

(2018) STEVE HERMAN:  none received


Sherry Himmelstein

(1978) Sherry Himmelstein: After college in Boston, went on to become a veterinarian at the U. of Penn School of veterinary medicine. Following graduation, joined husband (also a vet) in his clinic in W. Philadelphia for two years. Presently have a practice in Springfield, MA and live in Hampden, renting a house on 25 acres of land. Husband’s name: Ken Bernstein; Occupation: Veterinarian.

(1988) HIMMELSTEIN, SHERRY — I received my veterinary training in Philadelphia, where I met and married my husband Calso (also a veterinarian).  Ten years ago, we moved to western Mass and opened a small animal hospital in Springfield. Our practice has grown, and now employs 3 veterinarians and 9 staff members.  We live on a small farm in a very rural town with our 2 daughters (ages 3 1/2 and 1 year) and many animals (dogs, cats, goats, ducks and chickens), we enjoy living in the country – we have 15 acres on a mountain, with a stream, hayfield and woods,  (ps:  I did not change my name when I married — I still go by “Himmelstein”.)

(2008) Sherry Himmelstein: none received

(2018) SHERRY HIMMELSTEIN:  none received



42 West Point Road                                                              4026-1A Calle Sonora Este

Webster, MA 01570                                                              Laguna Woods, CA 92637

508-943-1116 (h)

781-929-3037 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Susan, married 45 years 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Four children—2 sets of twins, identical girls; Fraternal, boy and girl 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Corporate real estate for 7-Eleven, Lechmere, Papa Gino’s, Stop and Shop, Staples. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Scout master – 16 years—Silver Beaver Award 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Travel, real estate management and construction

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Getting expelled for one month for not pulling chair out from under shop teacher.

Muzi class…she was seriously funny. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Some pursue happiness…others create it.


Janet Hoffman (Golden)

(1978) Janet Hoffman: none found

(1988) Janet Hoffman: none found

(2008) Janet Hoffman Golden

When I left Swampscott High, I spent two years at the Univ. of Penn. School of Dental Hygiene. Then I returned to Boston University for one year. Then I went to Columbia University to get a BS in Dental Public Health. (2 more Years.) Then I lived in Boston for maybe 5 years where I got a Master of Science Degree in Dental Public Health at Boston University School of Dental Medicine and I taught at Tufts Dental School. I also got a Nursing Home License and worked as an Administrator in the family nursing home in Marblehead, Devereux Nursing Home. I came to Miami, Florida (Paradise) in 1979. I met and married my husband Randy, an attorney, in 1981. And we had our daughter, Jenifer in 1984. Presently Jenifer,24, is living in Los Angeles trying to become an actress. She is now taking an acting class that Saturday Night Live people have taken….Randy. Jenifer and I were actively involved in community theater as performers which probably was the springboard for Jenifer’s career path. I am working in the Home Health Care field marketing to physicians to increase the patient census of ….Goldencare Home Health, (not my company but I act like it is!) We leave our home in Miami on the bay every weekend to drive three hours north to go to our home on the beach in Melbourne Beach (one hour south of Orlando).


4000 Towerside Terrace, #503

Miami, FL 33138

786-302-3300 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Mike (Mickey) Karpel 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Jennifer Golden, 33, radio host in LA. Show “It’s Complicated”, a podcast with 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

I am a health care marketer in Home Care. I send nurses, physical therapists, nurses’ aides and more to client’s homes that are Medicare age. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:


Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

I am a very spiritual person and my goal in life is to help anyone I can.


Kathie Homan (Gaunt)

(1978) Kathie Homan (Gaunt): Worked at Suffolk Franklin Savings Bank in Boston before switching to the Andover savings Bank for 1  1/2 years. Left to have a daughter, Jill. Home for a few years until girls are back in school, and then plan to return to school. Husband’s name: John; Children: Jill 4, and lisa 2; Occupation: Home.

(1988) Kathie Homan (Gaunt): none found

(2008) Kathie (Homan) Gaunt

How can you put 40 years into a couple of paragraphs. I am still friends with most of the kids I hung around with in school, and still see them or stay in contact with them. That is what I call real friendship. I have been married over 37 yrs. Live in Andover Ma. We have 3 wonderful grown children, 2 daughters and a son. All are married to great people who we love. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren. We are lucky that they live close and we get to see them often, they love having sleepovers. I met my husband John at my first job in Boston. He stayed at the bank for 20 years, then started his own company. He does contracting work. I was lucky enough to stay home when my children were young. I did a lot of volunteering with the schools, was on boosters for football for 3 yrs. Did a lot of fundraising for different projects. I now work for Keurig Premium coffee systems. We manufacture elite coffee brewers. I am at Corporate Headquarters in Reading Ma. I love to swim, hike and walk, play racquet ball. I have done the Susan G Komen 3 day 60 mile cancer walk 3 times. It is an experience I love and will be doing it again. I am presently involved in a Foundation for Equine Encephilitis. also known as Triple E. We also have a house on Lake Ossippee in NH. We have been there for 28 yrs and love it. Fondest Memories: The dances, football and hockey games, and just being with friends.


84 Summer Street

Andover, MA 01810

978-580-9203 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

John, married 47 ½ years 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Jill, married, lives in MA, has 3 children

Lisa, married, lives in VT, has 2 children

Jeff, married, lives in MA, has 2 children 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired from Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee 3 years ago, loving being retired. Husband owns his own business and is still working. He loves to work. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

I have 7 wonderful grandchildren, ages 19 to 7 months. They are my joy in life. I am blessed they all live close to me. My family has a house on beautiful Lake Ossipee in Freedom, NH. I spend as much time as possible there now that I am retired.

We have come through many scary medical events, thankful every day for life. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests

I love to swim and hike. I volunteer at the lake in the summer. I am looking forward to start traveling. Ireland is first on my list. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Best part of SHS was the friends I had there and still have to this day. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

My advice to anyone is to know who you can count on in life and hold them close. Be strong enough to let go of family and friends who expect others to be there for them; however, are never there for others. Be strong and thankful every day.


 Don Jacobs

(1978) Don Jacobs: none found

(1988) Don Jacobs: none found

(2008) Don Jacobs

After graduation from SHS, I attended Burdett Jr. College and did 6 years in the MA National Guard. 31 years ago, I married Barbara (Greehan), also a Swampscott resident. Other than living in Billerica for the first 7 years of marriage, we have resided in Swampscott. We have three children, Matthew age 29 (SHS class of 1997), Michael age 27 (SHS class of 1999) and Kelly age 17 (SHS class of 2009). Working In banking most of my adult life, I am currently a Mortgage Officer at the East Boston Savings Bank. I am a member and Past President of the Saugus Rotary club. I still enjoy skiing and hunting, golfing and boating on Winnipesaukee. My Fondest Memory of SHS: My fondest memories of SHS are my FRIENDS, ski trips, especially Mt. Magog in Canada. Mr. Balsama, who I see around town quite often. I also remember attending football games -‘ 68 was a great year at SHS for football! And, of course, GRADUATION!


50 Hesper Street

Saugus, MA 01906

617-257-6170 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Rosemary Ferraro, Fiance 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Matthew, 39, (Val), Bentley College, works in insurance industry in Danvers

Michael, 37, Salem State College, works in insurance industry in Marblehead

Kelly, 27, UMass Dartmouth, RN at Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired mortgage officer at East Boston Savings Bank.

Currently, I volunteer as a driver at the VA Hospital, Jamaica Plain. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Current member and past president, Saugus Rotary.

Disabled veteran, served 6 years with MA Army National Guard.

Member Saugus Veteran’s Council and American Legion Post 210 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Riding my Harley, my house in NH, hunting, shooting, boating, skiing and member of Danvers Fish & Game Club.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Being with my friends—George Ericson, Greg Lord and Andy Eppler. Working at New Open House 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

“Nothing’s easy.”   Now I am “living my dream”.


(2018) GREGG KALOUST       

36 Brunswick Avenue

Gardiner, ME 04345

207-588-5010 (h) 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Three daughters, all grown, 5 grandchildren

Work history and current situation (retired?):

Not retired. Own Kannon Communications, small IT company

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Being a grandparent is pretty nice 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I have a grandson with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic muscle-wasting disorder that has no cure and is always fatal, usually by early 20’s. For the last 3 years, I have joined a group of people trekking to raise awareness and funds for medical research. I have been to Mt Everest Base Camp in 2015 and 2017; climbed Mt. Whitney at 14,500 ft. the highest peak in the lower 48 in 2016; in 2017, rode 230 miles in 3 days in the TransNH Bike Ride; and in June 2018, walked 200 miles of El Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. Many classmates have donated to medical research in support of these efforts, and I greatly appreciate it.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Remember that terrible thing so and so said to you that has become a voice in your head all these years? They probably didn’t say it, they are not the same person any more, nor are you. That voice in your head is yours. Why would you keep saying that to yourself?

Personal philosophy or words of wisdom you would like to share:

My advice to all is to find a cause to be passionate about and do something about it, financially, physically, or even just spiritually.



P.O. Box 1172

West Tisbury, MA 02575 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Laurie Mazer, solar energy business

Rafe Mazer, consumer protection

Grandchildren: Diarmuid, 8, Aine, 5, living in Philadelphia (Gaelic names. Their other grandparents and their dad are Irish citizens). Theo, 3, living in Nairobi, Kenya. He is an American citizen, born in Nairobi to his American parents who live and work there. 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired nurse

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Yoga, holistic health

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I am grateful for the work of classmates for all the connections and their great work with our 40th reunion. I am sorry I couldn’t attend 50th due to time/date conflict. Thank you!


Howard Kelfer

(1978) Howie Kelfer: Graduated Trinity College and attended Dartmouth medical School. Graduated from Tufts Medical School. Presently, completing residency in Pediatrics at new England medical center. Getting married Labor Day weekend. Occupation: Physician.

(1988) Howard Kelfer: none found

(2008) Howie Kelfer

Got married. Moved to Texas. Father of a couple of Texas kids. Fondest Memories View of the ocean from Mrs. Anderson’s English class.


4941 Riverbend Drive

Ft. Worth, TX 76109

817-738-5962 (h)

817-980-3709 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Laurie Kelfer 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Adam, 33

William, 30

Both native Texans! 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Child Neurologist – Still at it

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

It’s been a good 50 years!


 Howard Kline

(1978) Howie Kline: My medium of communication goes beyond words. What I see and feel about life I put down on canvas and paper. Be it a mark or a stain, rich in color or deep in black, I create what hasn’t yet been seen. My life will be justified if others will also open their eyes, hearts and minds in an attempt to live life as complete people integrating with the earth and others. Occupation: Artist.

(1988) Howie Kline: Howard Kline is an Artist with a studio and Gallery in Rockport, MA.

(2008) Howard Kline

After 20 years of having my art gallery in Rockport, my wife and I moved to Cambria CA where I make my living from my art. My art is from themes I started in Swampscott! Fondest Memory of SHS: Learning how to draw in Mr. Earl’s class with Johnny Cash tapes playing in the background; also playing drums at the high school dances. ** You can see my art at

(2018) HOWARD KLINE:  none received


Helene Lefenfeld

(1978) Helene Lefenfeld (Harrold): Attended college for one year. Then moved to boston, worked and went to school part-time. Met my husband at work and married in April 1973. I then worked at a hospital on the maternity floor, caught the bug, and two children later I’m making peanut butter sandwiches and changing diapers. Husband’s name: David; Children: Sarah 3 1/2 and Wendy 7 months; Occupation: Chief Cook and bottle washer, laundry lady, diaper changer, etc.

(1988) LEFENFELD, HELENE (HARROLD ) — I am married with 2 daughters, Sara 16, and Wendy 10. After graduation I attended Day Path Jr. College in Longmeadow, Ma.  I lived and worked in Boston for several years.  I married in April 1973 and have lived in Amesbury, Westboro, Framingham, Ashland and now in Assonet (south eastern MA).  I am currently director of Kids Place, a child care center located in Middleboro, MA,

(2008) Helene Lefenfeld: none received

(2018) HELENE LEFENFELD HARROLD:  none received


Alan Lerner

(1978) Alan Lerner: Graduated Northwestern and went to work at a TV station, Channel 44 in Chicago. Worked there for 5 years as almost everything until ending up as a pro-wrestling announcer and erstwhile sportscaster. in 1975 went to NBC Radio News as sports report. Switched to NBC TV News as a sports producer. In 1977 , moved to WCX-TV, ABC Chicago as sport producer-report for Channel 7 news…serving as a reporter during week-days and giving the sports from the studio on weekends. Would prefer being a stand-up comic. Occupation: Sports Producer/ Reporter for WLS-TV, Chicago.

(1988) LERNER, ALAN — Sorry can’t make the reunion,  Hope it’s a great time.  Quickly catching up -I’m married, two kids – Mitchell 5 and Abby 2.  My wife, Linda and I live in Chicago. Linda is the Illinois State Manager for the News Election Service and a free-lance writer. I am a talk-show radio host on WGN-AM here in Chicago – the show is on from 6-9 PM Central Time -And very often I put in a plug for SHS! ! My love for radio broadcasting dates back to the times I read the morning bulletin on the school intercom.  All the best,

(2008) Alan Lerner: none received.


2800 N. Lake Shore Drive, Apt. 1001

Chicago, IL 60657

214-263-8834 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Linda Lerner 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Mitchell, 35, lives in San Francisco

Abby, 32, lives in Chicago 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Worked in television and radio as a reporter, sportscaster and radio talk show host in Chicago and Dallas. Currently full-time Creative for Apple in Chicago. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Couldn’t think of a happier lifetime highlight than our 38 year marriage and family. Work gave me the chance to cover the 1980 Miracle on Ice at the Olympics, play softball with Michael Jordan and interview extraordinary people. Now I get to play with the latest technology. It’s been a fun ride. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Movie critic with my wife on our website 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

SHS set me on my path to broadcasting reading the morning bulletins over the intercom. Just loved getting behind that mic. Being in the school plays put me in the company of fun, funny, creative kids and teachers. I still don’t believe how many band kids fainted marching in the Memorial Day Parade.

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Never go to bed angry.


Paula Levenback (Rudnick)

(1978) Paula Levenback: none found

(1988) Paula Levenback: none found

(2008) PAULA (Levenback) RUDNICK

Daunting, to recap the past 40 years.. ..but here goes. COLLEGE: Tufts 1968-69, Brandeis 1969-70, Sarah Lawrence (Paris) 1970-71, Sarah Lawrence (NY) 1971-72 Post college, I moved to Los Angeles where my parents settled after leaving Swampscott. After a brief stint working for an architect, I started in the production department at ABC TV. Went on to do music shows (“In Concert”), “Guiness Book of Records Show”, and wrote V£ hour comedy episodes. This led to a deal at Universal Television producing series and movies. “Who Will Love My Children?” with Ann-Margret was nominated for 9 Emmys. I retired from TV business in 1994, and moved up to Santa Barbara for a short time. I’m currently living in LA with my husband of 25 years, Allan Rudnick – a nice Brookline boy who came to LA via Wall Street. We have two daughters ~ Allison (23), a Sarah Lawrence grad who is now in NY working on “Kings”, NBC series debuting in January . Our younger daughter, Zoe (22), is a senior at the University of Denver in the Hotel/Restaurant program. We have 2 adorable standard poodles which Allan insisted be male. My sister, Kathy, lives in LA. She has 2 kids – daughter a senior at Bryn Mawr and son a PhD candidate in chemistry at UCLA. I am fortunate to have both my parents alive and well and living nearby in Studio City. I currently serve on the boards of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, Sarah Lawrence College, the Geffen Playhouse, and the Drawings Committee at MOCA. My golf game stinks, but I try to play once a week. I write on a regular basis – not for publication yet, but you never know. I have been very lucky in life, love, work, health – more than I could have ever hoped in those tentative, adolescent years we spent together. I am so sorry that an obligation at Sarah Lawrence keeps me from joining you all at the reunion (especially since, as one of my friends pointed out, “Even if there’s another reunion, you’ll never look this good again.”) I am sure it’s going to be fantastic. Thanks to Rick Eaton for all his hard work putting us back in touch with each other.

(2018) PAULA LEVENBACK RUDNICK:  none received



825 E. Dorges Road

Bayside, WI

414-352-3572 (h)

414-324-9875 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Herbert Zien (Herb) 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Katherine (Morgan Sonderegger), Professor at McGill University, one daughter, Ariel

Charles (Dora Maradiaga), Consultant 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):


Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Active in arts and historic preservation organizations in Milwaukee—various boards of directors. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Gardening, skiing, snorkeling, etc….retired old lady stuff 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Walking home from SHS to farthest street in town! 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

At the end of the day, family is most important.


 Greg Lord

(1978) Greg Lord: Going to school and working. Wife’s name: Marcia williams Occupation: Assistant Lab Director, Geotechnical Engineers, Inc.

(1988) LORD, GREGORY — I left the geotechnical engineering firm I worked for in 1980 to take a position as a research associate at Physical Sciences Inc.  I am currently the laboratory Manager at PSI,  I enjoy my work.  I live on Birch St. in Marblehead with my wife Marcia and my 5 year old daughter Briana Mae.  I sail and enjoy other outdoor sports, I read and listen to music quite a bit and I also like to cook.

(2008) Greg Lord

U of RI, AS, Marine Fisheries Technology, 1970 Boston State Col., BS, Geology, 1977 Worked in geotechnical engineering lab before employment at Physical Sciences Inc., a contract research firm, in 1980. Started as Research Associate, later Lab Manager. Still with PSI as Corporate Facilities Manager. Married Marcia in 1980. Daughter Briana born 1983. Living in Marblehead since 1971. Bought home in 1982, still at same address. Still in touch with Howard Kline, George Ericson, Don Jacobs and Andy Eppler (when he’s on the ground.. .not very often). I love to drive. Own several cars. Take driving vacations. Go to vintage car races and Formula 1 races in Canada. Love to read. Into Beat Generation writers and poets.. .Kerouac, Ginsberg. Still close with family. All still in area and doing well. Planning on retiring in four years. Would like to move to CA. Love Big Sur area.. .Carmel. Love driving the PCH. Fondest Memory of SHS: Drivers Ed and staring out the windows at the ocean.

(2018) GREG LORD: none received


(2018) TIM LYDON

340 NW 187th Avenue

Beaverton, OR 97006

503-413-0967 (h) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Nancy Lydon 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Adrian, deceased in 2017, 45

Samantha, 44, resides in England

Melissa, 34, mother to Keeghan, 4, and Caden, 18 months

Katie, 27, registered nurse

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Worked in the semiconductor industry for 30 years while in California and Oregon. Have worked in the health care industry since 2006 as a sales manager for a large broker. Still working and plan to continue until 2020. Then it will be time to retire.

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Just very proud of my family and the way my kids have turned into wonderful adults. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Golf, camping (in RV) too old for tenting. Also still love playing video games. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I really liked high school but I tended to daydream and just look out the windows at the ocean. Not a great student. Liked the variety of people I associated with. My best friends at the time were Joe McCall, Mike Toohey and Tony Bartolik. Had great summer up at Merrymeeting Lake in Durham, NH. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Life throws a lot of curves at you. Learning how to deal with things and not letting the trivial things bother you. Just an effective way to go through life. IMHO.


Joe Macarelli

(1978) Joe Macarelli: After graduating 4th in my class from Wentworth Institute i along with my 3 classmates accepted employment working in Dupont’s famed think tank, whereupon, I dazzled the board of directors with my first invention–peel and stick doorknobs. Rebounding quickly I applied my severance pay to my only real love, and bought into a sponge diving franchise in Boise, Idaho. The Idaho sponge market is fantastic, but the supply is limited so I followed the advice on a matchbook cover and became an accountant in my spare time. Three days later i became a CPA and was hired by the Georgia National Bank, reporting directly to a Mr. Lance. Rebounding quickly again, I moved my entire family back to Mass. and put my life savings into “Clam and Ham” fast food franchises. I hope our ham stuffed with clam catches on soon cause I’m not the re-bounder I once was. Wife’s name: Tricia; Children: Boy, 4 and Girl, 1. Occupation: fast Food Entrepreneur.

(1988): none found

(2008): none received


895 Country Club Circle

Venice, FL

603-554-7279 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Patricia Kelly 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Christopher, 45, home builder

Jill, 42, restaurant manager 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired after 47 years as a Health, Safety, Environmental and Facilities Manager 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Actually graduating college and marrying the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Never thought either could ever happen! 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Golf, fishing

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Enjoyed every day at SHS—People, Teachers and Classmates.

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Everything ends. Acceptance is the key to a happy life.

The circumstances of life are not nearly as critical as a response of love, truth and holiness.


Scott Manker

(1978) Scott Manker: Graduated from Temple in 1972. In 1974, graduated from B.C. with an M.B.A.  Went to the arctic and lead oil operations. From there to Cleveland consulting firm. Has been with Holiday Inn since ’77. Occupation: Director–Operations and Strategy Analysis.

(1988): none found

(2008):none received

(2018) SCOTT MANKER: none received


Debbie Marble

(1978) Debbie Marble: none found

(1988) MARBLE, DEBBIE (IRVING) — I have been Busy raising three children.  The oldest, a boy just graduated this June from Marblehead High School.  I qot divorced since the last reunion.  I now work for Merrimack Valley Dist. in Danvers as a sales representative and work for both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic division.

(2008) Debbie Marble

I got married in 1969.I had 3 children. After my divorce in 1985,I went back to work. I bartendered, then went to Merrimack Valley Distribution as a sales rep. I retired in 1989 after
suffering a massive heart attack. I have 4 grandchildren ages 4-17. I am very active in their lives.
Fondest memories: The wonderful friendships and the fun I had with my girlfriends.

(2018) DEBBIE MARBLE:  none received




Sally Martin (Fisher)   DECEASED

(1978) Sally Martin: After graduation, worked at Loehmann’s. In March 1972 married Don Fisher. Moved to Norfolk, VA where Don is stationed in the navy. In 1974, both my husband and myself became “Born Again Christians”– an experience that has truly enriched our lives. Husband’s name: Don; Children: Jeremy, 4, Justin 3, and jonathan, almost 2. Occupation: Homemaker.

(1988) MARTIN, SALLY (FISHER) — I married Don Fisher in March ’72.  We have 3 sons Jed 14, Justin 13, Jonathan 12.  When we were married Don was stationed with the Navy in Norfolk, Virginia.  Through out his career all his assignments to shore stations and ships have been in Norfolk, so it has been our home for 16 years.  The years when the boys were very young saw me at home doing the Donna Reed and June Cleaver thing.  Because Don travels so frequently – (sometimes 6 to 7 months at a stretch on sea tours) – we feel it was important for one of us to be at home.  That was me.  During the times Don was stationed aboard a destroyer which was deployed 60% to 70% of the year to places like the Eastern Med, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. I served as Ombudsman/Advisor to families of men stationed on the ship.  I also spent some time as a telephone counselor for the 700 club TV Program.  I also worked with an emergency feeding program for needy families in the community – this involved shopping for as much as 700 LBS of food from the food bank, and also interviewing and counseling applicants.  We’ve just moved from the city of Norfolk out to a larger home on an acre of land in Currituck County, NC at the beginning of the outer banks.  It is a move we were all real thrilled with. It is a big change for us and there’s a lot to be done as we just landed here the 4th of July weekend. Because of that and other conflicting events I am unable to come up for the reunion.  I sure would have loved to come and see everyone after so many years. My greetings to all!!’.

(2008) Sally Martin Fisher

Together we survived the teenage years, and enjoyed football, track, cross country & wrestling matches all over the eastern half of North Carolina. We survived the years of new drivers, although one of our vehicles did not. Another vehicle ended up submerged in one of those famous road side ditches of rural NC. The most exciting vehicle event was when a Ford Fairmont went airborne and landed in a corn field. (The local tow truck driver knew us well.) We had to reimburse a farmer for the cost of several bushels of corn after the flying Fairmont incident. Fortunately all teenaged drivers and passengers survived unscathed. (Other than the Wrath of Dad) Fast forward twenty years to 2008. We are still in NC, but in another home we had built in 2005. We live on the Currituck Sound and it is wonderful living by the water. We are still happily married, and are grandparents of two darling grand daughters. Our oldest son is still single. The middle son is the married one with lovely wife and two daughters. Sadly we lost our youngest son to drug addiction/suicide in 2002. We have survived that as well, although it was the toughest thing our family has gone through. We are again empty nesters and enjoy our time together. I have come to love it where we live. But I will say if it weren’t for central air conditioning I might not feel that way. The winters are fairly mild, but the summers are brutal.


Karen Mason (Landry)

(1978) Karen Mason Landry: Attended Salem State for 2 years, then Marian Court for 2 years. Following graduation, started working at Catholic Family Services in Lynn, and still here. Married in 1975, and recently bought a house in Melrose. Husband’s name: Ralph; Occupation: Bookkeeper.

(1988) MASON,KAREN (LANDRY) — From ’68 to ’70 I attended Salem State College. From ’70 to ’72 I attended Marian Court Jr. College (formerly Marian Court Secretarial School), graduating in ’72.  I worked at Catholic Family Services in Lynn from ’72 to ’83, during which time I got married (’75) and got my Associates Degree in Accounting from NSCC ’82.  From ’83-’85 I worked at W. J. Schafer Assoc., a Research and Development Company now located in Chelmsford. I am currently working at Johnson’s Roses in Woburn, a grower of roses and wholesaler of roses, cut flowers and plants. We have traveled to Hawaii twice, Disney World four times, visited the National Parks in Wyoming, Utah and Arizona, and went to California in ’86 to see the Red Sox in the playoffs.

(2008) Karen Mason Landry: none received.


95 Trenton Street

Melrose, MA 02176

781-662-2119 (h)

617-823-5361 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Ralph, 43 years 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

No children but we have 11 nieces and nephews

18 grandnieces and grandnephews

1 great-grandnephew

1 great-grandniece 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired in 2005, along with my husband 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Worked for Catholic Charities for 11 years

W.J. Schafer Assoc. (government contractor) for 2 ½ years

Johnson Bros., last known as American Florist Supply, Inc., for 17 years 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Spend winters in Florida. Make quilts (sewn, not knitted or crocheted). Have made at least one for all grandnieces and grandnephews, and one each (so far) for great-grandnephew and great-grandniece. Have also made for special occasions.

When grandnieces and grandnephews were young, took care of them. They have stayed overnight many times!

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Being a member of the band


Fran Mayo

(1978) Fran Mayo: Wife’s name: Martha; Occupation: Carpenter

(1988) Fran Mayo: none found

(2008) Fran Mayo: none received

(2018) FRAN MAYO

11 Harbor View Lane

Marblehead, MA 01945

781-631-5598 (h)

339-207-2774 (c)

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Martha Mayo 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Two sons, Caleb and John 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):


Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Beekeeper for last 25 years


Evelyn McDowell   DECEASED

(1978) Evelyn McDowell: Graduated Rutgers University College of nursing. Worked at Tufts New England medical Center for 5 years. Moved to Salem, and took a job at Lynn Hospital. After 6 months as a staff nurse, was promoted to assistant head nurse on a medical floor. Occupation: Nurse.

(1988) MCDOWELL, EVELYN —• After graduation, I went to Rutgers University College of Nursing and graduated from there in ’72 with a BS in Nursing.  Then I worked at Tufts University New England Medical Center from ’72-‘ 76,  After that I worked at Lynn Hospital from ’76-’79.  From ’79-’88 I worked at Salem Visiting Nurses — the last 2 years as director Of the Hospice Program.  In April ’88 I went full circle and went hack to Tufts NE Medical Center.  I am working on the Oncology/Hematology floor there.  I an single and live in an apartment with my dog.

(2008) Evelyn McDowell

After I left Swampscott High, I went to and graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in nursing. I was living in New Jersey, but moved back up to Boston. I worked at Tufts New England Medical Center, then Lynn Hospital (no longer in existence), then Salem Visiting Nurses in the hospice program, and the last 17 years back at Tufts on the bone marrow transplant floor. I have always worked with oncology (cancer) patients and have enjoyed my work. In 2001,1 got colon cancer. I was treated for 8 months and was in remission. In 2006 the cancer recurred. I have been treated for almost 3 years at Dana Farber Cancer Institute with chemotherapy every 2 weeks. It’s not without its side effects and I now have a lot closer feeling as to what my patients went through. I worked for 8 months under the Family Leave Act. Now that has run out and I am out of work on disability._! spend my time volunteering at the church and one day a week at North Shore Animal Shelter. I enjoy traveling with my sister Janet to different vacation timeshares. We are planning a 12 day cruise to the Baltic region at the end of July. My message to all of you is: Enjoy each day of your lives and good health. When your life is threatened, you appreciate it more than ever. It becomes not “Oh my God, I’m 58!” but “Thank God I’m 58!” Fondest Memory of SHS: The one political activity I did when I was at Swampscott High was to picket for bussing black children out to the suburbs for school. I also called a news station and they came out for the vote. Larry Gold caught me after math class and told me the principal had called him in to find out who had done it. I was scared silly, but Larry didn’t give him my name and the issue was dropped. I was probably the last person the principal would have suspected.


Liz Mendoza (Chamberlain)

(1978) Liz Mendoza: none found

(1988) Liz Mendoza: none found

(2008) Liz Mendoza Chamberlain

I graduated from Boston University Sargent College of Allied Health with a BS in Physical Therapy. I spent the next 15 years working as a clinician in and around the Boston area. I then moved to New Jersey (just outside of Philadelphia) where I worked in the corporate offices of a Durable Medical Equipment company in Sales and Marketing Management. I spent 2 years in Central California then moved back to New Jersey for the same company. Seven years ago my husband Jim and I moved to Naples Florida where we currently reside. I have been working in the Healthcare Software business for the past 5 years as a Product Specialist. My husband Jim and I have been married for 24 years. He is a world renowned Portrait and Fine Art Landscape Photography. His work has been displayed around the world and published in several books. We have no children, which affords us the ability to travel so Jim can create and teach his. Fondest Memory of SHS: Ski Club trips to Montreal; Football games; Graduation


1302 Manado Drive

Naples, FL 34113

239-272-6913 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Semi-retired. Registered Physical Therapist; now teaching doctors and mid-level providers how to use the Electronic Medical Record for the local health care system in Naples, FL. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

I was a PT clinician for 20 years, went into sales. I spent the later part of my career as a Subject Matter Expert presenter of clinical electronic medical record software. Retired from full-time employment in December, 2016. I took a ‘gap’ year off and am now working 2 days a week at the local hospital (see above for details) 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Photography, travel, golf, yoga


 Debra Milamed

(1978) Debra Milamed: Graduated B.U. with n A.B. Classics in 1972. Received an M.S. from Simmons College in 1977, Library Science. Spent the last 10 years traveling, working, writing, experimenting and trying desperately not to grow up. Occupation: Librarian and Technical Libraries Consultant.

(1988) MILAMID, DEBRA — Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the reunion weekend activities. However, I would very much enjoy hearing from any class members who wish to contact me (617-783-9661, 14A Colborne Rd., Brighton, MA 02135).  I am currently employed as a Research Associate, Veterans Administration Medical Center, West Roxbury, MA . I am an Associate in Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School

(2008) Debra R. Milamed

B.A. Boston University, M.S. Simmons College. Over the years have held a series of library, administrative and research positions, and am currently a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School. I’ve coauthored some papers on the history of medicine and surgery, and medical equipment safety and performance, and have participated in national and international standards development activities for medical equipment. I live in Brighton, MA with my husband since 1991, S.I. Fabric. Fondest memory of SHS: Joining some of my favorite teachers for coffee in the “Teachers’ Room” when I returned to substitute teach (Latin) at SHS in 1972.


7 Mount Hood Road, #5

Brighton, MA 02135

617-731-9974 (h)

978-578-0094 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

S.I. Fabric, husband 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

S.I. Fabric is a psychologist and hypnotherapist 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

I have been employed for many years as a Research Associate, Harvard Medical School, Dept. of Anesthesia and am still actively employed. Previously, I held a number of administrative and library positions in academia and corporate technical libraries 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

For many years I have actively participated in the development of national and international standards for the safety and performance of anesthesia and respiratory care equipment through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and its U.S. Technical Advisory Groups. Over the last decade, I have become a medical historian as well, and have co-authored a series of articles. I enjoy exploring archives and primary source documents of all kinds in search of the facts. While still an undergraduate, I had the privilege of being a student of the late Sir Ronald Syme who helped shape my understanding of historiography. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I enjoy hiking, travel, learning languages and writing. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

SHS Latin teacher, Mrs. Paula Haddow, once explained to us the meaning of Vergil’s famous line from Book One of the Aeneid, “Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit” (perhaps someday it will please you to remember this [even though you are experiencing challenging times]). How aptly these words now summarize looking back at my SHS years!

I fondly remember the socio-political discussions in Coach Janice Sloan’s car during the trips to and from our debating team matches.

Perhaps the most important skill I learned overall at SHS was time management. What also proved invaluable was the correct documentation of research papers with references and bibliographies taught by the late Mr. Dudley Wiegand to his 8th grade American History and English classes.



88 Middlesex Avenue

Swampscott, MA 01907

978-239-6124 (c)  

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Peggy (Bush) Morse 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Daughter, 22, UNH Graduate 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Self-employed wallcovering installer, member of (National) Wallcovering Installers Association 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

4 times Boston Music Award. My 22-year old daughter. Over 40 years with Peggy. Play drums and sing regionally—N.E. and N.Y. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Gigging bi-monthly, writing songs, singing in First Church choir, jamming with friends. Supporting local musicians. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Skipping school in Ardsley, NY to drive to Swampscott, sneak sleeping arrangements.

Came to SHS using alias of absentee student in classes with substitutes. Vernava’s “Barn”, Friendly’s parking lot.


(2018) DON MORSE

31 King Arthur Way

Mansfield, MA 02048

508-339-0389 (h) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Vicki, wife 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Valerie, 38

Greg, 30 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

President D.O.M. Promotional Products


Ellen Musinsky

(1978) Ellen Musinsky: Since High School have gone to school for years and years studying to be a lawyer. Now a lawyer sydying to be a tennis pro. I am working for a poverty law agency and own a house in the country. Dog’s name: Tara; Occupation: Attorney.

(1988) Ellen Musinsky: none found

(2008) Ellen Musinsky

College at UVM followed by Law school at NE. I then moved to NH to work at Legal Assistance. I had not interest in staying, but fell in love with the state got a job as a Law Professor at Franklin Pierce Law in Concord NH. I was very active in a variety of organizations working on issues that impacted women, gays and lesbians. Low income people. I got to draft a lot of laws. I remain at the Law School and feel very lucky to work each day with creative young people. I am joyous to be able to enter into a Civil Union this year, with Diane Padilla. Next year we celebrate our 23rd year together. We are proud aunts of my sister Susan’s children Eli and Rebecca. I remain an avid sports fan, rooting for all Boston teams, following the Bills and still bothering to see how Swampscott has done in football. I play golf just about every spare minute and would welcome a round with anyone who finds themselves in the Concord/Manchester area. Fondest Memories: I don’t remember much. What good memories remain included watching football and playing Softball. I know I was nerdy and I probably am still but it doesn’t make a difference anymore.


10 Peaslee Road

Weare, NH 03281

603-529-1762 (h)

603-345-0799 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Diane T. Padilla 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

After 40 years at UNH Law as a Professor, I retired; and went promptly back to work.

I joined a small firm and practiced law for several years, and while I loved practice, it was not as much fun as teaching so I returned to the law school on a part-time basis. Work has been incredible as I have had the privilege to be working on cutting edge law related to the beginning of a regenerative tissue industry. It’s amazingly interesting and I pinch myself at times thinking about how I got so lucky to be involved with interesting and important work at this time of life. Hopefully at our 55th, I will be able to tell you about how body parts are being grown in Manchester, NH. I know…it’s weird, but it has great potential to help fix so many diseases. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Law was a great choice. Teaching law was a better choice. Marrying Diane, even better choice and was a great surprise. We’ve been together well over 30 years and get to celebrate a real 10th anniversary this summer. Very lucky to have niece and nephews on both sides to watch grow and spoil at times. Still live in a small house on the river in middle of 600+ open acres. After 30 years, the street still takes my breath away. Not sure what is next as this is not a great place for an old person, but I do not appear to be moving yet. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

I work a lot. It’s beginning to look like I will continue to flunk retirement and that feels right. We’ve been traveling and plan to continue. This year, Iceland and New Mexico are the highlight trips. I play as much golf as I can fit in and know that I need to make the short game even better. The length off tee is in serious decline. Other significant aspect of life is watching my mom suffer from Alzheimer’s. It is a very sad disease. It’s robbed her of memories of what I think was a wonderful life and made her an anxious woman. Still there are moments of love and caring, most of which involve ice cream and music. It’s during those moments I know there’s real love in the world. 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

I am not sure why but this is a blank in my mind. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

I was most inspired by Peter Drucker. His zen to find things you’re good at and give your all. I did that, have a great career, and I hope I have helped a lot of clients and young lawyers. I continue to feel happy when I get to go to UNH Law daily. It’s made for a happy life. And I think often of “it gets better.” High school was not a happy time for me, but the rest of the journey has been wonderful, even with its ups and downs.


David Myers   DECEASED

(1978) David Myers: Graduated from Washington University’s School of engineering and Applied Science in St. Louis with a B.S. in 1972. After returning to Swampscott and discovering I really was not qualified for any job I wanted, I enrolled in the Honeywell Institute of information Sciences. I took a job with a major brokerage firm in Boston. After a year in Boston, was transferred to the home office in New York. Occupation: Customer Service Examiner for Bache, Hulsey, Stuart, Shields.

(1988)) MYERS, DAVID — Upon graduation from College in ’72 I toiled 12 years in the Wall Street area resolving problems in customer accounts.  In ’86 I decided it was time for a change and I transferred back to Boston from New York City, obtained a license and am now a stockbroker for Prudential-Bache Securities in Post Office Square and reside in the Prudential Apartments in the Back Bay.

(2008) David Myers: none received. David passed away the week before the reunion.


Lesley Myers (Cohen)

(1978) Lesley Myers: After graduation from Univ. of new hamp. started work as a speech therapist in the Durham, NH. Schools. Have been doing this for 6 years. During this time i received my M Ed. Degree in counseling and am working toward an additional degree in Educational administration. Occupation: Speech Therapist.

(1988) MYERS, LESLEY — Received BA & Masters in Ed. degrees from University of New Hampshire. Employed as a speech pathologist in the Durham, NH school system for 9 years.  Married and moved to Longmeadow, MA (outside of Springfield).  My husband Andrew Cohen, is a management consultant with a large international company so we enjoy the opportunity for international travel.

(2008) Lesley Myers Cohen

After graduating from University of New Hampshire (undergrad & grad), I worked as a speech pathologist in the Durham, NH school system. I then married and  moved to Longmeadow, MA.

My husband, Andrew,  was an international consultant to the insurance industry, which gave us the opportunity to travel all over the world. (55 countries at last count).

In 2003 he accepted a position in Budapest, Hungary as CEO of the sales operation of a multinational insurance company. Budapest is a city with old world European charm and we loved the five years there.

This past January, my husband accepted a position in Hong Kong (with the same company) as head of the sales force for Asia/Pacific. Hong Kong was always one of our favorite cities, so we jumped at the opportunity. I divide my time between Hong Kong and the U.S.

We love the excitement and challenges of visiting and living in different cultures.It has been an incredible, eye-opening adventure. In retrospect, I probably should have paid more attention in those SHS world history classes!

We have a son who lives in Aspen, CO.



Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Andrew Cohen, spouse 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Son and family live in Aspen. Two grandchildren, ages 3 and 1.


Wendy Ossoff (Murray)

(1978) Wendy Ossoff (Issacson): Working in Wakefield for an Independent insurance adjusting company where I’ve been for the past 3 1/2 years. Occupation: assistant Claims Manager.

(1988) Wendy Ossoff: none found

(2008) Wendy Ossoff: none received

(2018) WENDY OSSOFF: none received


Charles Owens

(1978) Charles Owens: Wife’s name: Sandra Children: Girl 10 months; Occupation: Firefighter

(1988) OWENS, CHARLIE — Currently a member of the Swampscott Fire Department, married with two children and reside in Swampscott.

(2008) Charles Owens; none received.

(2018) CHARLES OWENS: none received


Bob Parlow         DECEASED May 18, 2009                                      

(1978) Bob Parlow: none found

(1988) PARLOW, BOB — Operates a Cambridge based publishing company that specializes in newsletters on environmental and other law-related issues.  Lives in Cambridge with his wife Liese Reich.

(2008) Bob Parlow; none received


Marilyn Perreault (Peterson)

(1978) Marilyn Perreault

(1988) Marilyn Perreault

(2008) Marilyn Perreault Peterson

Married Donnie Peterson and had two children; both boys; named Glenn and Derek, now 39 and 38 respectively. Moved to Maryland in 1969; while Donnie was stationed with the Navy. Stayed in Maryland until he deployed to the Mediterranean. I returned to Swampscott in 1970, and have been here since. When Donnie got out of the Navy, he took a job with Delta Airlines, and retired from Delta in April 2003. I worked in retail for about 25 years as a Store Manager and District Manager for a number of different retailers. In 1999 I was given an opportunity to change my career, and took an entry level position at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. After a few years was promoted to the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department as Department Manager. I have one granddaughter (Derek’s daughter) who is 4 years old and her name is Jacinda. Donnie and I just celebrated our 40th Anniversary, and we still reside in Swampscott.


11 Grant Road

Swampscott, MA 01907

781-599-0548 (h)

781-856-1821 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Donald R. Peterson, Jr. 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Glenn (deceased), would be 49 years old

Derek, 48  

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Worked in retail for 25+ years with Ann Taylor, Saks and then changing career in the late 90’s to dental. Presently working at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine as Department Manager for the Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery Department. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Being blessed with 2 grandchildren: Jacinda, 14, and Tucker, 8 weeks 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Music and travel 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Football and hockey games; Saturday dances; Hockey cheerleader. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people.—Prince


 Naoma Phinney (Boylston)

(1978) Naoma Phinney (Boylston): After graduating from Lawrence General Hospital School of nursing, I worked for Salem Hospital for 3 years and for a private doctor for 5 years. Married in June 1977 and have been living happily on our boat since. First child is due in November, and we are now eagerly looking forward to becoming “proud parents”. Husband’s name: Sam; Children: one on the way; Occupation: Housewife and mother-to-be.

(1988) PHINNEY, NAOMA (BOYLSTON)— I was married in June of ’77 in Beaufort, S. Carolina.  I have 2 beautiful children, Naoma 9 years and B. J. 6 years. We live here in Salem now and I will be teaching in the “Write-To-Read Lab” at The Bently School in Salem in the fall.  This will be my first year back to work since I have been married and I have really enjoyed my kids.

(2008) Naoma (Phinney) Boylston

I attended Lawrence General Hospital School of Nursing, worked at Salem Hospital as a private scrub nurse in the operating room. In 1976 I vacationed in South Caroline where I met my husband. We married in 1977; had 2 children. In 1982 we moved back to Salem Ma. 1987 my husband moved back to SC and I raised my 2 sons working as a paraprofessional in the school. I am still working at the school. I love travel, sports and water. My sons, myself and my mother all share a house on the water in Salem Willows. I love to go to sporting events, swimming, hiking, camping and snow boarding with my sons. I also like to ride roller coasters. Fondest Memories: Being on drill team, going to the football games with a very special group of girls.

(2018) NAOMA PHINNEY BOYLSTON : none received


Patti Pierro (Blissett)

(1978) Patti Pierro: Occupation: hairdresser

(1988) PIERRO, PATTY {BLISSETT) — I left the area after the “Blizzard of ’78” moving to California before the following winter.  I re-established my hairdressing career and have had my own business for the past 6 years.  I’ve been married to a fantastic man, Tony, for the past 5 years.  He is an English-Italian from Oxfordshire, England.  Tony has his own Painting Contracting Business and we bought our house 3 years ago,  I have a step daughter and granddaughter in England.  We have enjoyed traveling and seeing friends and family.  We are having company from England at the time of the reunion, but next time we will be there.

(2008) Patti Pierro Blissett

I became a Hairstylist in 1974 working with the John Dellaria Salon in Danvers. I was in several competitions and worked my way to becoming a Top Stylist. I visited a friend in California during the month of October after the “blizzard of 78”. I loved it so much that after I returned home, I decided to make the move. I met my Husband, Tony, the following year. He had moved from England. We have been married now for 25 years. He has a daughter in England and we have 2 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. We enjoy our travels to visit them, other family and friends. We have a 2 l/2 year old West Highland Terrier named Wesley. We both have our own businesses. Tony is a Painting Contractor. My interests are in traveling, enjoying family and friends, and continued education with hair, and the investment markets. My fondest memories of SHS are probably going to the football games and the high school dances with my friends.


8531 Warwick Drive

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

760-288-7342 (h)

818-726-4022 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Tony Blisset, 35 years 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Step-daughter, 2 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren in England . 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Partially retired, working one week per month. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Hairstylist. Worked for John Dellaria Salons in MA. Moved to CA in 1979.

Built a cliental in CA in 8 months and went independent to have my own business in a salon. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Walking, music, travel, movies, dining out. Time spent with family and friends. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Enjoy family and friends.


Susan Rappoli (Vaters)

(1978) Susan Rappoli: none found

(1988) RAPPOLI, SUSAN (VATERS) — Married to John (married 14 years) daughter, Jacklyn 2 years old. Account Executive with the firm Gates, McDonald & Co. , Dedham, MA (5 years) Management Consulting specializing in Unemployment/Worker’s Compensation laws and regulations & hiring and firing practices for employers in the State of Mass. Graduated ’70 from Chamberlayne College, Boston.  Associates degree in Business Administration.

(2008) Susan Rappoli: none received


4 Clarence Avenue

Danvers, MA 01923

978-337-0447 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

John Vaters 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Jaclyn, 32

Kylie, granddaughter, 2 ½

Mia, granddaughter, 7 months 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Equifax Workforce Solutions, National Sr. Account Manager for 34 years. Retired 12/31/2017. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Earned ‘President’s Award” with Equifax on 4 separate occasions. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Traveling and golf. I belong to 2 golf clubs. Now that I’m retired, I am wintering in my home in Ft. Myers, FL and playing a lot more golf 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Playing on all the various sports teams and Drill Team and being part of the years leading up to the “Big Blue Football Dynasty”.


Bob Rebholz

(1978) Bob Rebholz: Occupation: Carpenter

(1988) Bob Rebholz: none found

(2008) Bob Rebholz: none received

(2018) BOB REBHOLZ: none received


Kathy Riley (Chmelik)                  DECEASED

(1978) Kathy Riley Chemlik: Attended B.U. worked in Boston and tennessee before joining the Air Force. Presently stationed with Air Force with husband and daughter at Albobbury AFB, Germany. Husband’s name: William; Children: Sabrina–5 months; Occupation: Senior Airman, USAF.

(1988) Kathy Riley: none found

(2008) Deceased in previous years.



503 Boothbay Road

Edgecomb, ME 04556


Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Julie Sexton 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Rebecca Miller, 31 (Josh), 2 children, Blythe, 6 and Brashon, 2. Beci is working for local bank

Kate Riser, 30, teaching English in Taiwan

Work history and current situation (retired?):

Retired. Many career– in “73” taught self-contained class at Charles River Academy; Electron Microscopist at MIT; Wilderness leader Chewonki; Taught alternative Ed., then 32 other subjects in Maine high schools for over 23 years.. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Built houses, boats and sailed a lot. Married with children. Lots of gardens, stone mason and logger.  Made a difference for a lot of kids.

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Music and art, learning to play guitar.

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Remember being welcomed as a new kid, English class and Great School Spirit. Sports and the beaches.

Personal philosophy or words of wisdom you would like to share:

This is it. Enjoy the ride.


 Alan Rosenfield

(1978) Alan Rosenfield: none found

(1988) ROSENFIELD, ALAN — I have lived in the Cambridge area for most of the past 20 years. I now reside in Swampscott.  I am a teacher of Trasncendental Mediation, and Vice President and Sales Manager of the J. N. Phillips Glass Co., my family’s business.

(2008) Alan Rosenfield: none received


53C Jackson Street

Newton Center, MA 02459

617-916-9635 (h)

312-479-6334 (c)

213-421-9279 (c)  

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Historian—Financial, Cultural, Religious. Retired from business in 2007.

 Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

At family business: honesty, establishing legal, accounting and financial excellence.

As a writer: Mobilizing the old families of New England to again come to the fore in

life, government and religion. The Lawrences, Lowells, Putnams. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Travel the highways and byways of Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk and Norfolk counties. Writing and, as we did as children, connecting the dots and numbers…! 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Being reprimanded by the principal and Mr. Michaels. Being frightened sophomore year by the Latin class teacher. Enjoying school and though I hated it then, happy now that I had to walk to SHS from Bradlee Avenue.

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Read my blogs, see: www.unitedchicago and http://portolaand


 Pamela Rosengard (Whalen)

(1978) Pamela Rosengard: none found

(1988) Pamela Rosengard: none found

(2008) Pamela Rosengard Whalen

I was graduated from both Tufts University, Medford, MA and from Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.  I combined an interest in counseling with communications and the media.  I have advanced degrees in both areas.  I lived in Los Angeles for many years and worked in the television and movie industry.  Upon moving back to Boston, I got very interested in the criminal justice system and worked with the mentally ill criminals in the court system probation department.  I also continued to freelance in the media.  Upon retiring from the courts, I was the vice president of an executive recruitment firm in Boston.  I am now retired.  I am retired to be a stay at home mom to my two children who are in elementary school.  They are Kristina Rose and Nicholas Thomas.  I have been happily married for many years to Dr. Robert Whalen and we all reside in Lexington, MA with our 2 dogs, and 4 cats.  It is a fun house that is noisy and filled with much joy.  We have a house on the Cape and try to escape to it whenever it is possible.  My fondest memory of SHS is the spirit that permeated our daily life.  WE were proud of our teams, but also loved living in a wonderful beach town where excellence in education, sports, the community and the natural beauty of the ocean was universal.  I think of so many friends with much affection and am so thrilled to have maintained many of those friendships since my days at Hadley School.  It is also terrific to reunite with those friends with whom I had lost touch.  My family emigrated from Europe to Lynn and Swampscott in the late 1800’s.  I therefore so consider myself a true native of Swampscott and I miss living in the town.  There is no better place to call home.

(2018) PAMELA ROSENGARD WHALEN: none received


Martha Rossman

(1978) Martha Rossman: none found

(1988) ROSSMAN, MARTHA — Worked ten years as an ICU RN — now working as a pharmaceutical representative and field trainer.

(2008) none received

(2018) MARTHA ROSSMAN: none received


Bob Sachs

(1978) Bob Sachs: Graduated B.U. with a Masters in Counseling.  Spent 6 years in social work as a streetwalker, counseling in Boston. Now manager of the North Shore camera Shop in Peabody and spent most of my free extra time freelancing, with my specialty being Surgical Photography. I am getting ready to publish my first book on Surgical Photography in a few months. Occupation: Manager of Camera Shop, freelance photographer.

(1988) Bob Sachs: none found

(2008) Bob Sachs: none received.

(2018) BOB SACHS: none received


Steve Sandler

(1978) Steve Sandler: Graduated U. Mass., Amherst, where i studied Landscape Architecture and regional Planning. I worked for the Herald American in Boston, during which time i traveled extensively. In 1973 moved to Georgia and attended Georgia Tech for a Masters in City Planning. For the past 4 years, I’ve been an urban planner for E.P.A. I mangae grant monies to metropolitan areas in Florida and Tennessee to plan for water quality improvements. Occupation: Urban Planner for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region IV, Atlanta.

(1988) Steve Sandler: none received

(2008) Steve Sandler

What have I been doing since High School?

I went to UMass Amherst and received Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design. I worked in Boston for the Herald American and traveled in Europe for a year before moving to Atlanta, Georgia. I got a Master of City Planning degree from Georgia Tech (so I am an authentic rambling wreck). While in Graduate School I worked for a summer at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 office in Atlanta, worked part time during my second year of grad school and never left. After 34 and a half years there I plan to retire this coming January. While I have had many positions at EPA for the last 17 years I have managed Federal Superfund Hazardous Waste Sites in South Carolina that are either being studied, having a remedy put in place, or monitored after the big messes are gone. I have traveled quite a bit in the US, especially the Southeast. I have been in been very active in several car clubs (Mercedes and Mini Coopers), owned sailboats for over twenty years and enjoyed sailing (why do it in Swampscott where its convenient?), and enjoyed photography. I have also sailed in the Bahamas and once sailed on the tall ship HMS Rose from Virginia to Boston (good way to get a hernia). I got married in 1986 to my sweetie Marcia. We currently have three dogs including two long haired dachshunds that my wife showed in obedience trials. Our oldest Tasha was #1 dachshund in novice obedience in 1994, thanks to my wife’s diligence. I currently enjoy wood turning, primarily making pens that I sell at crafts shows. I also enjoy collecting fountain pens.Fondest Memories of Swampscott High School: Being in the play, The Mouse that Roared, and

leading the “army” of football players into the auditorium. Then doing portions of the play at

drama festivals. Going to all the away football games with the Eaton family and carrying some ofthe bands equipment. Taking pictures for the yearbook. Taking High School Physics with Mr.


Doing really well on the SATs cause of an after school program to prepare for them. Muzzie’s biology class.


3158 Kings Arms Court, NE

Atlanta, GA 30345

404-695-2271 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Marcia Sandler (deceased 5/2012) 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Happily retired from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2010 after 37-year career. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Travel frequently, over 20 cruises since retirement. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Travel, photography, woodturning 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Being in plays, “Mouse that Roared”, track team manager 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

It’s time to live your dreams. Let gratitude be your attitude.


Jo Ann (Joie) Schwartz                         DECEASED 

 (1978) Jo Ann Schwartz: Graduated from R.I. School of design in 1972, B.F.A. Graphic Design. Worked for Marblehead Handprints as a graphic and fabric designer for 4 years. In 1978, started stationery company, “Papetiere”. Occupation: designer.

(1988) Jo Ann Schwartz: none received.. Married Robert J. Schoen of Boston in July 1981.


Mark Schultz

(1978) Mark Schultz: none found

(1988) SCHULT2, MARK — In the past 10 years I finally finished school!  Received a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado and MD degree from Case Western Reserve University of Cleveland.  In 1980 my wife Suzanne and I moved to the the Burlington, VT area, where I have a private practice in psychiatry.  We have a son Matthew, who was born in June 1987.

(2008) Mark Schultz: none received


64 Goldenrod Lane

Williston, VT 05495

802-879-6352 (h)

802-238-7572 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Suzanne S. (married in 1980) 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Son Matt, 31, (Jen) criminal defense attorney in Denver. Lydia Rose, 2.

Daughter Margaret, 26, art therapist in Melbourne, Australia 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

As of June 1, I am 90% retired from my 35-year practice in adult psychiatry. I also teach at the University of Vermont as a Clinical Associate Professor. In 2013, I was selected as Vermont Psychiatrist of the Year, and I’ve had leadership roles in the state Psychiatric Association and the UVM Dept. of Psychiatry.

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Highlight #1 is becoming a grandfather—best gig ever. SHS classmate Rich Halperin and I have been in a rock band, “The Regressions” for the past 20 years; we’ve played fundraisers for a number of worthy causes, including 12 years on Boston Common for the annual “Walk for Hunger.” I feel blessed to live in Vermont and have wonderful friends and a beautiful home. I am a cancer survivor (at least so far), which has been another colorful thread in the tapestry. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Guitar, golf (bad), writing, photography, hiking, pickle ball, riding around in our old convertible looking for church suppers and maple creemees (Google it). 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Rich Halperin and I getting dragged into meet with the Select Board because of playing croquet by the cannon at Fisherman’s Beach. Listening to the Sox game on a transistor radio at Blocksidge Field the day they clinched the 1967 pennant. Charlie Kimball with the ruler in the hall to measure the length of girls’ skirts. Working on “The Blueprint”. Going to the Boston Tea Party to listen to music (like the original Fleetwood Mac). Smoking with friends (no names!) in a father’s Cadillac parked in the driveway. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

We are our own bosses in life, so it’s completely our fault if we end up “working” for an asshole.


 Laura Seidler

(1978) Laura Seidler: The past 10 years have been filled with as much traveling as i can possibly fit in. Been through secretarial school and have been a secretary for 8 years. hoever, I’ve just recently changed careers and am now an analyst. Occupation: Analyst.

(1988) Laura Seidler: none found.

(2008) Laura Seidler: none received

(2018) LAURA SEIDLER: none received



P.O. Box 981

Marblehead, MA 01945

617-817-8217 (c) 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired as VP Customer Service for British Airways after a 40-year career.

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Attended SHS – 10th grade. Graduated from Ste. Chretienne Academy in Salem in 1968.



5305 E. Twin Avenue, SPC 146

Las Vegas, NV 89122

702-321-3364 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Alan J. Morgan 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Leslie Morgan, 40, just relocated to Denver from Los Angeles 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Worked at VA Medical Center for 25 years. Retired in January, 2014. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Curves, Travel, bingo


Beverly Shub (Chana)

(1978) Beverly Shub: “Working my way up the Corporate ladder”. Occupation: Eastern Regional personnel Manager.

(1988) Beverly Shub : Married (Bob Chana)-children: Matthew 4 1/2 and Lauren 16 months. Business owner: Cygnet Associates, Inc. Consulting Firm specializing in Human Resources and executive Training.

(2008) Beverly Shub: none received

(2018) BEVERLY SHUB: none received



One Salem Street, #24

Swampscott, MA 01907

781-596-0150 (h)

781-910-2079 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Carole B. Shutzer 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Two children:

Elise, 38, Lives in Washington D.C., works for Pew Charitable Trust

Aaron, 35, Lives in NYC, works for a private equity firm 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Practicing attorney – 1975-Present

Shutzer, Laurion & Associates, Lynn, MA. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Former Chair of the Swampscott Zoning Board of Appeals

Town Meeting member 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

My failure to not make it past the 8th grade. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Noticed my picture in the first grade and second at Stanley School and pleased that time was a worthy adversary.


Barbara Skomurski (Ackerman)

(1978) Barbara Skomurski : none found

(1988) Barbara Skomurski: (Ackerman) Married 16 years- 1 husband, 3 children -2 cats. Lived in Danvers, MA past 10 years. Registered Nurse—currently involved in family owned business. Now attending school working toward MBA.

(2008) Barbara Skomurski: none found

(2018) BARBARA SKOMURSKI: none received


(2018) ED SLOAN

172 Chestnut Street, #11

N. Andover, MA  01845 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Four children, Toby, George, Matt and Michael 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Social Studies/History teacher for 25 years. Retired. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Volunteer for Israel during the 1973 War; Reporter for newspapers; baseball/softball player for independent leagues. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Love to bike, swim, hike, play tennis and teach my grandchildren to hit and throw a baseball. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Continue to learn at least one new thing a day.


Elizabeth Spencer

(1978) Elizabeth Spencer: (Bentley)  Graduated McGill University in 1974, worked in endocrine research at the N.E. Medical center until Sept. ’75, when started at U. Mass Medical school. Married in May, ’78. Have to do post-grad training in Internal medicine, Husband: Jeffrey; Occupation: Medical Student.

(1988) Elizabeth Spencer: none found

(2008) Elizabeth Spencer: none received.

(2018) ELIZABETH SPENCER: none received


Gene Stamell

(1978) Gene Stamell: Since Trinity College graduation in 1972, I’ve been folksinging, laboring, teaching, and drinking (in somewhat different order). My goal–to eliminate the middle two activities. Occupation: Elementary School Teacher.

(1988) Gene Stamell: none found

(2008) Gene Stamell: none received.

(2018) GENE STAMELL: none received


Barbara Sterin

(1978) Barbara Sterin: Graduated from Emerson College in 1972 with a B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology. In 1974, graduated from U. of Oklahoma with an M.S. in Deaf Education. Taught multiple handicapped deaf children in both Beverly, MA and Miami, FL. Now living in Montreal, teaching an integrated deaf and hearing class and completing a degree in occupational Therapy from McGill University. Occupation: Teacher of the Deaf.

(1988) Barbara Sterin: none found

(2008) Barbara Sterin: none received


1170 Glenbrook Court

Tucker, GA 30084

678-361-7088 (h) 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Sam, the pooch 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired School Psychologist

Prior work history: Speech & Language Pathologist, Teacher of the Deaf 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Have traveled extensively. Only one continent to go! 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Art, ballet, road races, volunteering 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Ski trips to Mt. Orford.

Playing in the band at football games. 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Life is short. Drink some wine, eat some cake, enjoy!


 Lois Sugarman (Longin)

(1978) Lois Sugarman: none found

(1988) Lois Sugarman (Longin): The last 20 years have been jam packed. They have certainly had their high points and their difficult times. I got married in ’69, finished college and went on to teach. In ’73 my daughter Missy was born. At that point I went on for my Masters Degree. Three years later in ’77 my son Todd was born. In ’80 my husband and i separated and went on to a divorce. At that point I resumed my teaching career, I have taught at the Cohen-Hillel Academy and for the last three years at the Stanley School in Swampscott. This July I am getting married again. Hence the reason for not being at the reunion. My thoughts and best wishes are with everyone. Hopefully, I can make it to the next one.

(2008) Lois Sugarman Longin

After graduating college I taught for 2 years and then had 2 children. I stayed home when they were younger and worked on my Master’s in education. In 1985 I began my tenure in the Swampscott Public school System by teaching K for 5 years at Stanley School. I then taught 1st grade and then 2nd grade each for 5 years. From there I went on to get another Master’s Degree in Administration and became the Principal of Hadley School for 9 years followed by the Principal of Clarke School for the last 2 years. My 2 children are all grown and married. My daughter is an attorney and a mother, while my son works for the corporate headquarters of Timberland. I have 2 wonderful grandsons who I adore and enjoy often._My job keeps me extremely busy but in my free time I enjoy traveling, being with friends family, working out, reading and spending time
with my husband. Fondest Memory of SHS: My fondest memory of SHS is the friends I made there. Some of whom I am still in touch with. I grew up with many of those people and watched
them have families of their own while they grew and mature into wonderful adults.

(2018) LOIS SUGARMAN LONGIN: none received


Stephen Stiles

(1978) Stephen Stiles After leaving high school, went to equipment school to learn maintenance and operation of heavy construction equipment. Have worked in several different fields and aspects of construction. Been married for 4 years and now work for Pacella Brothers Pipe Company. of Plainville, MA. Run the heavy equipment for the building and construction of sewerage treatment plants. Wife’s name: Kathleen; Children: Stephen Stiles Jr., 2 1/2; Occupation: heavy Equipment Driver.

(1988) Stephen Stiles: none found

(2008) Stephen Stiles: none received


3 Pyburn Avenue

Salem, MA 01970

978-594-1764 (h)

781-696-3174 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Kathleen Stiles, married 48 years 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Stephen Stiles, Jr., Medical Recruiter

Sarah Stiles, Restaurant Manager 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Retired. Owner of Stiles & Son Trucking and Aggregate Industries, N.E. 

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Saving all the homes along the coast (Blodgett Avenue) during the no name storms of

’90 & ‘91 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Old cars, car shows, travel, tinkering with our 1956 Pontiac Star Chief 

SHS memories (serious, funny, embarrassing, most fondly remembered):

Skipping school with Doug Whittier 

Personal Philosophy of words of wisdom you would like to share:

Only here for a short time, so let’s have a good time!


 Anne Tisdell

(1978) Anne Tisdell (Rowan): Graduated Lowell State College in 1972, Majoring in Nursing. Married in 1970. Started working in Lynn Hospital in the family centered Maternity Unit. For the past 3+ years have been teaching prepared Childbirth classes. I also assisted in starting Post Partum support and educational groups for couples 3 years ago. I am now in the continuing education Dept at Lynn Hospital as a Nurse educator. Husband’s name: Tom; Occupation: registered nurse.

(1988) Anne Tisdell (Rowan): Since ’78 I have worked in 3 major Boston Hospitals and Schools of nursing. I received my Masters of science in Nursing Magna Cum Laude from Boston College in Jan ’81. In Feb. of the same year I attended certification status as an OB-GYN Nurse practitioner. I currently work for Atlantic care Medical center coordinating their OB-GYN Clinic, as well as, being a Nurse Practitioner. For outside interest, my husband Tom and i just completed a tour of France with the Paul Madore Chorale from Salem. Our chorus represented the United States at then dedication of the Battle of Normandy Museum. It was a very exciting experience.


I have done so many things, I will try to do it briefly. I graduated nursing school from UMass Lowell in 1972. I have had various staff RN jobs over the years. My first one was at Lynn Hospital in their Maternity Unit. I worked labor & delivery, nursery, postpartum, gyn and special care nursery. This type of nursing has always been my passion and love. I also taught childbirth classes and started mothers’ support groups as well as doing various community projects in the City of Lynn. I had Staff RN jobs over the years at Beverly Hospital and Lowell General Hospital in their neonatal special care nurseries, and Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge doing mother/baby home visits. I went to Graduate School at Boston College and completed by MSN in Maternal Nursing in 1980 and subsequently became a certified Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner. I have worked as an NP for Lynn Hospital, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Medford and now at St Vincent Hospital in Worcester running their prenatal clinic for uninsured and indigent women. Over my career, I have been greatly enriched by the diverse populations of people with whom I have had the privilege to work. Women’s Health and particularly the birth experience are still my passion.

I have been married and divorced twice with no children. The first one lasted 23 years and the second 8 years. I have 4 siblings all of whom are educated professionals and well. My dad just turned 88 and I took him to the 62nd reunion of the 83rd infantry division, “the Thunderbolts” who stormed the beaches at Normandy and across Europe to the Elbe river in Germany in WW2. Since my mom’s death in March of1999,1 have become more involved with the 83rd and this remarkable group of men of the “Greatest Generation”. I thank God every day for our freedom and the sacrifices that they all made so that we could be free. I have been the primary caretaker with both of my parents. In 1988 when I was singing in the Paul Madore Chorale, our group represented the US at the dedication of the Battle of Normandy Museum. My dad accompanied us as well as my nephew and we are the only relatives that have been to Omaha Beach with him since that fateful time in history. Having him there was a special gift to us and the Choral group.

I had my own business at one point making customized products for various museums throughout the county with my biggest client being the Smithsonian.

I am still trying to do new things. I have been learning Irish Ceili dancing at the Hibernian Cultural Center in Worcester as well as Tai Chi at the Worcester Art Museum (WAM). I have also taken art classes at Montserrat and plan to at WAM. As you can see., I have many interests and I am still learning every day.

  1. Fondest Memory of SHS:

This is a tough one! I made many wonderful friends at SHS, some of whom I still have contact with today. What stands out in my mind is the Drama Club and all of the plays that we did, most of them being with Dottie Winer. As far as favorite classes, I would have to say English III with Dottie Winer and French with Judy Grinnell and Laura Darling (God rest her soul). The Junior Prom is also one of my favorite memories. That was just magical for me. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!


(Former married name Rowen, resumed Tisdell 1993)

7 Indian Lane Webster, MA 01570

617-257-1882 (c)

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Ron Vitkauskas  

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Parents: Deceased

Siblings are all living: John 72, Stephen 66, Libby 62, David 56 all SHS graduates.

Husband, Ron, Landscape designer, my cycling and dance partner (Ballroom, Irish Ceili, Scandinavian, and contra-dance).

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

BSN University of MA. Lowell 1972; MSN Boston College Magna Cum Laude. RN 9 years in Staff Positions. Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse practitioner 1981-2020. Between my staff and NP positions I cared for thousands of women from the reproductive years through menopause, in Greater Boston, Boston, Worcester and Rhode Island Areas. I also taught Nursing students in Basic programs at MGH, Simmons College and Anna Maria College in addition to teaching at Tufts University School of Medicine and mentoring nurses in Advanced Nursing Practice programs as well as students from other programs. I also worked in 2 Neonatal units doing staff work and teaching with new parents in addition to performing mother/baby home visits. I have worked in many subspecialties: Family Planning, Reproductive Endocrinology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Adolescent Health, Infant Mortality Reduction, Community Education in addition to interfacing with families from many different cultures & countries. I acted as an advocate for many of these populations over the years and have learned so much from them! I was also advocate and caretaker for both of my parents as their health declined. I reflect on this role that I fulfilled for them with gratitude and without regrets. I gained so many skills from my career that served them! I retired Nov. 2016. 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Studied voice, guitar, flute, as well as art: acrylic painting, water color, pastels. I currently have 9 paintings on exhibit in the Worcester area with a total of 19 paintings to date completed. I am active in the art community. Music is part of my soul hence I have been a soloist for the Paul Madore Chorale as well as singing at weddings and funerals, etc.

Craft projects have abounded, such as Irish knit and ski sweaters, baby sets, afghans, etc.

I have traveled to many countries which has enhanced my understanding of International issues and peoples. My Dad was a WWII Veteran of the Normandy Invasion.

He accompanied “The Paul Madore Chorale” who represented the USA at the dedication of The Battle of Normandie Museum. This was a most meaningful trip for him and me. We were both intently interested in history. “If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it,” he would say. I took him to his WWII Reunions & interacted with such a remarkable group of people, the Greatest Generation! 

Personal Philosophy:

“Walk a mile in my shoes” or “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Maya Angelou summed it up well, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I try to live my life in this manner, but I am not perfect as I am human. According to the Bible, Faith, Hope & Charity are the cornerstones to a good life, but the greatest of these is Love!

Peace to All! Anne


 Janet Valle (Rossman)

(1978) Janet Valle Rossman: Worked at B.U. for 4 years. Eventually was administrative assistant to Dean at School of Education. Recently moved to Boxford. Husband’s name: Jeff; Children: Matthew 3 1/2 and Andy 1; Occupation: Home.

(1988) Janet Valle (Rossman)  married Jeffrey Rossman ’67—3 sons- Matthew 013), James (11) and Daniel (1). Moved to Boxford in 1987 and enjoy tennis and running.

(2008) Janet Valle (Rossman): none received.

(2018) JANET VALLE ROSSMAN: none received        


Danny Videtta

(1978) Danny Videtta: Attended Northeastern. Occupation: Construction, Felix Marino Company.

(1988) Danny Videtta: I am employed at Analog Devices in Norwood, MA as a computer programmer. I curently reside in Boston.

(2008) Danny Videtta: none received.

(2018) DANNY VIDETTA: none received


Richard Weil

(1978) Richard Weil: Have been living in Washigton, D.C. since ’68 except for 1973 and 1975 when I was in New York.

Received a B.S. in Biology in 1972. In 1975 received a M.S. in Physiology. Am now in my 3rd year at Georgetown University Hospital School of medicine. I also worked for one year at Children’s Hospital in Washington, and 2 years at Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research. Wife’s name: Carole; Occupation: Medical Student.

(1988): Richard Weil: none found

(2008)  Richard Weil

Right after graduation, my parents moved to New York and I moved to Washington, D.C. to go to college. I attended American University and got a BS degree in Biology. I then went on to graduate and medical school at Georgetown University. I spent about 18 months in New York working at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. After medical school I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to do my residency in general pediatrics and have been here since. My wife Carole is originally from Texas and we met in New York. We have been married for 30 years and have two children, Ellen (28 years old) and Emily (24 years old). The girls are both in graduate school and both have significant others, so I expect to hear wedding bells soon. I joined my practice in 1989 am now the senior partner. There were three of us originally but now we are a six person group. I am also the chairman of the pediatric department at our hospital. I am one of the founding members and on the board of directors of Kids Health First. I am also on the board of directors of the 1998 society of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. In addition to that, last April the Governor appointed me to the 12 person State Medical Board. My fondest memories of High School would be the friends I had, spending time at Howard Frank’s house, driving lessons with Mr.B and just being young.


4361 E. Brookhaven Drive

Atlanta, GA 30319

404-365-9978 (h)

404-626-6099 (c)

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:


Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Emily McCann, Ph.D., pain psychologist at University of Colorado School of Medicine

Ellen Weil, nurse 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Pediatrician—still working

Career or personal highlights, achievements, significant aspects of your life:

Full-time practice of Pediatrics

Member of the GA Composite Medical Board 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Travel, woodworking


Beverly Young (Benson)

(1978) Beverly Young (Goldstein): Went to secretarial school for 2 years. Worked at temple israel in Swampscott for 1 year. In 1971, married and moved to Cleveland where i worked as Assistant Registrar at C.W.R.U. School of medicine. In January 1971. moved back to Boston. Children: Sharon 3 1/2; Occupation: Home.

(1988) Beverly young (Benson) The last ten years have been very busy by spending time raising a family. resettling in Swampscott after years away and enjoying life in general. In ’82 I remarried a former SHS grad–Lloyd Benson (class of ’69) and together we have a family of three teenage girls.

(2008) Beverly Young (Benson): none received

(2018) BEVERLY YOUNG BENSON: none received


Carrie Young (Steiman)

(1978) Carrie Young (steiman): Went to a few colleges before I found the one i liked—University of oklahoma. Went as a bride and finished my last two years there. I got a terrific job in a lovely china and jewelry store. I became a :bridal Consultant” and truly enjoyed it. Had a baby 3 years ago. Roy finished his Medical schooling and we moved back home – finally!! Husband’s name: roy; Children: Leslie, 3; Occupation: Home

(1988) Carrie Young: none found

(2008) Carrie Young (Steiman): none received

(2018) CARRIE YOUNG STEIMAN                                                             

38 Derby Lane                                                                                               

Tyngsboro, MA 01879

928-500-0311 (c) 

Spouse, Significant Other, Partner:

Roy Steinman 

Family (names, ages, what are they doing that you want to share):

Leslie, 42, owns and operates a dance school in Malden “Dance Dynamix”

Jonathan, 39, tech support business

Grandchildren: 2 granddaughters 13 and 11 ½; one grandson, 21 months old 

Work history and Current situation (retired?):

Recently retired as Retail Sales Manager, 20 years, at Ann Taylor 

Current activities, hobbies and interests:

Love gardening and newly Mah Jong player

Ran marathons in my 30’s


Cheryl Young (Schwartz)

(1978) Cheryl Young (Schwartz): Graduated from Leslie College. Married Arthur in 1972. Taught one year at the new england Hebrew Academy in Brookline and then landed a job at the Machon School (In Swampscott). I was there for 4 years teaching grades 5 and 6. Summer jobs included working in Bloomingdales, being a mothers helper, and helping my husband set up his office. I’m now full-time with my little boy–and love it! Husband’s name: Arthur; Children: Mark, 1; Occupation: Home

(1988) Cheryl Young (Schwartz)–Children: Mark born in ’77, Naomi born in ’80 and Scott born in ’87. Taught at Machon School ’73-’77 grades 5 and 6, Temple Beth El Nursery ’83-85 and JCC Nursery ’86-’87. Now home with baby. Work part time for husband, Arthur.–also treasurer Temple Israel Sisterhood PTO.

(2008) Cheryl Young (Schwartz): none received.

(2018) CHERYL YOUNG SCHWARTZ: none received